Bust Of ‘Best Friend America Ever Had’ To Reappear At The Capitol (Video)

On October 30 in the Nation’s Capitol, Congress will host a ceremony to dedicate a bust of Winston Churchill, whom Speaker Boehner calls “the best friend America ever had.” He released a sneak preview of the event.

The installation of the bust at the Capitol could be seen as a direct rebuff to Obama, who removed a bust of Churchill from the Oval Office on his first day in the White House. Boehner may call Churchill “the best friend America ever had, but as far as Obama is concerned, he is “persona non grata.”

White House Dossier reported:

The bust, which will be donated by the British-based Churchill Centre, will be located in Statuary Hall alongside great figures in American history.

According to Speaker John Boehner’s office, the bust is being donated as a result of a House Resolution that he authored. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell are all expected to attend an unveiling ceremony October 30 that will amount to a slap in the face to the president.

In 2012, you may remember, Charles Krauthammer caused a a bit of a kerfuffle when he mentioned Obama’s slight in a Washington Post column. Because His Petulance was running for reelection, and that little piece of history was suddenly inconvenient, White House  propagandist Dan Pfeiffer was quickly dispatched to set things right on the White House Blog:

Via The Conversation:

“Lately, there’s been a rumor swirling around about the current location of the bust of Winston Churchill,” Pfeiffer wrote.  “Some have claimed that President Obama removed the bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office and sent it back to the British Embassy.

Now, normally we wouldn’t address a rumor that’s so patently false, but just this morning the Washington Post’s Charles Krauthammer repeated this ridiculous claim in his column.  He said President Obama “started his Presidency by returning to the British Embassy the bust of Winston Churchill that had graced the Oval Office.”
This is 100% false. The bust still in the White House. In the Residence. Outside the Treaty Room.

News outlets have debunked this claim time and again. First, back in 2010 the National Journal reported that “the Churchill bust was relocated to a prominent spot in the residence to make room for Abraham Lincoln, a figure from whom the first African-American occupant of the Oval Office might well draw inspiration in difficult times.” And just in case anyone forgot, just last year the AP reported that President Obama “replaced the Oval Office fixture with a bust of one of his American heroes, President Abraham Lincoln, and moved the Churchill bust to the White House residence.”

And thus the White House had spoken – the ridiculous right-wing “rumor” had been debunked and that  was supposed to be the end of that. But CNN – believe it or not – did not fall in line.

British Embassy Spokesman James Barbour said there were actually two busts of Churchill, both by artist Sir Jacob Epstein.

The one that was loaned to the George W. Bush administration in 2001 was returned after Bush left office and now resides at the British ambassador’s residence in Washington.
A second bust, which is part of the White House’s own art collection, is displayed in the White House. It is that bust which Obama is pictured looking at with Cameron in 2010.

Charles Krauthammer asked for an apology from Pfeiffer, and eventually got one.

I’m guessing Obama’s schedule will be too full to attend the unveiling ceremony on October 30.

George Will on ObamaCare: The Worst Is Yet To Come (Video)

On Fox News’ Special Report, today, George Will said that when they finally fix the website, that’s when the Regime’s real problems will begin. “They’re going to look back on these past few weeks like they were the good old days”, Will predicted. “Because once people hack their way through the thickets of difficulties, and get to the real choices ObamaCare offers – particularly the 2.7 million young people they’re counting on to sign up, and the young people say, this is awfully expensive for something I don’t want, and they recoil….that is, the difficulties of today are actually keeping people from seeing the bad choice they’re going to have to make once they get on to the site.”

Can’t argue with this…

Video via NRO.

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White House Contradicts Durbin Smear About GOP House Leader


There was some blue on blue action today  at the White House press briefing as Carney was asked about something the #2 Dem in the Senate said about a Republican, and Carney was forced to admit that it was a lie.

Little Dick Durbin had said in an October 20 Facebook post,  “in a ‘negotiation’ meeting with the president, one GOP House Leader told the president: ‘I cannot even stand to look at you.’” (Cue dramatic chipmunk music)

DrewM at AoSHQ says, “that’s a pretty serious charge.”

Say what you want about Obama but congressional leaders should be professional and respectful of the office of the president. Naturally, all the GOP leaders who were there denied it but of course they would, right?

Yeah, I get what he’s saying about “respecting the office,” but personally, I kinda like the idea that at least one Republican leader is as disgusted by Obama as I am.

White House press secretary Jay Carney on Wednesday flatly denied that a House Republican told President Obama “I cannot even stand to look at you” during negotiations over the government shutdown. “It did not happen,” Carney said, saying he discussed the incident with a “participant in the meeting.”

Transcript via RCP:

JACKIE CALMES, NEW YORK TIMES: Just to follow up on that. In terms of the president talking to Republicans, can you rule out — there was the number two Senate Democrat, Dick Durbin, said on his Facebook page that someone in recent exchange with the president said he can’t even stand, this member of Congress, that he can’t even stand to look at the president. Can you say whether that happened?

JAY CARNEY: I will say this, I spoke with somebody who was in that meeting and it did not happen.

QUESTION: Did the White House speak to Senator Durbin about this?

CARNEY: I don’t know. My understanding is that, again, from participants in the meeting that that didn’t happen.

QUESTION: Did anything like it happen that would —

CARNEY: Not that I’m aware of, Jackie.

See RCP for the video.


Fox News reported that Durbin is standing by his story.

All Democrats lie shamelessly, so this is a tough call. But I’m guessing that President Thin Skin doesn’t want it out that he enraged one of these mild mannered House Republicans to the point that they said something like that. Maybe they don’t want anyone sniffing around what might have prompted such an outburst.  I could be wrong, but that’s my sense of it. They’d rather sweep it under the rug.

Watcher’s Council Nominations – Train Wreck Edition…


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Senior HHS Official To Brief House Dems On ObamaCrash

Issa obamaVia Congressman Darrell Issa’s Facebook.

Just Democrats mind you. No Republicans allowed – because —  no doubt fear of,  “political blowbacK” and “emboldening Republican critics.” You know – the whole reason the Regime refused to delay implementation of their horribly botched ObamaCrash site in the first place.

Via Washington Times: 

Mike Hash, who directs the Office of Health reform at the Department of Health and Human Services, will brief House Democrats Wednesday about implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

The closed-door session, which will start at 8:50 a.m., marks the first time the administration will have briefed members of Congress on the online enrollment system since its troubled rollout on Oct. 1.

This is how paranoid, despotic leaders of banana republics operate, and House Speaker Boehner isn’t amused.

The office of House Speaker John Boehner is calling for the Obama administration to brief House Republicans on the problems with the ObamaCare website, following a report that House Democrats will get a closed-door briefing on Wednesday.

Boehner spokesman Brendan Buck said in a statement to Fox News the speaker’s office has requested the meeting with the president but has not yet received a reply, saying “all members – as well as the American people – deserve answers for this debacle.”

“This snub is all the more offensive after Secretary Sebelius declined to testify at a House hearing this week,” Buck said. “It’s time for the Obama administration to honor its promises of transparency and face some accountability.”

And Tuesday, Congressman Paul Ryan sent Kathleen Sebelius an angry letter blasting her for her lack of transparency. Politico obtained a copy of the letter ahead of its scheduled Wednesday release.

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) says Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has stonewalled his committee and the public on Obamacare.

Ryan says the secretary has refused repeated requests for information on implementation of the health law and invitations to testify in front of his committee.

“Your continued silence on these important inquiries after refusing to testify raises serious questions about the administration’s commitment to transparency and accountability” Ryan wrote in the  letter.

Ryan plans to release a series of letters, going back to Aug. 15, that he says shows a pattern of refusal to testify in front of the House Budget Committee on the health law. Ryan, who strongly opposes Obamacare and says Sebelius should resign over the HealthCare.gov problems, says he wants to know the costs of the recently announced “tech surge” to repair the site. He’s also interested in the cost and management of the federal tax subsidies.

More evidence that this thing was nowhere near ready to launch….

At the Independent Sentinel Sara Noble writes, Doctors Weren’t Even Asked to Join the Exchanges!

The Obamacare planners haven’t included doctors in the planning of the exchanges. Doctors have no idea what is going on, at least not in New York.

The government has put all their efforts into the website (that’s scary) and they forgot to talk to doctors.

If you go to 02:00 on the video below you will hear some shocking information – doctors were not told anything about the exchanges nor have they been approached about being on the exchanges.


WHD:  Please Meet One of Obama’s “Extremists”:

President Obama and his henchmen have savagely attacked the Tea Party, with the president himself branding his opponents as “extremists” and his surrogates comparing them to terrorists, for starters.

Well thank God this president’s “open minded” worldview stops at the Tea Party’s door.

If any Obama officials or their allies are reading, let me introduce to one these terrorists, a woman named Georgina. As you will be able to discern, she’s a dangerous radical, drunk with hatred, desperate to destroy the nation’s credit rating, and dying to stick it to Obama.

I think this should confirm your suspicions that you are nobly combating a dangerous element. If you have some jackboots and truncheons at the ready, please don them, because Georgina must be stopped.

Keep reading…

Weasel Zippers: Lack Of Security Lets You See What Prices On Healthcare.gov Are BEFORE Subsidies:

Healthcare.gov features a tool to search through health insurance providers in your area to see how much Obamacare can save you. The catch? The catch is, those prices are all AFTER maximum subsidies are calculated into the price by the website.

This is apparently the lack of insecurity you can expect from the folks at HHS and healthcare.gov.  A level of incompetence and lack of common sense programming I didn’t even think were possible for government until today.

Weasel Zippers: Lack of Security At Healthcare.gov Exposes Private Info Of Healthcare Navigators:


The same glitch which previously exposed the prices of Obamacare plans without subsidies now also exposes the names, business addresses and business phone numbers of all Healthcare navigators nationwide.

Twitchy: ‘LOL!’ Hey, guys: Look at all the great options healthcare dot gov gave journo! [pics]