Greta Van Susteren: Time to Subpoena Obama Officials on BenghaziGate – “Put Them Under Oath!” (Video)

For some reason, the Obama administration has been hiding the identities of the Benghazi attack survivors since the attack took place, last September. Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) said a parent of one of the survivors currently at Walter Reed, told him, “if you had called into the hospital previously, you would never have found that person because they changed his name on the hospital records.”

Frustrated that Congress has not made any headway on  this matter after six months, Greta Van Susteren asked Chaffetz why they haven’t put the whisteblowers under oath and gotten the answers?  Chaffetz didn’t have a good answer for that and meekly noted that they had tried to get the members of the Accountability Review Board to testify before Congress, but they were refused. They’ve been trying to get answers from the Regime but have been stonewalled at every turn.

“You’ve got subpoena power!” Greta blasted, ” I don’t understand…I mean, why are you all so afraid to get some answers? I don’t know what happened or didn’t happen in Benghazi, but the only way to get the answers is if you ask them, and  if they don’t come up and answer, you a drop a subpoena on them and you get them under oath by order!”

I thought Greta was a tad hard on Chaffetz for not investigating Benghazi more aggressively considering her own lame, soft-ball interview of Hillary “What difference does it make?” Clinton not too long ago. That said, she makes a good point.


Sharyl Attkisson, CBS News: Source: Press officers partly responsible for Benghazi talking points changes:

Regarding the talking points: one source who reviewed the documents said removal of the word “al Qaeda” from the talking points was initiated, at least in part, by one of the “press shops.” The source said press officers from the Defense Intelligence agency, the White House and the FBI were “looped in” from the start and that some of them expressed concerns in writing that the media would ask follow up questions if certain words or phrases were used. The source added that the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and then-Deputy CIA Director Michael Morell were included in these emails.

When asked whether Clapper and Morell misled Congress when they didn’t disclose who changed the talking points (because they knew), one source said “the exact right question wasn’t asked.”

The documents indicated numerous other changes were made to the talking points, including removal of certain references to an “attack.”

The source who reviewed the documents also flagged several emails prior to the Benghazi attacks from officials in Libya to Washington, D.C., that supposedly specifically warned of an imminent attack within days of the Benghazi consulate.

Additionally, the source says “most if not all contact” between officials in Libya and Washington, D.C., once the attacks began reference al Qaeda, al Qaeda-affiliated cells or both as being the suspected instigator from the very start. The few references to demonstrations were by people who hadn’t directly observed any.

“It’s amazing that anyone would question who was behind the attack and keep the idea of the demonstration going for weeks,” said the source.

Yes, it was amazing at the time, too, because for anyone who was remotely paying attention, it was obvious that it was a terrorist attack and not the result of a demonstration, but the slack-jawed media went out and uncritically reported the lies, accusing anyone who questioned the Regime of politicizing the issue.

So now, six months later, after the Liar in Chief is reelected, the truth finally comes out.  The President, his Press Secretary, Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton are all culpable for lying to the American people. But the journolistas tell us that “nobody cares about Benghazi” and they’re probably right. Since most of the MSM has ignored the story, so do most of the American people.

Twitchy: Newly delivered Benghazi docs might include interviews with survivors:

Gateway Pundit: Documents Show Obama Administration Was Warned of Benghazi Attack Days Before 9-11 Assault:


7 thoughts on “Greta Van Susteren: Time to Subpoena Obama Officials on BenghaziGate – “Put Them Under Oath!” (Video)

  1. I think what we witnessed there was Hanoi Jon Kerri having a Joe Plugs Biden moment. . . . . in other words a ooops! He appeared to be caught off guard and immediately resorted to the Ralph Kramden uh-humma-humm, then blurted that he had visited one.

    No fear though Lindsey Lohan Graham has a hold on Chuck Hagel xxxxxx errrrr, [make that] John Brennan. He won’t allow a vote until he gets some Benghazi answers. Where was the appearance of General Hamm or the Navy Task Force Admiral who claimed he had assets that could’ve interceded? The administration is/has been playing a shell game with all of those personnel who were evacuated from Benghazi, the very people who should have information on what actually happened and what didn’t happen.

    Subpoena power? Does a sitting member of Congress really have to be “informed” that his committee has subpoena power? Pathetic! Talk about the gang that couldn’t shoot straight.


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  3. I would like to make a two part proposal. . . . . . . .

    1. Since everyone in the republican party seems incapable or unwilling to get legitimate answers as to what the hell went on in Benghazi last September 11, I propose to fire them all.

    2. In their place I would like to nominate as “Special Counsels” since they seem to be the only people interested in getting to the bottom of the real story . . . . . Judge Jeanine Pirro and Greta Van Susteren. At least the two of them realize that they would have subpoena power and would most likely use it.

    Any seconds?


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