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The Marine team is currently enjoying a narrow lead over Army, but keep those donations coming.

No Sheeples Here has entered two great videos, now into the video contest, here and here. Some more good ones entered by The Daley Gator, here.

For you quilt lovers, a beautiful Christmas quilt is being raffled off, here. Each dollar donated will equal 1 entry into the raffle.  Winner will be announced at midnight on Veteran’s Day.

Demotivator Contest is still going strong here. The contest will end Wednesday and there will be prizes.

Marine quotes throughout history, here.

Marine Team Blogroll:

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Video:Scozzafava Out

Woo hoo!

Thank you Dede.

The Other McCain has the scoop.

Her decision was spurred on by a new Sienna Poll which showed Hoffman at 35% and Owens is at 36%. Hoffman stands to pick up most of Scozzafava’s voters, and  is reportedly working on getting her endorsement:

Dave Weigel reports via Twitter that “Hoffman activists are heading to Scozzafava’s HQ to convince her to make an endorsement.”


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Happy Halloween


From America is an Obamanation: The Halloween 2009 Cavalcade of Horror!

So what’s Alan Grayson been up to, lately, you ask?

Well, last night he appeared on MSNBC with …somebody Schulz (not sure what  his name is-don’t care), and although Congressman Grayson is of course concerned that the bill doesn’t go far enough, he’s going to sign it anyway because it can always be fixed later, and this thing is going to start saving lives right away, don’t ya know?

As you can imagine, GOP lawmakers have been busy reading and fact-checking the bill. Some findings have been posted at the Conference blog.

And as you have probably heard by now, Sarah Palin made a very special Halloween announcement on her Facebook page, yesterday:


Mark my words – tomorrow is the game changer! Tune in to hear common sense solutions that bury the false accusations that conscientious members of Congress have no solutions to meet America’s health care challenges.

If you’re like me, shaking your head wondering why all the miscommunication between Washington and the American people who have been saying, “Please hear what we’re saying about our desire for health care reform,” then tomorrow will be a refreshing time of clarity for all.

All Americans, and especially colleagues of House Republican Leader John Boehner: please listen to tomorrow’s weekly GOP national address. Rep. Boehner will highlight a common sense alternative to Speaker Pelosi’s 1,990-page government takeover of health care. I urge you to watch for it. For a preview, go to:


If you want to see something funny, you can watch that same douchetastic MSNBC, host, seen above, making an ass of himself,  here.