Oh My: Obama Couldn’t Name Any White Sox Players When Asked

After claiming to be a “Southside kid”, Obama failed to name even a single player from the White Sox. Of course, he grew up in Indonesia and Hawaii, so American baseball was probably barely on his radar screen while he was growing up:

Obama to Dibble on why he wore a White Sox fan to throw out the first pitch in Washington: “I’m a Southside kid, I gotta make sure (White Sox owner) Jerry Reinsdorf doesn’t get to angry with me.

Dibble: “Having played with the White Sox for a short time, I know how the Cubs fans and White Sox fans go back and forth. Who was one of your favorite White Sox players growing up?

Obama: “You know uh ….. I … I thought that … uh …. you know … the truth is a lot of the Cubs I like too! But, uh … I did not become a Sox fan until I moved to Chicago. Because I uh …. I was growing up in Hawaii so I ended up actually being an Oakland A’s fan.

Obvious follow up question: “Oh….so who were your favorite Oakland A’s players growing up?”  But Dibble probably figured sports fans had cringed enough, already.

One of the commenters at this sports site, quipped, “Holy crap, he couldn’t even pull shoeless joe out of his ass?”

Obama also continued his habit of mispronouncing Comiskey Park. At least he didn’t say Cominskey Field, this time.

In case you’re wondering why I’m still sniping about Obama’s baseball faux pas, which is frankly pretty petty of me in light of the fact that there are much more important things to talk about….well,  just take look at these recent depressing headlines:

Jennifer Rubin: Obama’s Incomprehensible Nuclear Posture Review

Gabe at AoSHQ: Obama Was Not Briefed on Nuclear-Defense Plans Until “Some Months” In Office

Robert Costa at the Corner: Giuliani: An ‘Inept’ President’s ‘Left-Wing Dream’

The American Thinker: Obama’s List

Michelle Malkin: S.F.’s housing mob and the death of property rights

What can I say? I’ve got a Spring cold, and I’m just not in the mood to deal with Obama and his disastrous “left wing-dreams” today.

Linked by Michelle Malkin in Buzzworthy, thanks!

BTW: Michelle also couldn’t resist being a little petty: Can you imagine if Sarah Palin said “Cominskey Park” and flubbed softball White Sox question?


Video: Obama’s First Pitch At Nationals Game “High and Wide”


48 thoughts on “Oh My: Obama Couldn’t Name Any White Sox Players When Asked

  1. I like this post. The President needs to stop digging himself into a big hole. If he never followed baseball, just say so. Big deal.
    If I ever got the chance to name my favorite players growing up, you’d need a whole hour interview. Doesn’t that sound exciting? I would name every member of the NY Mets in their amazing years.

    President Obama’s pitch was so pathetic. It’s sort of a dumb tradition anyway.


  2. Once, when I was growing up PA, I was a Penn State football fan. At this point ofmy life, the only player I can rememberoff those teams was Mike Reid, only because he was a friend of the family and played football with my oldest brother, with similarlikes, as bothwere’geeks”, and liked music. Reid is also a famous songwriter now, another reason to remember him.

    I thought this posting was petty and silly


  3. But you know what? I was a big Mets fan when I was a kid, and a Royals fan later on as a teenager…and I can still name a lot of those players.

    Tom Seaver, Rusty Staub, Cleon Jones, Ed Kranepool still stick out in my mind.

    And who could ever forget George Brett, Pete Lacock, Darryl Porter, Fred Pateck…etc.

    And I’m a girl.


  4. If you aren’t a fan, don’t pretend to be a fan.

    When I have a boss I like, I don’t give a damn if they are a sox or cubs or (spit) tigers or twins fan, or not a fan of any team at all? Just show that you can do the job?

    And BTW, I don’t know how you can be a “big fan” of anything, when you have never learned to perform the single most fundamental task of that thing you are a fan with.

    Way back when, when I used to wear a uniform, I could have just come back from a hump, still wearing my deuce gear and could throw a strike, so can the commentators PLEASE stop with the “but he was wearing body armor” BS.

    If these retards would just stop pretending they are “ordinary everyday guys.” then they wouldn’t step in it like this.

    BTW, one thing about why the first pitch, even for non fans, is so embarrassing. I’m fairly confident that anthropologically (I watch bones too much) the first two weapons developed by mankind was the rock and the stick. You swing the stick, you throw the rock. Throwing rocks is built into us. If you don’t know how to throw stuff (like poo) then you are a poorly evolved creature.

    Since All simians and hominids know how to throw poo.


  5. Cool deb! What about Bud Harrelson, Tommy Agee, and Ron Swaboda?
    When I was in 7th grade, my history teacher, a dominican nun, was the aunt of Al Weiss. She dragged a tv into class so we could watch the World Series. Even though Al wasn’t a big star, he played great! It was very exciting, to say the least. Thanks for the memories…


  6. Growing up in Hawaii is no excuse, just ask my nephews. They love baseball, playing it all year long. Each has his own favorite team and know every player.

    No we have a dimwit as a President, who thinks he was called by God to save mankind, so he must pretend to care about ordinary things, while he sends us to hell.


  7. Petty? yes, on some level,

    *BUT* it’s a brilliant illustration of what a compulsive liar looks like: They can’t or won’t tell the truth even when it is an issue of little consequence.

    Nor can his inflated ego allow him to admit he’s human and can’t think of a name. He’s gotta dance around and around. It’s good to observe The One and learn more about his ‘tells.’ And it is good to post these things so others can see our liar-in-chief indict himself.

    Little by little — in small issue and large — I have to think even his supporters are starting to see through him.


  8. Don’t stop pretending? Obama doesn’t know how to do this. He pretends to stand for all America but tramples our rights with his socialist policies. The fact is unless people feed him what to say he comes across as a blabbering idiot as shown here. His inability to know facts and answer straight questions is perfectly illustrated in this clip. But you liberals out there just eat up his BS like a bunch of morons.


  9. I couldn’t name any baseball player on any team. Not even when I lived in Philadelphia did I follow “our” team, who after all were just a bunch of high-paid professionals from all over the country.

    Who cares? I despise Obama, but this certainly isn’t one of the reasons why.


  10. The thing is, Obama keeps pretending he’s a White Sox superfan. JanelovesJesus is right. This is just one more indication that the man is a complete phony.


  11. Look, it would have been easy enough for President Obama to name an individual like Ernie Banks, but the President is a team player. He really has a deep respect and admiration for the 1919 World Series team.


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  13. I didn’t notice this ’til I saw it on Ace — check out #26 behind the plate. uh, huh. Looks like an editorial statement to me.
    Thank you #26! I’ll look you up when we get to the FEMA camp!


  14. lol @ cominsky rhyming with alinski…

    hey deb. I actually looked up the amazing Mets in ’69 and discovered that Al Weis, the second or third string infielder for the Mets,actually got the coveted Babe Ruth award for that series. Holy Cow! I remember we were excited by Sister Catherine’s nephew’s blossoming in the series, but I didn’t even remember that he actually was the best of all of them. hmmm, it’s probably one for my memoires, which I hope to start some day. haha


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  17. Buck Johnson,

    Once, when I was growing up PA, I was a Penn State football fan. At this point ofmy life, the only player I can rememberoff those teams was Mike Reid, only because he was a friend of the family and played football with my oldest brother, with similarlikes, as bothwere’geeks”, and liked music. Reid is also a famous songwriter now, another reason to remember him.

    I thought this posting was petty and silly

    Yeah, but you ain’t the President of the United States, nor do you claim to be an intellectual giant I’m guessing.

    And I think you’re minimizing the proverbial liar. Obama and I are the same age. He claims to be a rabid White Soxs fan; I was at one time a huge Cincinnati Reds fan – and I can name the starting lineup, including batting averages from 1975.

    Does that make me a genius too and therefore, more qualified than Obama for President?

    One second thought, no need to answer – anyone is more qualified that Barry. Ann Coulter was right – Barry ain’t qualified to preside over a Dairy Queen and it shows.


  18. BigHips,

    one second thought? you mental. hahahhahha

    Well, I don’t know. Are you lucid?

    Am I mental? Well, now I’m not sure how to answer that because that sounds like an 8th grader asking a question trying to be clever. Am I mental? Do you talk in Ebonics and slang?

    Because after perusing your blog, not only do you seem to have a little trouble with spelling, and the incessant hehe haha, your blog doesn’t appear to serve any purpose other than you talking to yourself.

    So I guess my retort to you Big Hips should be, “Are you mental?”

    And my clinical diagnosis would be a definite yes because after President Bomba’s absolutely abysmal performance, you still read at your blog like the swooning sycophant, stuck in 2008.


  19. lol @ bighips. very clever.

    as I said, I don’t spend too much time on my posts and therefore don’t spell check or care really. same with grammar. I take license because as I said, I am an above-par writer. I’m not bragging. Above par isn’t saying all that much, is it?

    I use heehees and hahas because many people don’t get my wry wit. I got tired of my humor soaring miles over the heads of those who are so angry and scared that their heads explode all over the blogosphere. You need to chill out sometimes.

    Tex, I understand mental. I understand rage. I know about talking to myself.

    Do you exercise enough?


  20. Big Hips,

    And Tex? If you call me a swooning psychophant, you really didn’t take that close a look at my blog, now did you?

    Every once in a while, a moonbat will construct something clever without being clever. You’re right – I used the word “sycophant” to describe you. Psychopant would have been so much more appropriate.

    I don’t know enough to know whether your writing above “par” or not. Since we’re conversing with analogies and I like golf, yeah, I would say at first glance your writing skills “way above par.” 🙂

    Perused the blog enough to gather big hips, nose rings, graduating seniors, and a great idea of you wearing flowers in your hair. It takes about thirty seconds to determine a self-indulged, clueless hippie.

    Got any weed?


  21. LOL Tex! Flowers in my hair? Not sure what you mean but if you are judging me by my son’s nose ring, that’s a bit shallow, imo. Okay, I’m a bit self-indulgent. Aren’t most people who have blogs that way???? That is my observation, anyway. I like to write. I like to express myself. So what if I am my best fan? No harm in that, is there?
    If I had weed, I sure wouldn’t share it with you. If you think I’m clueless, you haven’t a clue.
    You are a very angry man. You are a man, right?


  22. Tex said: “I don’t know enough to know whether your writing above “par” or not.”

    Correction. This should either be written:
    “I don’t know enough to know whether your writing is above “par” or not.”
    “I don’t know enough to know whether you’re writing above “par” or not.”

    I’m guessing you meant the first one, correct?


  23. Big Hips,

    That is my observation, anyway. I like to write. I like to express myself. So what if I am my best fan? No harm in that, is there?

    No harm at all…good medicine.

    It’s a common malady amongst hippies – the self indulgence. And it provides to the lucid amongst us hours of enjoyment in reading the comedy masquerading as gospel.

    Another common disease amongst the wandering weak is to define someone as “angry” as they laugh and point fingers at aimless, wondering souls. If my laughing at your writing is angry, okay! I’m angry. 😛 I’ve been called a lot worse as I mock the lefty loving, amoral, walking disasters calling themselves the ‘progressive’ type.

    I just assumed the nose ring was supplied by mom to lead the young man around the house, when required. Like we do bulls. I’ve often thought of doing the same to my daughter’s boyfriends. You might be on to something. Pain is wonderful teaching tool.


  24. Big Hips,

    I’m guessing you meant the first one, correct?

    I’m guessing you don’t have a clue to what I was speaking?


  25. Ouch. Okay, you have a point (no pun intended) about the “angry” label. I’ll try to stop myself next time I’m tempted to use it.

    As for the self indulgent hippies? You are so right. That is why I have parted ways with my hippie persona, for the most part. I maintain the good hippie spirit, but shun those who parade around in their colorful garb, pretend to love everyone, and then turn out to be just like everyone else. Greedy, selfish, and arrogant. Not all, but way too many.

    Funny about treating my son like a bull. He is 21 and goes where he pleases. I wouldn’t try to lead him around if I could.

    I don’t like pain as a teaching tool. It was used on me. I still harbor resentment. My kids on the other hand have turned out better than most, depending on what you consider good, I guess. At least they like me, most of the time.


  26. Big Hips,

    I’m sure you’re a loving mom, no matter how useless you are as citizen. Congratulations on your kids – nose ring or not.

    They do make the world go around.


  27. Tex, I find it sad that you judge my citizenship. You don’t have any idea. I am active in my community. I volunteer. For you to call me useless is an insult. But, I sense a softening of your attitude toward me. Once you realize that I am no cookie-cutter leftwing nutjob, you just might agree with some of what I think. You just have to be a little more open-minded, is all.


  28. Big Hips,

    I’m sure you are incredibly active in community volunteering. So were Ernesto Guevara and Barry Soetoro.

    I liked you better brash. That’s one thing I never understood about libbies. They come in and insult thinking they are really clever and cute, and then when they get punched back in the head, they collapse and resort to pouting and groveling for “fairness.”

    I thought you were ready to rumble?


  29. lol, oh I can rumble alright! But I need to go edit a video that cnn is vetting. It is one of the things I like to do. CNN likes me. I’m a good liberal. But only when I want to be. They consider me a loose cannon. hahaha
    lol @ Ernesto and Barry being such good citizens.

    And when my head stops hurting, I’ll return to my brash self just to humor you. I know how much you need it. teehee


  30. Rose,

    I must relay a story that nearly made me wet myself night before last. I abhor CNN – I should just lock the channel so it is impossible to receive.

    I was typing something on the computer not paying much attention, when an Anderson Cooper advertisement (the vile, inane Anderson Cooper of “tea bagger” fame) came across the big screen.

    I stopped cold as a chill went down my spine, thinking somehow I had switched off Fox News. I checked, and sure enough, here is CNN advertising on FOX. 😆 Has CNN sunk so low (I recognize their ratings are in the toilet as are all Obama toe-sucking channels) that they now are advertising on competitive channels? What is even more humorous is to think they are enriching my channel of choice while doing so.

    Here’s a business suggestion for your future financial well being – switch to a competitor.


  31. lol, what financial future would that be? No one wants to pay an amateur like me. That’s okay. I do it for fun and if I got paid, it would not be fun anymore.

    CNN’s rating are a reflection of the political atmosphere in the US today. Of course FOXNews ratings are soaring. That’s what happens when a lib is in office. If Conservatives take back control, I bet their ratings will increase, as MSNBC. I don’t watch much t.v. It is a brain drain, imo. But I do like to mix it up when I turn on the news, usually between FOX and CNN but I watch other sources as well.


  32. Big Hips,

    CNN’s rating are a reflection of the political atmosphere in the US today. Of course FOXNews ratings are soaring. That’s what happens when a lib is in office.

    You act like this is some phenomenon of the last two years. That is blatantly false. CNN has been rolling downhill for at least ten years. MSNBC’s ratings have tanked since Obama, but they were never much to begin with. FOX News has left them both in the dust. It’s not even close anymore as they have the top 13 rated cable programs now.

    On a level playing field Rose, Conservatives win every time. That’s why libs are trying to invoke {cough cough) “The Fairness Doctrine.”


  33. Oh Tex, give me a break. A level playing field? We are talking about t.v.! So what if FOXNews leads the way? All that says is that more tv viewers watch FoxNews than any other. It doesn’t matter except that it shows what Americans are like! TV is a brain drain. FOXNews is reactionary news and extremist news. But don’t get me wrong! I think they are brilliant. The way they get all those women to dye their hair blonde and wear red dresses and stuff. How appealing…if your IQ is less than 100, or you think with your gonads.

    If you combine CNN and HLN and MSNBC and any other mainstream network that y’all think are Socialist stations, it probably comes out close, or maybe 55/45 for Fox. Don’t really know. In my opinion, the smartest people don’t watch much tv. They get their news from more informed sources.


  34. And, for the record, I am against the “Fairness Doctrine.” I defend FoxNew’s right to offer whatever they want and call it whatever they want to. It’s a free country. At least that is always what I thought and hoped would always be.


  35. Prognosis:

    The way they get all those women to dye their hair blonde and wear red dresses and stuff. How appealing…if your IQ is less than 100, or you think with your gonads.

    Extreme “liberal feminine liberal” jealousy.

    Besides Conservatives winning everything on a level playing field, I’ve noted the women calling themselves Conservative are far better looking too.

    I think it’s almost a prerequisite for leftist women to be homely. 😮 There’s the occasional Hollywooden libbie that I’ll ogle, until they open their mouth and ruin it with their room temperature IQ.


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