Your Depressing Read(s) For The Weekend

uncle-sam-statue-liberty-500Cartoon via Atlantic Council

Decline Is A Choice is a great piece by Charles Krauthammer to sober you up in case you’re ready to take a break from the hilarity and hijinx that ensued as a result of Obama’s ridiculous win of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Hillsdale College Professor Paul Rahe writes:

Krauthammer’s point is simple and unassailable. There is, he argues, an intimate connection between the foreign policy being pursued by the Obama administration and its domestic policy. The work undertaken in the domestic sphere by what I have called “Obama’s wrecking crew” will, he points out, put a stop to the pattern of dynamic economic growth that made it possible for the United States to defeat Japan, contribute decisively to the defeat of Nazi Germany, contain communism, and ultimately defeat and prepare the way for the dismemberment of the Soviet Union.

It will produce economic stagnation of the sort that the Europeans have suffered from for decades, and it will eventuate in a collapse of the American dollar

This, as Krauthammer shows, Obama and his minions understand, and this they want — the elimination of the foundations for American hegemony and the crippling of this country. They regard the role that we have thus far played in the world as shameful; they are intent on dismembering the alliances that gave us our heft in the world; and they are not only appeasing our sworn enemies but openly, publicly embracing them and their agenda.

Read both Krauthammer’s piece at The Weekly Standard, and Professor Rahe’s entire piece at Powerline.


*Krauthammer gave a speech, based on his article at The Manhattan Institute on October 5th:

Here’s the first part:

The whole speech can be viewed, here.

*Correction: I had that backwards…The article in the Weekly standard was adapted from the speech.

Another good one:

David Kahane, writing for NRO: What If.

This one’s a bummer, too, but at least it’s good for a few bitter chuckles.

Bonus – you get to find out about the “Obamamometer”, a term that Obama’s fellow students at Harvard openly ridiculed him with:

A device which measures epic brown-nosing on a scale from one to ten?

I mean….does that describe what he’s been doing on the world’s stage since he was a mere candidate, or what?

One more depressing read by Dr. Zero in The Greenroom:

The Peace Of The Grave

There are only two responses to tyranny: submission and resistance. Submission is easy. It can be negotiated. It is filled with nuance, and requires a large staff of diplomats and state functionaries to administer in style. Organizations like the United Nations make the first concessions to dictatorship by their very nature, as they allow thug states like Iran and Libya to take seats next to peaceful democracies. Obama’s dismal eulogy for America at the U.N. was followed by lunatic rants from the blood-splattered clowns who will be the new masters of the global future. Entertaining such creatures is easy, if you can just ignore the piles of faceless victims buried behind them. You may rest assured that the name Neda Agha-Soltan was not spoken during Obama’s Peace Prize deliberations, and it will not be spoken when the prize is placed into his hands.

Resistance is hard. It requires the courage to call evil by its name, and sacrifice universal adoration in the process. The Left likes to rail against intolerance. The defense of peace and freedom requires the absolute intolerance of evil. It requires leaders who don’t need a few days to decide whether to cancel the Fourth of July picnic invitations of a dictatorship that guns down peacefully protesting citizens. It relies upon a nation with the strength and resolve to project both humanitarian assistance and military power around the world.

Reason TV: Obama’s Other Awards

This seems to be the theme for the day,  and I’m impressed that the folks at Reason were able to crank out a video of this caliber so quickly:

Hat tip: Bob McCarty, who has a list of even more awards given to the President for being so so awesome.


Another must see video of Obama, the awesome winner, at Cuffy’s.


Ramirez gives credit where it’s clearly due in his latest cartoon at IBD..

Boehner: Dems Are Changing Bills After They’ve Been Voted On

Outrage after outrage after outrage. How much more deception and corruption can this Republic take?

The following is a press release issued by John Boehner:

House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) today expressed outrage after learning that Senate Democratic leaders quietly made more than 70 substantive changes to the text of a health care bill after the legislation was voted on and passed by the Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions (HELP) Committee.  The changes were made without a vote and without the knowledge of the committee’s minority members.  Boehner condemned the practice of adding such “phantom amendments” to bills, and announced that Republicans will introduce a resolution that would change House rules to require committees to post the actual text of adopted bills and amendments online within 24 hours to prevent similar acts of deception.

“The American people are fed up with the way in which Congress does business.  Whether it’s passing massive spending bills no one in America has read, or making secret changes to bills after they’ve already been passed by committees, ‘business as usual’ in Congress needs to end,” Boehner said.  “The American people deserve a Congress that is transparent and accountable to the people it serves.  The practice of secretly adding ‘phantom amendments’ to major bills after they pass committee is outrageous, and it should be banned.  Americans should be allowed to read the text of all bills online within 24 hours after they are approved by congressional committees.”

According to a report by IWP News, “Senate Republicans are raising new concerns about being forced to vote on health reform bills prior to the availability of legislative text, complaining that a wellness measure unanimously agreed to during the health committee’s July markup is absent from the recently released bill.  Sen. Mike Enzi (R-WY) suggested last week that the committee’s majority staff may have deliberately excluded the amendment, which passed after much hoopla over bipartisanship.  The final bill was released on Sept. 17, two months after it was approved along party lines and following repeated demands by Republicans to see the final legislative text.  ‘I think that’s an outrage,’ said Enzi (R-WY), who is the ranking member on the health committee.”  (, October 2009)

“While the current Congress is the worst I’ve seen, it is hardly the first Congress to have a transparency problem.  Republican-led Congresses fell short in this area, too,” Boehner said. “But when I chaired the Committee on Education and the Workforce [now Education & Labor], we always made it a point to make the text of committee-passed bills publicly available within 24 hours after a vote.  It isn’t a difficult thing to accomplish, and it’s the right thing to do for the American people, who want government that is open, transparent, and accountable.  I plan to introduce a resolution in the House that will require all House committees to post bills and amendments online within 24 hours after they’re adopted, and I hope members on both sides of the aisle will support it.  It’s just common sense.”

Boehner is supporting an effort by Reps. Greg Walden (R-OR) and John Culberson (R-TX) to change House rules to require all bills to be posted online for a minimum of 72 hours before they are brought to a vote on the House floor.  More information is available at

Mark Tapscott has more.

Bam Wins Nobel Peace Prize

obama your welcome

Some people are actually stunned and surprised by this…

The only thing surprising to me is…that other conservatives are surprised, I mean – hello? What has he been doing for the past nine months? Groveling, apologizing and genuflecting before the world? Bashing the previous administration at every opportunity? What’s not for the Eurotrash to love? Why would it surprise anyone that they would want to reward him with a token of their appreciation?

No, his  “extraordinary efforts” haven’t done anything that has in any real way contributed to world peace, in fact, the truth is likely the opposite. The point is, the world wuuuuvvvvs him for it.

It’s not like there haven’t been other risible  Nobel Peace prize winners in recent years, 2001: Kofi Annan 2002: Jimmy Carter, 2007:  Al Gore…

At this point, if someone I liked  won the Nobel Peace Prize, I would be so surprised, I would actually be rethinking my admiration for him.

The big surprise came last week, when Obama flamed out so spectacularly in his bid to win the Olympics for Chicago. That was indeed a surprise. This is meh.


There have already been calls for Obama to decline the prize.…lol.

Obama? Refuse to accept an embarrassing, over the top tribute? Are you kidding me?


The Chicago Trib has a poll:

Obama Nobel Prize

Should President Obama have been awarded a Nobel Prize?

Results so far:

  • Yes (729 responses)


  • No (2106 responses)


2835 total responses



Time thinks so.


Must See:

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