An Open Letter To Obama From A Mother, Re Safe School Czar Kevin Jennings

I demand that Kevin Jennings be removed from his position today.

This letter by Jennifer Hartline comes via Catholic Online, and I’m re-posting it in its entirety. Read it, she speaks for millions of us.:

An open letter to Mr. Obama

I will not address you as Mr. President. I question whether you are fit to lead anyone. What I have learned today is the very last straw. I cannot even give you the benefit of the doubt any longer. Frankly, I feel foolish for ever being inclined to do so.

We have endured a great deal from you in one short year, and it is simply too much to bear any longer. You are clearly bent on taking our country down a road of unabashed immorality and debauchery no matter what the people think or say to the contrary. It is time for our elected leaders to take a bold initiative and curtail your abilities to do any further damage.

You have filled your administration with people who hold the most outrageous, insane, and frightening views on everything from our climate to our animals and worst of all, the sexuality of our children. You plainly gravitate toward these radical sorts who have a view of America and the world that I and many other will simply never tolerate. Your intentions have been revealed, and they are divisive and destructive.

Do not attempt to distance yourself from the views of Van Jones, Cass Sunstein, and John Holdren. You don’t get a pass anymore. The buck stops with you. If you appointed them, then you believe what they believe. If you think they’re off-base and you disagree with them, then you shouldn’t hire them to do your laundry, let alone fill a cabinet-level position. If they’re on your team, then you’re okay with everything they’ve said and published – period. You’re the one who wanted the job, so stop crying about being unfairly aligned with crazy radical views.

Quite possibly the worst of all is Kevin Jennings, your so-called Safe Schools Czar. That you have given this man the task of making our public schools “safe” for students to learn is stunning. Jennings has a view of “health” and “safety” for our kids that is shockingly corrupt and devoid of morality and you gave him the job.

I am unutterably sick to death of the hyper-sexualization of our children in this culture, and I will not silently allow you and Jennings to further this twisted agenda in our school system under the banner of tolerance and equality. How dare you use the power of your office to pollute my children’s futures with rampant, forced, immoral sexual indoctrination!

I read through as much as I could stand of Jennings’ list of “safe reading” for our school children beginning in kindergarten all the way through 12th grade. I saw some of the illustrations in these recommended books and I was glad I had an empty stomach. What I read and saw was revolting and pornographic. This filth is what your czar wants our children to read in order to foster understanding, tolerance, and create a safe environment for learning? This putrid smut has one purpose only and that is to break down a child’s moral center and make them slaves to selfish, destructive, immoral, and even deadly sexual behavior.

Your intentions have been revealed, Mr. Obama. You are no friend of parents in this country. If you want to denounce this disgusting “safe reading” list then fire Jennings immediately. Otherwise, you are complicit in endorsing this repugnant garbage and the end result it seeks to achieve. Stop destroying the innocence of our children through exposing them to what appears to be this mans obsession with unrestrained, immoral sexual activity.

As a parent and voter I demand that Kevin Jennings be removed from his position today, and I demand that my Congressman and Senators take action to require his removal. You have proven your motives to be far worse than even I imagined a year ago. I thought, I hoped, that you would prove to be reasonable and show a modicum of moral leadership. That has not been the case in this critical area, the education of our children, and you must not be allowed to drag this nation into an abyss of sexual depravity masquerading as tolerance.

Your sworn allegiance to Planned Parenthood and the abortion “rights” lobby is just the tip of the iceberg. It appears to me you are determined to usher in a modern era of Sodom and Gomorrah. You think I’m wildly exaggerating things here? Then prove it by publicly condemning the trash your czar wants all our children to read.

If you won’t, then I dare you to publicly defend the books that write explicitly about a group of young boys getting together to perform fellatio on each other. Defend the books that feature pictures of a man having anal sex with a boy under the caption stating how this transforms the boy into a man. Defend the books that are filled with kids asking each other if they want to f*** (yes, using that word). This isn’t being marketed to adults; it’s being peddled by coercion to our children.

No elegantly-delivered speech will save you this time. If you do not unequivocally condemn this outrageous trash and fire Jennings, then you are exactly the person I describe here and you’ll get no help from me in keeping your dirty little secret. We both know your political survival depends on parents not finding out what Jennings wants to force into our public school system.

The responsibility is yours. If you will not protect America’s kids from this kind of corruption, then you are unfit to lead this great nation, a nation founded on the truth of the authority and power of God. We do not derive our freedom from our own laws; we do not acquire our worth from our own definitions of human life, but from the God who created us out of love and for love.

You are sliding down a dark tunnel where God is denied, purity is destroyed and love no longer has meaning. You are free to take that terrible trip if you so choose, but don’t you dare take this country with you. I will not quietly oblige you in your efforts to erode the moral fabric of America and her children under some insane pretext of rights and equality.

If you need bedtime reading tonight, I recommend Isaiah 5:20: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.”

And Romans 1:28 “Furthermore, since they did not think it worthwhile to retain knowledge of God, he gave them over to a depraved mind, to do what ought not to be done. They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity… they invent ways of doing evil…they are senseless, faithless, heartless and ruthless. Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.”

And Jeremiah 7:28: “This is the nation that has not obeyed the Lord its God or responded to correction. Truth has perished; it has vanished from their lips.”

There is no excuse, no justification for what you and Jennings are doing. Stop it immediately. I hold you responsible. Every American should hold you responsible. If I’m wrong, prove it.

As for everyone else, brace yourselves and go to:
Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar” Is Promoting Child Porn in the Classroom.

See for yourself what Kevin Jennings wants your children to read. Are you okay with this? Obama appointed him, so the buck stops with Obama. Will you remain silent?


Jennifer Hartline is a Catholic Army wife and stay-at-home mother of three precious kids who writes frequently on topics of Catholic faith and daily living. She is a contributing writer for Catholic Online.

Let’s hope Fox News (forget the rest of the them) picks up this story this week, and pummels Obama with it. This controversy has been brewing for months, going nowhere. When a majority of parents across this nation finally hear about this, I’d like to think the uproar that ensues will drown out the mewlings of the Purple Mafia. This Czar must go, and Obama must be held  accountable for appointing him.


Deesgusting!:Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar” Kevin Jennings Promoting Child Porn In Classroom Through GLSEN Reading List

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20 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Obama From A Mother, Re Safe School Czar Kevin Jennings

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  2. Can this president get any worse? This is an outrage. Is anyone putting a petition in play? People should keep their children at home.


  3. A well thought and well written letter, and one that I agree with totally. Unfortunately the Pretender will never see it, or respond to its points. One of his minions will open the letter, decide it’s not worthy of being sent to his desk, and in the can it will go – maybe followed by a form letter thanking the writer for sending her thoughts to the Presbo.

    All for naught. There is only one way we will rid ourselves of the cretins of BOTH parties currently destroying this country. It should not have to be said.


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  5. i get that obama is a socialist, anti- american, with a major chip on his shoulder. i figured that one out long before he was ever elected.
    but now, unfortunately, i am convinced he is completely immoral and even evil.
    so, so sad.
    i am on board to speak up, and speak out, and do whatever i can
    to get this jennings OUT!


  6. And the “main stream media” continues to talk about the weather. I really don’t know what is more frightening, the porn books for kids, or the silence from our media.
    Silence = agreement? Can there be that many reporters, producers, directors in major news outlets that think this stuff from the safe school Czar is appropiate?


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  11. I can understand Sparky’s anger. These books do seem to contain questionable content. I must ask, however, if they are any different from some of the books I read in High School just a few years ago. Sure, they deal with a different lifestyle but these books are no more explicit then some parts of “Snow Falling on Cedars” or “The Memory of Old Jack”. Both of these books have been banned before as have some of the books on the list in question. While 7-12 seems young, in most 9-12 schools, we already no about what these books are saying. While I do not agree with some of these choices, I do not believe that banning, burning, or otherwise defacing the values of these books in the proper way to go. Instead, we must trust in the values of our teachers, the educated masses, to protect us, and our children.


  12. Nobody said anything about burning books. But they should most definitely be banned from the school’s reading lists. It’s a scandal that they’re being recommended by this group as appropriate reading material.

    I don’t remember reading anything that even approaches the nasty kiddie porn in these books, and, yes, I read The Catcher In The Rye.


  13. Nick, either your post is a joke, or YOU are a joke.

    I don’t have the time to fisk it; though it’s tempting. I’ll just close with your funniest bit:

    “Instead, we must trust in the values of our teachers, the educated masses, to protect us, and our children.”


  14. I just have to severely question the banning of books. If we banned everything we disagreed with we would most likely have lost some important works. Now, while I am offended but what is written in these books, the banning of them is only going to cause people to want to read them more. Sort of a fruit of temptation effect if you will. The banning of books only serves to make them more popular and more often than not backfires. Thats all I am saying.


  15. If we banned everything we disagreed with we would most likely have lost some important works.

    I disagree with pedophilia. I think that the books from GLSEN’s recommended reading list have nothing “important” to say…. they’re just sick and profane and do not qualify as art, or literature – just repulsive smut designed to steal the innocence of children.

    If we can’t draw the line when it comes to Kiddie porn in the classroom, we are in a very sad place in America, today.

    What more – the man whose group is recommending these books to schoolkids has no business being a “Safe Schools Czar” which is the point of this post.


  16. “Banning of Books” is a sacred screed that pops out whenever someone has the audacity to suggest that grown-ups exercise g


  17. erg. dang that submit button! I was saying:

    “Banning of Books” is a sacred screed that pops out whenever someone has the audacity to suggest that grown-ups exercise sensible judgement.

    Does anyone REALLY think that EVERY book ever written is worthy to be read? Worthy of it’s purchase price? Worthy of the shelf space it takes up? Do you really think that?

    Of course no sensible person does, and that is all we are saying. Use some good JUDGEMENT (a forbidden word to the left) and find some good quality books to read in place of porn. I don’t see how that is asking too much.

    Perverts — like GLSEN — KNOW that it is easy to get porn & trash ON to the shelves and very hard to get it OFF, because a bunch of lefties will come out crying ‘book burning.’ That’s why activists groups donate these books to schools and libraries, and why they construct these loony lists that no rational person would accept for children, if they took the time to learn about it.

    It is not ‘book burning’ to find the best literature available and spend your $$, your shelf space, your reading time, & your influence promoting THAT over porn.


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