The Top 10 Stories of the Year at Nice Deb

Just like last year, many of these stories will not be top stories anywhere else. They were big stories for me because for whatever reason, they were retweeted a bunch of times, and/or big blogs linked to them. In some cases, they’re stories in which there is continued interest, so I still receive significant traffic due to  Google searches.

Thanks again to Michelle Malkin,  AoSHQ, Doug Ross, Pirates Cove, Ed Driscoll, Instapundit and a number of other blogs for helping  these posts become my biggest hits of the year.

Without further ado, Nice Deb’s Top 10 posts of 2011:

10. Founder Of The Muslim Canadian Congress Says Muslim Brotherhood Has Infiltrated White House (With Updates) August, 14, 2011:

When Tarek Fatah, moderate Muslim advocate, and political progressive,  told an auditorium filled with thousands of Canadians that Americans need to know that “the religion of Islam was being used as a tool by a fascist force,” and had infiltrated the White House, heads were turned. The speech was given in Toronto at Ideacity, “Canada’s premiere meeting of the minds”, and I posted the explosive video.

The post was heavily retweeted and ended up high in the rankings of Trending Right for quite a while. It was linked by Doug Ross, Pirate’s Cove, adeliemanchot, YourDaddy’s Politics and Daily Pundit.

9. Today’s Compare and Contrast April, 1, 2011:

A black and white photo of an Iranian woman in a bathing suit leaning against a 60’s era car, as seen at  Iran, Before The Chador picture gallery inspired me to compare her to American soldiers reduced to wearing the hijab in Afghanistan, today.

It was linked by Michelle Malkin in Buzzworthy, and continues to get traffic due to google image searches.

8. Pics From ‘We Stand With Gibson’ Rally October, 8, 2011:

On a lazy Fall Saturday afternoon, after searching the net for news about the Gibson Guitar rally,  I decided to check on Twitter to see if anyone had tweeted about it. There, I found some helpful tweets that led me to some great pictures.

Since no one else seemed to be blogging about it, and the Gibson Guitar story was something I had been following closely, I posted a few pix from The TN Report, and cranked out a report. Retweeted 52 times.

Instapundit,  Ed Driscoll , Scared Monkeys, Conservative Hideout 2.0, Pirate’s Cove, Trizzat, and The Absurd Report linked.

7. It Begins…Democrats Introduce Bill to Seal Obama’s Presidential Records October, 6, 2011:

Based on a Judicial Watch report about the Presidential Records Act Amendments of 2011. That bill would do with Obama’s presidential records what Obama has already done to his personal and collegiate records: Seal them up.

In an obvious effort to protect President Barack Obama, a group of congressional Democrats had introduced legislation to create an official process that would allow the commander-in-chief to keep presidential records secret after he leaves office.

Retweeted 56 times, I remember this being on Trending Right for a long time.  Moral of the story – anything that begins, “It Begins….” is a bonafide traffic magnet. As Jim Hoft would be the first to tell you.

Linked by Doug Ross in Larwyn’s Links.

6. Just One More Situation Room PhotoshopMay, 4, 2011

The infamous “chipmunk in the small chair” situation room photo of Obama (fresh off of the golf course) and the rest of his National Security team  watching the computer screen as Seal Team 6 dispatched Osama Bin Laden, needed my awe-inspiring photoshop skills to complete the “Every Meme Ever” pic.

This one was linked by Michelle Malkin in Buzzworthy and continues to get traffic from Google image searches.

5. Video: Obama Announces Osama Bin Laden Dead, May, 1, 2011

This was arguably the biggest story of the year, so it’s not surprising that it is one of my biggest stories.

Linked by Michelle Malkin.

4. An Open Letter To Eric Holder From An ATF Agent in Mexico,December, 12, 2011:

If you’re a blogger who covers Fast and Furious, you should be checking in on the ATF whistleblower site,  Clean-up ATF from time to time. That’s where I saw this incredible cri de coeur posted by an ATF agent in Mexico.

Oddly enough, this one never ranked on Trending Right even though it was retweeted 89 times.

Linked by AoSHQ and Bob Owens, and Gateway Pundit, and Doug Ross, and The Conservatory, and Sipsey Street Irregulars, and several gun forums.

3. Another Liberal Meme Bites The Dust,January, 31, 2011:

On January 31, the conservative blogosphere was still in state of moral outrage after watching Sarah Palin and the Tea Party get blamed for the Tucson massacre.

After a white male was accused of  plotting to blow up a Metro Detroit mosque the usual suspects were at it again. “Anti- Muslim tea-bagger, right? Mission accomplished, Beck, Limbaugh, Palin and Hannity, right? ” I jeered to certain left-wing blogs who were covering the story that way.

Long story short – the guy turned out to be another deranged lefty and possible Muslim convert, emphasis on deranged.

Retweeted 24 times, and linked by Michelle Malkin, and PJ Tatler, and Conservative Wanderer, and Instapundit,and The Dignified Rant, and  Blazing Catfur, and  Red State, and Moe Lane, and Patterico, and Doug Ross, and The Right of the People, and Verum Serum,  and adeliemanchot, and Bizzy Blog.

2. Yes, There Was A Kapiolani Maternity And Gynecological Hospital In 1961, April, 28, 2011:

Here, I had to shoot down a theory about Obama’s newly released birth certificate that I was seeing in various places online. After all of the lies Obama had told about his “nativity story”, and the shoddy way in which he  handled the release of his birth certificate, people can hardly be blamed for being suspicious.

This post was tweeted only once – by me, and was not linked to by any big blogs.  Obama’s birth certificate is a toxic subject, spurned by most conservative bloggers….. But a lot of other people – LOTS of people still want answers.

1. OBL Death Photo a Fake – Will Obama Administration Release The Real Thing?, May, 2, 2011

Remember all of the interest in in seeing the OBL death photo? The fact that the Obama administration refused to release the photo inspired a number of photoshops that appeared online, and I did a little post about it. People still google for that elusive photo.

Michelle Malkin linked and it continues to get Google image traffic.

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