Palin on Ground Zero Mosque: “Should They Or Shouldn’t They, Mr. President?…This Is Not Above Your Pay Grade”

Sarahcuda, as usual, cuts to the chase on her Facebook page:

Mr. President, should they or should they not build a mosque steps away from where radical Islamists killed 3000 people? Please tell us your position. We all know that they have the right to do it, but should they? And, no, this is not above your pay grade.

Oh no she didn’t!

If those who wish to build this Ground Zero mosque are sincerely interested in encouraging positive “cross-cultural engagement” and dialogue to show a moderate and tolerant face of Islam, then why haven’t they recognized that the decision to build a mosque at this particular location is doing just the opposite? Mr. President, why aren’t you encouraging the mosque developers to accept Governor Paterson’s generous offer of assistance in finding a new location for the mosque on state land if they move it away from Ground Zero? Why haven’t they jumped at this offer? Why are they apparently so set on building a mosque steps from what you have described, in agreement with me, as “hallowed ground”? I believe these are legitimate questions to ask.

We already know the answer:

Aides to Mr. Obama say privately that he has always felt strongly about the proposed community center and mosque, but the White House did not want to weigh in until local authorities made a decision on the proposal

Those of us who noticed the snide tone of his voice when he said the words, “As a citizen, and as president, I believe that Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country,”  know the the answer.

Those of us who remember that the President almost banned the White House nativity scene, last Christmas, know the answer.

Those of us who remember that Obama ended the practice of a National Day of Prayer ceremony in the White House, know the answer.

Those of us who remember how Obama had the cross and the Jesuit monogram, IHS  covered when he spoke at Georgetown University, know the answer.

We few…we proud…we who still bitterly cling…know the answer.

The  question is…will the President answer it honestly, or at all?


Awww, lookie here: Democrats have a question, too….‘Why? Why now?’”

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22 thoughts on “Palin on Ground Zero Mosque: “Should They Or Shouldn’t They, Mr. President?…This Is Not Above Your Pay Grade”

  1. No one with three functioning brain cells can be in doubt about Obama’s true allegiances after this. He’s never been a sincere Christian. He’s certainly no American.

    It says even more that the Democrats most vexed by his proclamation are those facing re-election. The Evil Party, indeed.


  2. He’s not talking to you or me. He is speaking to his special coalition of the dumber and dumbest, the evil, the eviler and the evilest.


  3. Islam is the problem, not “radical Islam” or “Islamism” – those are both “pc” terms to mask the true nature of Islam from the eyes of naive Westerners.

    It’s all about immigration. Admit more muslims and watch more mosques raised, more radicalism, more honor killing of girls/women, more spreading of Sharia Law.

    Do you understand this?


  4. Muslims don’t have the right to be willfully provocative to Americans while we are still being killed (again) on our home soil in the name of Islam. This sort of thing only encourages more violence and is not a bridge builder.

    Obama is also mixing church and state when he favors Islam and uses the State department directly to send the Imam on a tour of the Middle East to raise funds for this mosque. This is very troubling because he has repeatedly demonstrated his antipathy towards Christianity, and islam/sharia is a supremacist ideology that does not recognize our Constitutional laws.

    This is now Obama’s Mosque and Obama’s religion and the democrat party is now the sharia party.

    He may have just handed the Republicans the Senate.


  5. Having been a part of Rev Wright’s cult for 20 years, Obama has as much right to call himself a christian as I do in calling myself a brain surgeon.


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  7. Louis Farrakhan = Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. = Barack Obama

    Their professional titles spin many a flavor, but in the end the results are the same evil.

    Woe to them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter…


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  10. Obama’s lack of leadership about the mosque at ground zero is appalling. And the muslim insistence that it go there is another attack on the fabric of America. Tell me they are not on jihad. The president could have easily and quietly worked a deal for the mosque to go elsewhere or for the government to come in and buy that property. It’s not rocket science. It’s what he does everyday on the items that promote his agenda.


  11. Barry is a “secular (non-practicing) muslim. Period.

    He will likely be de-elected in two short years but the question is, can the laws he has passed be reversed?


  12. Attachments: powerphplist.png

    Dear Charlie Crist, Gov. of Fla. and follower of Obama’s ‘Everything Muslim’ disgraceful politics.

    How could you be this stupid and insensitive in supporting Obama and the ‘mosque’ at ‘Ground Zero’?

    This may well cost you the election, with both Dems. and the GOP in this Senate race against the Mosque, which is where the overwhelming majority of the American people are and I and our Shalom International have been a leading proponet against since early Jan. of 2010 and our 3 rallies we’ve participated in there since.

    We will be rallying against this Mosque sgain, where they want to build it, 45 Park Place, on Sept. 5, 2010 at 2 P.M.. I would invite you to speak, but your comments are truely detached to what the real issues are.

    Since we are both ‘independents’ on the ballot in Nov., let me advise you what is going on and that whoever suggested you support the Mosque is clueless. That is no excuse for your own lack of understanding here.

    I’m am running against Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, because she told the Jewish community in 2008, that we could ‘trust’ Obama on Israel who has turned out to be the worst anti-Semite and anti-Israel President, ever. She wants to be the new ‘Nancy Pelosi’, but after 18 yrs. in politics, there is a huge dislike for her.

    “Bless Israel and you are blessed. Curse Israel and you are cursed”. America is cursed by Obama’s appeasement politics to the Muslims and against America’s #1 ally, Israel on 100 different levels and let me focus on just a few and what you are backing by getting in bed with Obama’s politics, that America is overwhelming rejecting.

    1. Obama wants to divide Jerusalem, Jewish for 3000 yrs. and millions of Jews were murdered for, which would be the #1 victory for the Nazis and give it to the very people dancing in the streets after ‘9/11’, who were alligned with Hitler in WWII.
    This ‘2-state’ insanity would mean the end of the Jewish state. The PA’s Abbas only last week said there would be ‘no Jews’ on any Arab lands, which is the same ‘judenrein’ politics of the German Nazis. Abbas also now wants to go back to 1948 borders and Obama is backing this insanity.

    2. Obama, last year in Cairo, equated the Holocaust with “Muslim Humiliation”, while cowardly ignoring 5 Arab Wars and 2 Intifidas to kill all Jews, plus Obama ignored 900,000 Jews thrown out of Arab countries in 1948, and all their properties stolen.
    Obama, only two weeks ago sided with German Insurance Companies, refusing to pay compensation to Holocaust survivors. What callousness.

    3. Obama calls Israel’s desire to protect the burial place of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their wives, Judiasm’s Patriarchs and Matriarchs, a ‘provacation’ to the Muslims. Abraham, the first Jew, bought this burial plot and is 3000 yrs. older than Islam and no Jews was allowed up the first 7 steps, under Muslim control for over 1700 yrs., till Israel united everything in the 1967, “Six Day War”. I am amongst the first few thousands Jews in this holy place and on my 25th birthday. Obama continually insults our religion and attacks our 5000 yr. “Covenant with G-d’ and our 5000 yr. ‘occupation’ of what G-d gave us, our legitimacy since 1929 and League of Nation’s position,that this land is ours and what we purchased and what we paid for in Jewish lives and all of this means nothing to Obama who wants to give it all to the very people screaming “Death to Israel” and “Death to America.”

    Which brings us to the Mosque at Ground Zero, the ” Mass Murder Mosque”, by the very same Islamic Nazis who are responsible for ‘9/11’. Not only is the Imam for this Mosque, with Hamas and Al Qaeda, ad nauseum, but claims ‘9/11’ is due to U.S. policies as his excuse and Obama’s State Dept. has him being paid by U.S. taxpayers to travel to the Muslims and tell them all about this madness. This from the same person who lied that he owned the property, which is co-owned with Con Edison, besides all the other treachery, which has nothing to do with ‘religious freedom’ or ‘tolerance’ that Mayor Bloomberg, Obama and now yourself has fallen for and has created a major credibility gap for all of you, that the overwhelming majority of Americans are rebelling against.

    The debate we never had after ‘9/11’ is raging now and I can tell you being in the streets for 325 rallies/events since Oct. 2007 and 1225 news interviews to “Keep Jerusalem United” and to “Fight terrorism and to protect and defend America and Israel” that the public is against this Mosque and the numbers are only growing larger. I have been to 5 events in the last week alone with “No Mosque At Ground Zero” and only 3 negatives, with thousands on my side.






    Islam cannot scream ‘fire’ in a crowded theatre and America’s patience has run out of capitulating, appeasing and groveling for acceptance from a religion promoting Jihad. “There is no Islam with Jihad” said a Saudi Arabian columnist recently.

    This is the same Saudi Arabia responsible for ‘9/11’ and 15,000 Islamic Nazi attacks since going after Jews, Christians, Hindus, Bhuddists, all ‘Infidels’ and many thousands of Muslims killed, let alone the Muslim Genocide of 500,000 blacks in Darfur. This is the same Saudi Arabia that bought off Hollywood and so much of the media with over $700Billions invested in the U.S. and now Obama is selling them $30Billions in military hardware and another $30billions to other Arabs, while diminishing weaponry to Israel. This is the same Saudi Arabia… Obama bows down to and whose politics to divide Jerusalem was bought by George W. Bush and Obama. This is the same Saudi Arabia whose ‘oil’ blackmail of the global economy is responsible for over 30,000 starvation deaths daily. This is the same Saudi Arabia building this and other mosques as part of their ‘conquest’ over the ‘infidels’.

    And this is the same Obama who is allowing Iran’s “Little Hitler” to get its nuke, it will use against Israel and America, by wasting 2 yrs. in ‘negotiations’ and ‘sanctions’ and appeasing the Muslims ‘politics’. Russia announced last week it was going to finish Iran’s nuke facility and ignored Obama, who has no credibility any longer on foreign or domestic policies. Israel will have to attack Iran within the next few months to survive another Holocaust. Iran also has a role in this ‘Mass Murder Mosque’.

    How could Obama focus on ‘jobs’,’jobs’,’jobs’ with 9/6% unemployment, and 1 million homes in forclosure, and the lack of public confidence and his ‘gulf oil’ fiasco etc. and bailing out Wall St., when he is so busy dumping and ripping off Israel and pushing everything Muslim for the last 2 yrs.?

    Charlie, your ignoring all of this, is no different than Rep. Schultz’s total backing of everything Obama, and why I’m running against her and I will defeat her in this national referendum against Obama/Hillary/Schultz/Congress, etc. The public has had enough.

    ‘IMPEACH OBAMA’ IS THE ISSUE. Obama violates Title 18, of U.S. Code on ‘giving material support to terrorists.’ That’swhat this Mosque at Ground Zero is all about. It’s Obama giving Gaza and Hamas, $20millions to come over here and “$900millions” to Gaza and Hamas and another “$400 millions” to Gaza and Hamas.It’s America repairing Mosques oversees and meanwhile America is suffering so much travail.
    There is a massive list of Obama in bed with these criminals and terrorists and all of it a threat to America and to Israel.

    Why then are you supporting Obama, when he’s dropping in the polls like crazy and is already in the 30’s?

    Why are you supporting the same politics of the 1930’s on ‘land for peace’ that England used with Hitler that gave us WWII and 60 million dead and the Holocaust of nearly 7 million Jews slaughtered because they were “Jews” and by the same Arabs/Muslims that today, cowardly deny the Holocaust, but want to finish the job with Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, the Arab League, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, ad nauseum?

    What about all of this do you not get? Whoever is advising you has blown it big time.

    Obama wouldn’t demand that the Muslims divide Mecca for peace but has no problem demanding that the Jews divide Jerusalem, while backing the Mass Murer Mosque at Ground Zero.

    That is what our country has come to with this evil politics in the White House.

    When we demanded that you change the date of a special election from the end of Passover to a week later, you obliged. We called you a ‘mensche’ then. But your support for the Mass Murder Mosque today, shows your true insensitivity and disgraceful politics that is truely unworthy on any level.

    I already condemned your politics this morning at Bet Breira Samuel-Or Olam Synague where I spoke before Israeli Dir. of Arutz Sheva Radio and T.V addressed the audience. No one supported your position with the Mosque.

    I didn’t like those running for the Senate for a host of reasons, but I cannot any longer support you now.

    Yours in Shalom,
    Robert Kunst
    Pres. Shalom International

    Ted Belman
    Jerusalem, Israel
    972 (0)54 441 3252


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  18. You people do know that for the past 27 years there has already been a mosque at 51 Park Place where the new ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ or rather, the culture center is being built, RIGHT?


  19. You people do know that for the past 27 years there has already been a mosque at 51 Park Place where the new ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ or rather, the culture center is being built, RIGHT?

    You people do know that the mosque you’re talking about isn’t at the GZM location, RIGHT?

    You’re talking about Imam Rauf’s mosque that’s a dozen blocks away.


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