Former DEA Chief Tells Fox News: 3 Other Federal Agencies Knew About Operation ‘Fast and Furious’


I think we knew this, but it’s always good to hear confirmation coming from the former chief of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration in Tucson.

Fox News’ William LaJeunesse traveled to Sasabe, AZ to discuss new  developments in the Fast and Furious investigation regarding agencies beyond the Justice Department.

Fox Nation reported: Former DEA Chief: 3 Other Federal Agencies Knew About Operation ‘Fast and Furious’

Tony Coulson, the DEA’s agent in charge of Southern Arizona during Fast and Furious, says many federal field agents knew the ATF was walking guns to Mexico, but supervisors told them to back off when they objected.

“Clearly, we went too far,” Coulson said. “The question we had among rank and file law enforcement was, ‘When is someone going to call ATF on this, when is someone going to tell them to stop?’”

Coulson’s remarks jibe with what is already known about the operation. The DEA, the FBI and ICE, also known as Immigration Customs and Enforcement, all played roles in the investigation.

Coulson said those agencies share the blame since top officials knew, but did little to stop, the gunrunning effort. Coulson is among the first senior public officials, current or former, who admit knowing about the botched operation.

Coulson claims he raised objections to then-DEA chief Elizabeth Kempshall, but was told it was taken care of. After attending a meeting with ATF agent in charge Bill Newell, Coulson said that’s when he and other agents “knew (Fast and Furious) was not some sort of benign, pie-in-the-sky publicity stunt. Guns were actually getting in the hands of criminals.”

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5 thoughts on “Former DEA Chief Tells Fox News: 3 Other Federal Agencies Knew About Operation ‘Fast and Furious’

  1. And if “Guns were actually getting in the hands of criminals.”, does that place a legal onus upon those who knew and kept quiet? If the guns were actually being used to illegally promote some program, any program, aren’t the people who knew and did nothing just as culpable as those who were issuing orders?

    Isn’t that what the Nuremberg trials were all about?


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