Video:Fox New Sunday Panel Discuss Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize

I like Liz Cheney’s idea, here, but it ain’t gonna happen:

I profoundly disagree with Juan Williams’ assertion at the end, that the Nobel committee was honoring the United States, as “the lone super power”. No it wasn’t. It was meant to insult Americans, and rebuke Bush.

And yes,  of course, honor Obama.


Peggy Noonan, who calls it “a wicked and ignorant award” also has an idea for Obama’s Nobel acceptance speech in Oslo: praise America in his acceptance speech, rather than put it down….

Tom Friedman thinks Obama should accept on behalf of the US soldiers and sailors from World War II forward.

I suspect, that in the face of worldwide criticism for receiving this award before accomplishing anything, his speech will be a show of great humility, with a few bon mots thrown in for the good ol’ USA. But it will, without a doubt contain that Obama trademark we’ve all come to expect – a dig or two at the previous administration, and perhaps even another mention of our horrible, checkered past, because he just can’t help himself.

If he can manage to give a speech that honors the country, and resists the temptation to put down Bush, I will be surprised.

Most likely, though, I’ll be throwing things at my t.v.

Tom Maguire doesn’t think he has it in him, either.

If the Obamamometer is to peg at a perfect 10, Obama will have walk the  tightrope of trying to please everyone: American citizens who are sick of hearing him apologize for America, and the hard left, who never tire of it, and that includes the people who awarded him the  prize.

Grass Roots v.s. Astroturf Part 9,473

Can anyone watch this clip without wincing and cringing at Nancy Pelosi’s abject insincerity?


Regardless of what San Fran Nan says, was there ever really any doubt who the real astroturfers were? Blogging machine, Bob McCarty took this video at an anti-Obamacare protest in O’Fallon, Mo, yesterday:

“Who’s Astroturfing Now?”