Krauthammer: Obama Going Ahead With “Hyperpartisan” Economic Speech Was in “Extremely Bad Taste” (Video)

On Special Report, tonight, Charles Krauthammer slammed Obama for his decision to go ahead with a previously scheduled economic speech while the the Naval Yard shooting was still unfolding, calling it “in extremely bad taste.”

The speech itself, he called “hyperpartisan” while marveling at the president’s “remarkable” quip that (in his magnanimous opinion), some Republicans “are decent.”

To do this within minutes of 13 Naval employees – brave Americans who lie dead – was in extremely bad taste,” Krauthammer noted with great disdain.  “He could have waited until tomorrow. It isn’t as if this is a holy anniversary – (the 5th anniversary of the financial crisis).”

Political pundits wondered all day if the president would cancel the Latin Musical event at the White House, tonight.

It was reported this morning, that Michelle Obama was quite excited about it,  gushing that  the president would “shake his groove thing” tonight.

Gloria Estefan, Romeo Santos, Lila Downs, Marco Antonio Solis and other top Latin musicians are joining the Obamas to tape the latest installment of the PBS series, “In Performance at the White House.” It will celebrate the various styles of Latin music during Hispanic Heritage Month, which began Sunday.

Obama was scheduled to make brief remarks.

A grown up must have gotten to the president and First Lady and told them, that in light of the shooting, (not to mention the tragedy unfolding in flood ravaged Colorado) the optics of getting their grooves on at a star studded gala at the White House, tonight would not be too good.

The event was postponed.

Some of Obama’s support is slowly peeling away. They need to be on their best behavior.

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4 thoughts on “Krauthammer: Obama Going Ahead With “Hyperpartisan” Economic Speech Was in “Extremely Bad Taste” (Video)

  1. You can take the “community organizer out of the south end, but you can never take the thug out of the community organizer”. Yet another example of obozo shooting off at the lip.

    Here is what you won’t hear coming out of the President’s mouth anytime soon:

    “If I had a son, he’d look just like Aaron Alexis”


  2. The fact that the current White House residents have no empathy for us common folk is well known. Knowing Mooch still wanted to party with adulating celebtards is further proof.


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