Video: Gibson Guitars CEO Still Waiting For His Day In Court

Last August, the feds raided Gibson for allegedly using an inappropriate tariff code on wood from India, which would be a violation of  The Lacey Act. “They…come in with weapons, they seized a half-million dollars worth of property, they shut our factory down, and they have not charged us with anything,” says Gibson Guitars CEO Henry Juszkiewicz. The  issue is not even whether the wood in question was endangered, but whether the wood was the correct level of thickness and finish before being exported from India.  Gibson had previously been raided under The Lacey Act for imports from Madagascar.

Both governments involved say the transactions were lawful, the U.S. government says it wasn’t, but six months after the last raid, they haven’t filed any charges and they won’t allow Gibson to have a day in court to hash this out.

Video via ReasonTV:

Hat tip: Brian B.


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3 thoughts on “Video: Gibson Guitars CEO Still Waiting For His Day In Court

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  2. Why should the government give Gibson their day in court? It will only result in some minor functionary fascist bureaucrat getting blamed, and this administration getting just a tad of egg on its fulsome face, but what the heck! Look how much good scaring people contrary to this godly administration does! Won’t nobody else be importing legal stuff for a while, I’ll tell you that! (Except for the administration importing more voters, I mean undocumented workers – at least the ones who can make it past all the illegal guns the administration supplied to the Mexican cartels, anyway.)


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