Fascinating: Obama Says Fiscal Commission “Provides Framework For Conversation” While Rejecting All Of Its Recommendations

Obama spoke before an uncharacteristically skeptical press corps to introduce his new budget.

Speaking to reporters for just over an hour, Obama attempted to convince the nation that he took deficit reduction seriously, but at least from the initial response, Obama didn’t appear to convince the reporters.

Chuck Todd asked the question, “What was the point of the Fiscal Commission”, and Obama answered that “the notion that it has been shelved is incorrect, it still provides a framework for conversation”.

What abject nonsense. Does this mean if we’ll wait three weeks, he’ll adopt the Fiscal Commission’s recommendations?

It makes no sense that Obama would bring up Egypt, unless he thinks it’s a somehow winning issue for him, personally –  “great news for the President” , and deflects attention away from his crummy budget – what a ridiculous stretch.

Paul Ryan told Mark Levin that Obama didn’t put any of the Fiscal Commission’s recommendations in his budget, saying his budget is to the left of the recommendations, and makes the fiscal crisis worse.

Ryan nails it – Obama’s budget is “an abdication of leadership”.


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But, here’s the thing: The GOP is walking into the trap because they know it’s the right thing to do for America and the gutless cocksucker who’s supposedly our president refuses to lead.

Basically, Obama is going to run a platform of irresponsibility and future disaster because he trusts Americans are so stupid they’ll reward him for it. And of course the problem with this strategy — for us — is that it is 88% likely he’s right.

Do I believe in Americans anymore? Less and less each day that passes. I’m kind of tired of conservatives trumpeting American exceptionalism because America seems in short supply of it. Scratch your average “exceptional America” and you find an ordinary decline-and-decay European soft “I want mine” socialist beneath.

So, Obama, having abdicated his responsibility of prudence, leadership, intelligence or idealism (this either proves he is stupid or profoundly cynical), has forced the out-party House of Representatives to take a leadership role — a role for which they aren’t well suited, not because of a lack of individual ability, but because the Constitution is expressly designed for a government led by the President.

But that’s what the cocksucker has decided to do — you guys propose necessary entitlement reforms; I’ll just demagogue against then and walk my way into relection.

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3 thoughts on “Fascinating: Obama Says Fiscal Commission “Provides Framework For Conversation” While Rejecting All Of Its Recommendations

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