Video: Michelle’s Aspen Vacation – Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (Updated – Video removed)

Another great video by Granny Jan – this one highlighting the gut-wrenching hypocrisy of the Obamas who tell everyone else to “sacrifice”, while living life high on the hog, themselves:

UPDATE: Video removed from YouTube by user due to pressure from Obama minions. (Attaaaaaack Waaaaatch). Janice, AKA Granny Jan commented:

Sorry, Deb. The Obama people told the photographer at the Aspen Times that I used his photos of MO skiing. I got them from the Daily Mail UK.
He made remarks on my video. I don’t know why he tipped his hand but I immediately removed the video before You Tube did causing me serious problems. I assume he wan’t sitting watching You Tube videos all day so I know it was the Obama campaign. Everyone is using the photos. I’m honored that they would pick on little ol’ me :) Janice

You can still see the pictures at The Daily Mail:  Well it has been a whole month! Just weeks after 17-day Hawaii vacation Michelle hits the slopes with daughters on Aspen ski trip:

With the economy on its knees, many American families have had to forgo their annual holiday just to make ends meet.

But barely a month after returning from a luxury Christmas break in Hawaii Michelle Obama is on holiday again – this time at the exclusive Colorado ski resort of Aspen.

Keith Koffler noted in his post, Michelle Obama Decides to Ski Aspen:

The first lady, who just returned last month from 17 days of relaxation in Hawaii, is skiing in Colorado on Presidents’ Day Weekend for the second year in a row. Last year she went to Vail.

Michelle’s decision to ski out West again instead of hitting slopes closer to Washington would seem an inopportune choice for a first lady who is helping her husband campaign on issues of “fairness.”

The Obama campaign has set itself up as the defender of the poor and the middle class against the “One Percent,” a theme which clashes with the image a first lady who is taking frequent and exclusive vacations.

Just last August, she sojourned on Martha’s Vineyard, and the month before she travelled to southern Africa for a trip that mixed official business with tourist outings like an African safari. In July 2010, she took an exorbitant excursion to the southern coast of Spain, flying out with friends and family on a large jet that often serves as Air Force 2 and then staying at a ritzy hotel.

What’s more, as the government struggles to cut the deficit, the symbolism of a first lady jetting out to Aspen with a security entourage at taxpayers’ expense to ski would seem to send the wrong message about cutting back on spending.

By keeping track of the First Ladies exorbitant  travel expenses, The Daily Mail is doing the work no one in the mainstream media, here, is willing to do:

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Latest Iowa Poll Has Obama Trailing 3 of the 4 Remaining Republican Candidates

Because I’m dubious of the polling methods of most of the outfits that do polls, (constantly over-sampling Dems), I’m only highlighting polls that look good for Republicans, this year.

This Iowa poll is one of them:

President Barack Obama trails three of the four Republican candidates in head-to-head match-ups if the election were held today, according to a new Iowa Poll.

The Republican with the biggest lead: Ron Paul, who would defeat Obama by 7 percentage points, 49 percent to 42 percent. Rick Santorum, winner of the 2012 Iowa caucuses, leads Obama 48 percent to 44 percent. Mitt Romney, edged in the caucuses by Santorum, leads Obama 46 percent to 44 percent.

The president defeats only Newt Gingrich, 51 percent to 37 percent.
Iowa is considered a swing state in the general election, critical to Obama’s re-election or victory by the Republican nominee.

All Republicans would do well to focus on the positive, this year.

Hat tip: Charles B.

Your Sunday Hymn: Finlandia

Finlandia Hymn (Sibelius) – One Man Choir – Song of peace Finland anthem:

The Finlandia Hymn (in Finnish Finlandia-hymni) refers to a serene hymn-like section of the patriotic symphonic poem Finlandia, written in 1899 and 1900 by the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. There have been numerous suggestions that the Finlandia Hymn should become the national anthem of Finland, but Maamme is the de facto national anthem.

Other words commonly sung to the same melody include six Christian hymns (Be Still, My Soul; I Sought the Lord; We Rest on Thee; A Christian Home; This Is My Song; and I Then Shall Live), Gweddi dros Gymru or A Prayer for Wales (a national song of Wales), Ambrosian Oaks (the alma mater of St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa), and Land of the Rising Sun (the national anthem of the short-lived African state of Biafra).
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