Bam Wins Nobel Peace Prize

obama your welcome

Some people are actually stunned and surprised by this…

The only thing surprising to me is…that other conservatives are surprised, I mean – hello? What has he been doing for the past nine months? Groveling, apologizing and genuflecting before the world? Bashing the previous administration at every opportunity? What’s not for the Eurotrash to love? Why would it surprise anyone that they would want to reward him with a token of their appreciation?

No, his  “extraordinary efforts” haven’t done anything that has in any real way contributed to world peace, in fact, the truth is likely the opposite. The point is, the world wuuuuvvvvs him for it.

It’s not like there haven’t been other risible  Nobel Peace prize winners in recent years, 2001: Kofi Annan 2002: Jimmy Carter, 2007:  Al Gore…

At this point, if someone I liked  won the Nobel Peace Prize, I would be so surprised, I would actually be rethinking my admiration for him.

The big surprise came last week, when Obama flamed out so spectacularly in his bid to win the Olympics for Chicago. That was indeed a surprise. This is meh.


There have already been calls for Obama to decline the prize.…lol.

Obama? Refuse to accept an embarrassing, over the top tribute? Are you kidding me?


The Chicago Trib has a poll:

Obama Nobel Prize

Should President Obama have been awarded a Nobel Prize?

Results so far:

  • Yes (729 responses)


  • No (2106 responses)


2835 total responses



Time thinks so.


Must See:

The Hostages have great a round up of more of our rookie President’s lesser known accomplishments.


Michael Barone has a list of  “astonished” lib reactions.


AoSHQ/Slushop extravaganza: Obama’s other recent victories


Joe Scarborough’s reaction on PMSNBC, this morning:

A round-up of conservative responses:


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25 thoughts on “Bam Wins Nobel Peace Prize

  1. I’d be embarrassed if I were Obama. However, I’m sure he isn’t and probably thinks he deserves it.
    The prize should have gone to his teleprompter; after all he won it for his talking points.


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  3. Obama turn it down?


    I can easily see Obama wearing medals and putting together a Commander and Chief uniform to wear with all his awards and decorations, like Qaddafi.


  4. He’ll feign heartfelt humility, quietly stammer and stutter that there were so many more people far more worthy than he to receive it, and then he’ll snatch it and run like the wind.

    New songs, as I type, are being written for school children to sing to honor and praise Obama’s greatness… ‘cuz, heck, HE WON THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE.

    Hopenchange, ain’t it the best?


  5. Shouldn’t a peace monger (aka wussie) like Obama refuse the Nobel prize based on the fact Nobel made his millions off the death of others?


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  10. I understand fast food drive-throughs are going to update their standard response to: “And would you like a Nobel Peace Prize to go with that?”


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