Video: Obama’s Cynical Afghanistan Policy

The Fox News Special Edition panel discussed Obama’s decision making process (AKA “dithering”) on Afghanistan, today. You’ll enjoy Krauthammer dryly suggesting cynicism *may* be a possibility with this administration:

Over the weekend, Republicans pushed back hard against the Obama administration’s spurious charges that the Bush administration never had a coherent Afghanistan policy.

Kristofer Harrison, who served as the Chief of Staff to the Counselor of the Secretary of State during the Bush administration  wrote to the Powerline boys to comment on Paul Mirengoff’s post “No class, bad character” which pertained to Dick Cheney’s speech this past week,  Stephen Hayes’s Weekly Standard article “Obama’s minions are ingrates,” and Scott Johnson’s post “No class, bad character: The inside story” , all excellent articles well worth your time. Mr. Harrison writes:

You, Paul and Stephen have the story dead to rights. I was involved in the the Bush administration’s 2008 Afghanistan review and it was every bit as in depth and serious as the one several years earlier for Iraq. It involved many of the same people who helped conduct Gen. McChrystal’s recent review and included Democrats, Republicans, our British allies, Afghans, etc. The strategy put forward was sound and competent, and carbon-copy similar to the one that President Obama announced in March.

It is also true that team Obama was briefed on this review before assuming office. In fact, we began briefing both campaigns even before the election. I don’t remember the dates, but well before the election we began bringing together the national security teams from both campaigns for in-depth briefing sessions under the auspices of the Aspen Institute. These were long events where Bush administration cabinet-level officials spent days — yes, days — briefing the two candidates’ advisers. After the election we began spending hours with the transition team on the details of the plan and the situation on the ground.

It is also true that Obama’s transition team asked us to hold the Afghanistan review findings, a request to which President Bush acquiesced because (as it was relayed to me) he did not want to box the new president into a narrow set of options. In March, when Obama announced his new Afghanistan strategy, I did not notice a single change from the new plan that we had given him…only Obama did not resource it with enough troops.

Just to review, here is General Raum Emanuel, claiming that they were having to start from scratch because the previous administration hadn’t asked any of the essential questions they need answered to move forward….ahem:

Now, via RCP, we find Gibbsy walking that back:

Q    The Afghan review that the Bush administration — or Cheney says was handed off to your administration, you said last week you would go and look at that.  What did you find when you did that, when you went and looked for the report?  Did they hand it off, and what did it say?

MR. GIBBS:  Well, I — well, it’s top secret, so I appreciate the opportunity to get into what it says.  Many members of our administration briefed people on the review’s existence.  I don’t think what was — I don’t think what’s —

Q    Was your administration briefed?

MR. GIBBS:  With people that — it’s been public that we got these reviews. I mean, we can show articles where these things are discussed.

While some of the information was helpful, the President obviously found it instructive to do a review of his own, and that’s what Bruce Riedel did in the spring, which led to the President signing off on additional forces that went to Afghanistan.

I don’t think it’s the existence of the reviews that seems to be an issue here, Jon.  I think it’s a focus on one area of the world at the expense of another.

Apparently Emanuel “misspoke” about having to start from scratch. And now they claim that the  report was only marginally helpful, anyway.  Never mind that Bush officials claim that the strategy Obama  announced in March was identical to the recommendations made in their report.  Unfortunately there’s no way to know for sure, because  it’s “top secret”.

Shock Poll: Hoffman Surges To Lead In NY Race


I saw this right after listening to Rush’s fill in host, Mark Davis deliver a lengthy monologue about the race. He finally agrees, after being conflicted for about a week,  that politics aside, it’s better to lose the race and send a NO RINO message to the GOP, than win with said RINO. He was/is coming from the standpoint that the 3rd place Hoffman has little to no chance in winning this race.

Not according to a new Club For Growth poll:

The poll of 300 likely voters, conducted October 24-25, 2009, shows Conservative Doug Hoffman at 31.3%, Democrat Bill Owens at 27.0%, Republican Dede Scozzafava at 19.7%, and 22% undecided. The poll’s margin of error is +/- 5.66%. No information was provided about any of the candidates prior to the ballot question.

This is the third poll done for the Club for Growth in the NY-23 special election, and Doug Hoffman is the only candidate to show an increase in his support levels in each successive poll. The momentum in the race is clearly with Hoffman.

Yes, that’s just one poll, and a small sampling, but it’s a strong indication that Hoffman is not the potential spoiler here, Scozzafava is.

Hat tip: Hot Air Headlines


Ace throws some cold water on the poll, saying 300 is too small a sample to be reliable:

And it’s not a poll by a disinterested third party. Club for Growth is running ads for Hoffman.

Still. Not bad news, certainly.

Context: The Hill notes the last Club-for-Growth poll had it as a 3-way tie, when no other polls showed Hoffman in such a strong position.

See also Ed Morrissey at Hot Air


R.S.McCain is working the numbers:

The most important thing in these numbers, however, is the indication that the liberal Republican Scozzafava has slipped into third place.

Remember that NY23 has consistently voted 2-to-1 for the conservative Republican Rep. John McHugh. So if GOP voters in the district perceive Scozzafava as a likely loser, you can expect a decisive shift toward Hoffman by Republican voters whose main concern is not to give Nancy Pelosi another Democratic vote.

If such a shift occurs, and Hoffman gets 60% of the GOP vote, that would likely put him at about 40% — neck-and-neck with the Democrat Owens in a three-way race, with Scozzafava getting about 20%.


By the way:

Yes, the photoshop is mine. Feel free to use it.

Great News: Dems Have Plan To Impose “Universal Voter Registration”

Thanks a lot, Cold Fury – what a lovely thing to wake up to:

While ex-ACORN employee B. Hussein Obama is whining about stolen elections in Afghanistan as an excuse for his dithering, Democrats are planning to steal even more elections here in America.

The plan is to slam a “universal voter registration” bill through Congress before the next election, warned John Fund on C-SPAN this weekend, and in his new book.

Universal registration would register people who don’t even want to be registered so their votes could be harvested by Democrat political machines.

Every existing list of people would be registered. Rahm’s Census. Library cards. Tax rolls. Welfare rolls. Drivers licenses. Patients. Customers. Mailing lists. ACORN lists. Gitmo detainees. The Seven Dwarves. Eight is Enough. Nine Inch Nails. Ten Most Wanted. Eleven Pipers Palin-ing. Twelve Angry Men. Santa Claus’ list of naughty and nice kids. And he won’t be allowed to check it once, let alone twice.

If you own property in more than one place, you’re registered in both. If you moved several times, you are registered at all your addresses. If you are a foreign national here legally or illegally, on any list, you’re registered. Same with felons. Are you a foreigner who illegally contributed to Obama’s campaign last year from your throne room in Saggy Arabica? On the list! Dead? How can you be dead…you’re right here on our list! And we hope you feel better soon!

This would doubtless be accompanied by the abolition of ID requirements.

It would also be accompanied by lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth by Republicans, who understand that this means the death of the Republican party, to which Democrats will point and laugh, “what’s wrong with more people voting?”

When Dem pundits, like supposedly moderate Bob Beckel and James Carville go on t.v. to defend this, it should be clear to all that their allegiance isn’t to truth and fairness, the American way, but a far left Sorosian way of doing things. The total destruction of conservatism, (which is still the most popular ideological  group) is the goal.

Read Noel’s full report at Cold Fury.

Hat tip: Larwyn’s Links at Doug Ross @ Journal.

Project Valour-IT Day One

cassie fiano

As the Project Valour IT fund-raiser kicks off, the Marine Corps team aims to feature a Marine (fallen heroes, active duty or retired) every day. The Marine of the Day for Monday, October 26, is someone close to team member Cassie Fiano’s heart.  It’s her boyfriend Matt:

MY Marine Corps hero!

For the Project Valour-IT competition, the Marine Corps team is doing all kind of fun stuff. We’re going to have trivia and games, and we’ll also be spotlighting Marine heroes throughout the competition. To get the ball rolling, Cassandra asked me to kick things off by interviewing my Marine, my boyfriend Matt. I’m ridiculously proud of him, of course, and brag about him whenever I can as it is. And as if I don’t yak about him enough on here already, I get to feature even more fun stuff about him now, too.

In all seriousness, Matt truly is a hero to me, just like the thousands of other Marines out there. I can say without any bias that he loves what he does, he loves the Corps, and he loves his country. He’s willing to fight and die for America and for all of us. I may be his girlfriend and I’m certainly biased, but it’s still a pretty incredible thing.

So, with all that said, check out me and Matt’s “interview”, and there are a few pictures of him at the end as well. (Sorry they’re all with me, too, but I don’t have many pictures of Matt in uniform that doesn’t have me in them, too.)

Read Cassie’s interview of her soldier, here.


You can make a donation to Project Valour-IT, here. This fund-raiser runs from October 26th, to November 11, (Veteran’s Day).

You can read the story of how Project Valour-IT got started, here. It’s well worth your time.