Boehner: ‘If Ands and Buts Were Like Candy and Nuts, Everyday Would Be Christmas’ (Video)

See, this is why I like John Boehner, you guys.

Yes, Republicans “blinked” Thursday morning by proposing a temporary raise to the debt ceiling – essentially “kicking the can down the road” in the hopes the President will negotiate, later.

But Boehner hasn’t lost his sense of humor.

REPORTER: Mr. Speaker will you reopen the government if the president doesn’t agree to do anything to change Obamacare?

JOHN BOEHNER: If ands and buts were candy and nuts, everyday would be Christmas.

Via Mike Flynn of Big Government: 

The partial shutdown, itself, is gradually shrinking. About half the roughly 800,000 “non-essential” workers originally furloughed will be back on the job this week. The Defense Department recalled all its civilian workers, around 350,000, after a new interpretation of recent legislation to fund the military. Numerous other agencies, like CDC and FEMA, has recalled workers after agency lawyers expanded the definition of “public safety,” a key trigger to be deemed “essential.”

The Veteran Administration has said it is likely to recall all of its furloughed workers if, as expected, the Senate approves House-passed legislation to award back pay to furloughed workers. This actually makes some sense. If an agency or office knows its workers are going to be paid whether or not they work, it is probably better to at least have them do the work.

National Parks and other government offices will still be close, but with most furloughed federal workers back on the job, the political costs of the shutdown will be mitigated. The sad irony, of course, is that federal workers will among those few groups not impacted by the shutdown.