Obama: al Qaeda “On The Path To Defeat” Even Though They Have “Grown More Active Recently”

In his half-hearted Veterans Day address, Obama resurrected one of his favorite lines from the 2012 election, adding the caveat – “Core” al Qaeda – whatever that means: “Core al Qaeda is on the path to defeat,” he intoned.

Via Gateway Pundit:

Oddly enough, Obama admitted just a short while ago that *whoops!* “unfortunately al-Qaida has still been active and has grown more active recently.”   Maybe he “misspoke”, again, huh? Because God knows – this president would never lie to the American people?

A Veteran who blogs at RivrDog gave Obama’s Veterans Day speech a big thumbs down:

I just listened to Obama’s speech, given at Arlington National Cemetery. In the speech, he said ALL the right things to the assembled Veterans. Trouble is, his words don’t match his deeds, AGAIN (see Healthcare Reform Act).

The sad facts for veterans have not changed:

  • VA medical care is a shambles, a pretense of comprehensive modern medicine;
  • Veterans are treated, almost universally, as if they are all dangerous crazies, almost forced to “admit” PTSD, leading to their Second Amendment rights being removed without benefit of due process;
  • The current GI Bill is like a penny in a beggar’s cup compared to the post-WW2 benefits;
  • Above all, Obama LEADS the military of the USA, he leads it in war, and he has forgotten how to win a war, or even why winning is necessary.

As a Veteran, I am terribly disappointed in my Commander-in-Chief.

In other words – when it comes to Obama. Don’t listen to what he says. Watch what he does.

Speaking for myself, it’s hard to be disappointed in someone you had no confidence in to begin with.


The Blaze: Did You Catch the Ironic Part in Obama’s Veterans Day Speech?

President Barack Obama on Monday heralded one of the oldest living veterans in America, even talking about his trip to the nation’s capital this year as part of the Honor Flight program.

That would be the same Honor Flight program that brought veterans to Washington, D.C., last month who entered the World War II Memorial in defiance of the government shutdown.

Barricades were placed around the World War II Memorial and other monuments on the National Mall to keep visitors out during the shutdown. Some veterans, aided by members of Congress, ignored the barricades and went to visit the memorial anyway.

Linked by Doug Ross, thanks!


2 thoughts on “Obama: al Qaeda “On The Path To Defeat” Even Though They Have “Grown More Active Recently”

  1. This dope is delusional. What the hell is he basing it on and where?

    Their services were no longer needed in Iraq, so like the roaches they are they just started appearing where ever they could support a cause which opposed the U.S. or where anarchy reined. They gladly accepted U.S. support for the overthrow of Ghadaffi in Libya. When we no longer served their purpose they attacked and killed our citizens. Northern Africa, the Arab Spring Middle East or how about Syria? Where they even eventually managed to sucker John McCain for support.

    As someone once famously said: “The chickens have come home to roost.” More than five years of total ineptness both foreign and domestically have caught up and have now become due.


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