Why Does Obama Have A Known *Pervert Gay Activist (I changed my mind again)PERVERT For His “Safe Schools” Czar?

I’m not derelict on this story, myself,  having mentioned it in a post, a whole week ago. I just was hoping that this disgusting story, which to me, is even more egregious than the Van Jones story, would have taken on a life of its own, this ridiculous oxymoronic czar would have gone down in flames by now, and I wouldn’t have to spend any more time on it. But no.  Kevin Jennings still seems to be employed by the White House – and is still in charge of keeping schools safe.

So let’s recap.

Jennings failed to report a case of statutory rape of a *15 year old who confided in him that he had had sex with a much older man at a train station. Jennings’ did express concern that the boy use a condom.

Jennings wrote the forward to a book called “Queering Elementary Education”.  Bonus: Another familiar face wrote one of the endorsements on the book jacket—Bill Ayers. Ayers, of course, is the former Weather Underground bomber, an Obama pal, and ghostwriter, who worked with him on school related boards in Chicago during the nineties.

Jennings’ organization, GLSEN sponsored (at least one) conference where homosexual activists instructed children age 14 and up on how to perform homosexual acts. How bad was it? When a recording from one of these conferences became public, the firestorm that ensued became known as “fistgate”.

Audio tape from the conference, here.

*According to Mass Resistance:

GLSEN is part of the tax-supported Massachusetts Commission on Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth. (In fact, GLSEN’s membership in that commission is mandated by law!)

*Also according to Mass Resistance:

GLSEN (and Kevin Jennings) did not dispute that the recordings were genuine or that the events did not take place as we described them. Instead, they tried to get a court to ban the tape and sue us. In fact, Jennings defended the event.

Even Bertha Lewis, the Executive Director of ACORN had the sense to condemn the enabling  of underage prostitution after the ACORN prostitution controversy erupted.

Jennings in 1997 reportedly praised Harry Hay, noted supporter of of the North American Association for Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), which promotes the legalization of sexual abuse of young boys by older men. You can read the transcript of Jennings asserting that “one of the people that’s always inspired me is Harry Hay”, here.

*(Update):A good biography, The Real Harry Hay, was written at The Boston Phoenix upon his death in 2002:

Notable: That group he formed, the Mattachine Society, which Jennings referred to in the  speech, appears to have kicked Hays out in 1954 because he was too radical for them.

He was also a lifelong Communist who was booted out of the party in the early ’50s.

The  article also mentions his support for NAMBLA:

He was, at times, a serious political embarrassment, as when he consistently advocated the inclusion of the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) in gay-pride parades.


In his own determined, often irritating, manner, Harry Hay resisted becoming a model homosexual hero. Nowhere was this more evident than in Hay’s persistent support of NAMBLA’s right to march in gay-pride parades. In 1994, he refused to march with the official parade commemorating the Stonewall riots in New York because it refused NAMBLA a place in the event. Instead, he joined a competing march, dubbed The Spirit of Stonewall, which included NAMBLA as well as many of the original Gay Liberation Front members. Even many of Hay’s more dedicated supporters could not side with him on this.

Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar” said he was inspired by him.


Zombie uncovers evidence that Harry Hay was indeed “very deeply” involved with NAMBLA.

Not someone to be inspired by.

Jennings has a history of ridiculing and demeaning Christians: Reportedly said of Christians—“ F___ ‘em” while speaking at Marble Collegiate Church in March of 2000.

Goodness gracious me. Doesn’t Obama vet these Czars he has working for him, at all?  Or….is it possible he has exactly the sort of people he wants in these positions?

I was reminded of a minor Obama controversy during the election campaign. Remember Obama’s outrage and indignation over the McCain campaign’s attack ad over Obama’s vote in the Il Senate for a sex education bill? The ad charged that the bill included sex education to kindergartners. Obama said it only would have taught “good touch, bad touch” to children that young. Not true.

For your edification: Obama supported Sex Ed For Kindergarteners, The Video:


People didn’t want to believe this about Barack Obama at the time. Can they believe it now?

Ann Coulter had some suggestions for Obama on the Sean Hannity  show, tonight:


POWIP covers CNN reporter’s attempt to whitewash the story. Get ready for the homophobe smears. Who are the whistleblowers, here? Pro life, pro-family groups? I hope they’re girding their loins.


Lefty apologists like Media Matters are apparently focusing on the age of the boy, Brewster, whom Jennings has stated was 15 years old  when the alleged public bathroom sex with the older man took place, making it statutory rape. They claim he was 16, past the age of consent.

Warren Throckmorton asks:

Does Brewster’s age matter?

I ask, what about “Fistgate”? What about the alleged admiration for a renowned pedophile …etc?


The strong language used in the title of this post was in no way meant to imply that Mr. Jennings is a pedophile, himself.  It was meant to imply that he appears to be comfortable with his group promoting what most Americans would consider sexually perverted behavior to school children. He is the founder and executive director of GLSEN,  an organization that sponsored conferences where children as young as 14 were exposed to explanations of depraved practices, and in one instance, it was caught on tape.  I think it’s fair to wonder about all of the conferences and workshops sponsored by GLSEN that have not been caught on tape. As for Jennings’ purported admiration (based on transcript linked to above) for NAMBLA supporter, Harry Hays, I think that  speaks for itself.

At any rate, I chose to reword the title of my post to eliminate any confusion. No, I don’t think he himself, is a pedophile.  I do consider him to be a pervert.

UPDATE (12/6/09):

I changed my title to reflect that he (yes indeed!) is unambiguously a pervert, especially in light of recent revelations. The man has no business having a position with influence over kids, and Obama had no business appointing him to such a position.


Here’s a video from a June press conference about the Jennings appointment, conducted by Americans For Truth:


A website has been set up to advocate the firing of Jennings as Obama’s Safe Schools Czar: expeljennings.org.

Click Here to Tell Obama and Congress that Kevin Jennings Has No Place in the Department of Education.

Mr. Jennings has been appointed by the President as Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Department of Education’s Office of Safe & Drug Free Schools. His supporters claim that he will only establish programs to combat bullying.  If that were true, it would be a worthy cause. Bullying for any reason is is wrong, and schools should never tolerate it.  But time and again, Mr. Jennings has used the cover of “bullying prevention” to enforce his radical positions on sex education.   The idea that we need the “queering” of elementary education in order to teach children that bullying is wrong is as absurd as it is offensive.


From the American Thinker On Obama’s pick for the Safe School Czar:

The Long March of Kevin Jennings



What in the heck are we dealing with, here?

Read: Sympathy for the Devil

How concerned should we be about Obama?  Is he a potential dictator with a weird cult following who could destroy this country?

To put it more bluntly, does Obama have the potential for inflicting evil on us?  Or, if he’s a puppet, are the ones holding the strings malevolent?

Read the entire essay.

19 thoughts on “Why Does Obama Have A Known *Pervert Gay Activist (I changed my mind again)PERVERT For His “Safe Schools” Czar?

  1. Children are to be protected, not exploited.

    It is clear, the Obama administration does not care what his people have done in the past as long as they are true believers of Obama’s vision for America. (And that vision aint good either)


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  3. ***
    “DemocRATs” / liberals / socialists / statists / marxists / communists and their ilk and supporters do not have any respect for life. They are “OK” with the 50 million abortions (not “choices”) that have been done in the U.S.A. in the last 40 years.
    Is it any surprise that they are not bothered by child abuse, pedophilia, “income redistribution (aka legalized theft), etc? When you accept abortions everything else is “small potatoes” by comparison.


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  5. Jugears and the Libtards be lovin them some communist perverts. Look at the lefty Hollywood crowd who think Roman is the victim not the 13 year old. Democrats everywhere should be ashamed, but they’re not. The brain of the Democrat is truly wired backwards, this is not a theory any more, it’s fact!


  6. To answer the title of your post: he doesn’t.

    Jennings is a respected professional.

    Why do you feel you have to smear this man? Is it partisanship? Do you feel comfortable smearing a completely stranger?

    This is appalling and yet, someone like you, who, I assume, thinks of herself as respectable, freely jumps on the smear bandwagon.


  7. To answer the title of your post: he doesn’t.

    Yes, he does.

    Jennings is a respected professional.
    Nice try, but I grew up in a family of educators. Fads sweep though education almost as rapidly as they do fashion, and the sad fact is that there are only 3 true “professions”: Medicine, the clergy, and law. He is not a ‘professional’, and if he is respected, then it speaks very poorly indeed for the alleged “profession”.

    Why do you feel you have to smear this man? Is it partisanship? Do you feel comfortable smearing a completely stranger?
    You don’t get it, do you? If he serves us (and if he serves the President, then he serves us) in an advisory position, then he shouldn’t be a complete stranger. The only reason for him to be a complete stranger is if he is trying to hide something. Wait! Hmmmmm.

    This is appalling and yet, someone like you, who, I assume, thinks of herself as respectable, freely jumps on the smear bandwagon.

    I know Deb. Deb is parent and a God-Fearing person, much like myself, and back before the serious infiltration into our culture and our educational institutions by people Hell-bent on bringing Isaiah 5:20-21 to pass, people who defended people who failed to report statutory rape and promoted concepts lie the teaching of homosexual sex practices in school weren’t so confused that they questioned the “respectablity” of those who could clearly see that these aren’t the kinds of things schools should be teaching our kids, or the kind of people to be teaching them.


  8. Michelle, what is respectable about teaching “fisting” to school kids?

    Do you think most people would agree with you that the activities that Kevin Jennings has advocated, and had taught to school kids is respectable?

    An audiotape one of the the conferences that his group GLSEN sponsored can be found, here:


    Seriously, Michelle?

    I contend that most people, (including a great many gays) would agree with me that he, and people like him, who would push this filth on school kids are perverts.


  9. Michelle’s point illustrates why this is even worse than you think, and it’s because of this: (some) liberals are willing to throw any speck of common sense out the window and dole out generous portions of “respectability” to rally round ANYone esposing the pro-gay (pro-Obama, etc) message. Libs cannot be trusted.

    Is there anything whatsoever that Kevin Jennings could do that would put his ‘respectability’ in doubt for you, Michelle?

    FYI – “smear”, like “racist” is code-speak for “I got nuthin! Just back off & let me win the argument because I said so.”

    “Brewster” felt (in his own words) HIS LIFE WAS NOT WORTH SAVING! Sound like depression …. dispair …SUICIDAL THINKING???? And all Jennings could offer was to wink at picking up men in bus station bathrooms — ‘and don’t forget the condom.’ Can you not tell this guy is sick and ill equipped to protect children from harm? Please say you see that.


  10. Guys:

    Don’t respond to Michelle. In fact, I’d recommend deleting her comments as soon as they appear. She has stalked RWS for 5 years, and I’m sure she’s got plenty of time to stalk you, too.

    It’s sad, because occasionally she makes a coherent point, as in this thread. But that’s a very short-lived phenomenon, I assure you.


  11. Sheesh, Black/White, you’re a lawyer aren’t you? I would have thought that having a good grasp of the facts in this case would have been important, but apparently not for you. No cover up. The boy counseled was of legal age at the time. What was Jennings supposed to do – quote the bible at him? You really ought to try a bit harder rather than follow Hannity’s talking points – he’s renowned for getting it wrong.


  12. Whether or not the boy was 15 or 16 is not the only relevant issue in this case, and this case is only one of many objectionable issues being brought forth about Jennings.

    As for Brewster’s age…

    There was a requirement that mandated reporters (teachers in public and private schools are mandated reporters) to notify the Department of Social Service if they have:

    reasonable cause to believe…that a child under the age of eighteen years is suffering physical or emotional injury resulting from abuse inflicted upon him which causes harm or substantial risk of harm to the child’s health or welfare including sexual abuse…


    He has already admitted that he should have handled that case differently. Why can’t you? With your knee-jerk defenses of everything having to do with Obama, it’s like you can do nothing but pant and drool Media Matters talking points like one of Pavlov’s dogs.


  13. Touche’, Deb, touche’. Obama-mania is waning for myriad reasons, but there are still a few dense, statist diehards who haven’t the chutzpah or the cerebral matter to re-evaluate “their guy.” Hey, I admit I voted back in the day for Bill Clinton. And I lived to regret it. But I didn’t continue to defend him once the harsh facts of corruption were laid out before my eyes. Obama sheeple are just slower, I guess.


  14. The man at the centre of this has said that there was no sexual relationship. As to drooling Media Matters talking points – you endlessly repeat all of the talking points that Fox (you know the media outlet owned by the ex-Australian). As I’ve said to you before, stop being so hypocritical. I do actually try to read as much as I can from a variety of news sources – not just right wing blogs. Face it, if this brouhaha was about the past of some conservative saint of yours the noise would be deafening. Finally, I have no particular investment in Obama, I just happen to think that your criticisms of the man are way over the top.


  15. Now you’re trying to submit that Brewster claims that there was no relationship? Or Jennings? What either of them say now has no bearings on what was said then, by Jennings’ own repeated accounts. And it’s his lack of action in the face of possible abuse that is being criticized.

    Follow those links I supplied in the post, Mal. Tell me if any of them go to Fox. Fox is actually behind the curve on this one.


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