Video: Mayor of Murrieta Blasts Federal Gov For Keeping Him In The Dark About Immigration Influx

In interviews with the national media, Alan Long, the Mayor of Murrieta has been walking a fine line between political correctness and support for his alarmed residents, as the small Southern California city is besieged by busloads of illegal immigrant minors.

The media and the religious left would like to portray the protesters as xenophobic haters of brown people, and the busloads of illegal immigrant minors as refugees escaping sure death in their countries of origin.

Granted, the optics, of well heeled white people blocking buses filled with these unfortunate children, are not the best.

But  people are upset that without any warning what-so-ever –  a humanitarian crisis from Central America – with all the health hazards and cultural and economic degradation it entails –  has been dumped on their doorstep without any warning, explanation, or apologies. The optics of federal agents in riot gear pushing back peaceful protesters – as is expected later today – won’t be great, either.

The Mayor told FOX News that the federal government didn’t contact him before hundreds of illegal immigrant children were bussed in. Nor has he heard from the governor of California.

Via Gateway Pundit:

“We’re a very small town. It’s a bedroom community of about 106,000 and the air is clean and the people are beautiful… As far as we know, Murrieta is still a destination point. So we have every reason to expect more buses to arrive in Murrieta. Border patrol and Homeland Security have not answered any of those questions. We just anticipate more coming.

He said the local Border Patrol have been helpful, but not national Border Patrol and Homeland Security.

… At the national and the Department of Homeland Security, we have yet to hear from them with a short term and long term plan. So we’re really in the dark.”

Mayor Long explained what he perceives as the majority, middle ground position on the issue that “balances out lawlessness and compassion”: “Everyone wants a fair, efficient and legal process for these immigrants to come in,” he said. “You can’t just send them all over the country without proper health care, without proper screening. Some of them are really sick – they had to unload the bus as they came to Murrieta after traveling from Texas and take them to the emergency room. That’s just not humane or right.”

He blasted the Obama administration for knowing the influx was coming back in January, and doing nothing to prepare – and “all of a sudden the little town of Murrieta is supposed to take on the world’s problems and that’s just not right.”


CBS: Texas Official Believes Illegals Renting Kids To Cross Border:

With the oppressive summer heat “it’s going to be very, very dangerous in this part of the country to have young kids women and other folks to come in,” says Texas Congressman Henry Cuellar (D-LaredoTX).

On Monday a South Texas sheriff announced the discovery of a 11 year old Guatemalan boys body about a mile from the border. Cuellar said the discovery of the boys body reinforces just how perilous the journey is into the US.

“Certainly I hope they stop coming because we probably will have more deaths as the hot weather continues,” says Cuellar. “It’s not just the heat that could kill them but there are other dangers. Officials at Lackland Air Force Base told us that one-third of young girls that come across – and they were just like little babies; 10, 11, 14 years of age. That about one third of them get raped and/or abused on the way here.”

Cuellar says that as he was speaking to Customs and Border Patrol agents he was also discovering a disturbing trend of adults “renting” children in Central America in order to increase their chances of being able to stay in the U.S. once they cross over.

Gateway Pundit: Must See Video>>> Black Americans in Murrieta Confront Pro-Illegal Immigrant Supporters:

A group of black Americans spoke out in support of protecting women and children in America BEFORE worrying about the rest of the world. This occurred at the Murrieta California Border Patrol Station on July 4th, 2014.

The young man pictured below said this:

“If somebody brought six children to your house and you ain’t got no job, are you going to take them in?… Are you going to try to find out where they came from? Are you going to try to send them back?… What are we going to do for the people who are here who are starving already?… Why would we add to the problem?”


The Revolutionary Communist Party, USA is just one among several left-wing radical groups that have flocked to the Murrieta protests to oppose local residents who are demonstrating against the transfer of illegal aliens to their community. One group of activists chanted “white supremacists out” and danced to drums last Friday as several shredded, and some upside-down, American flags were hoisted above the crowd.



The report, identified as “De-Classified” and “Law Enforcement Sensitive,” reveals the fact that only 0.1 percent of the Central American minors illegally entering the U.S. having been deported in Fiscal Year 2013, down from two percent prior, plays a significant role in why the current border crisis is occurring. The DHS-ICE agency report admits the fact that 98 percent are allowed to stay is a significant draw for the minors to come into the United States. The agency acknowledges that conditions in Central America play a role in why the wave is occurring, but directly contradicts the assertion that such conditions are the only significant reason the crisis exists. The report directly contradicts any assertion U.S. government refusals to deport illegal immigrants is not a significant factor in why the crisis is occurring.

The report further reveals that Central American nations are doing little to curb the flow of illegal immigration to the U.S. and attributes the lack of efforts in the host nations to stop the flow to the nations wanting their nationals to send money back home from the United States. The report also indicates that family members from the host nations already residing in the U.S. is a major draw for the current crisis. This indicates that illegal aliens already within the U.S. are possibly drawing more to illegally migrate north.

Ace of Spades HQ: USAToday Reporter Calls Border Surge Obama’s “Katrina Moment”

The chaos just won’t stop.

MSNBC panelists on Monday seemed puzzled by the president’s refusal to visit the U.S.-Mexico border while he fundraises in Texas, with USA Today reporter Susan Page calling the decision Mr. Obama’s “Katrina moment.”

10 thoughts on “Video: Mayor of Murrieta Blasts Federal Gov For Keeping Him In The Dark About Immigration Influx

  1. Optics be damned, I stand with the people of this town. Information is being with held from them and the are being lied too. That public town hall meeting that was publicized a Border Patrol representative told those in attendance that “all of the immigrants are medically cleared before being sent on to their destinations”. We know from several other reports that isn’t true.

    These invaders are going to be a drain on resources and a tax burden in every community they end up in.

    Social Services, Schools, Law enforcement, Legal, Courts, Medical…..just wait till the tax bills start rolling in.

    It’s sickening and deplorable that the regime would use “human suffering” to promote a agenda like this. While the feckless weasel repubics stand on the side and say nothing and watch it all unfold.


  2. Well optics do matter. Like it not – these unfortunates have been foisted upon us. We’ve been dealt a very bad hand, here, and our challenge is to figure out a course that is compassionate, moral and just for everyone involved.


  3. Charity begins at home. Look at cities like Chicago with rampant murders in poor areas. Saving illegal alien kids while USA kids dying?


  4. Are you saying that we should just take drag a bunch of sick kids back over the border and dump them there? Is that what you’re saying? If you’re trying to sound charitable – you’re failing.


  5. Sorry Deb, hate to disagree but here are the only optics that matter when it comes to this issue. . . .

    We as a sovereign Country cannot make a dent in this tragic situation. We don’t have the financial or natural resources to take this head on. We have supported most of these despot countries through financial or food assistance for years and still they come and flood our borders. These very same countries have no interest or the capabilities to change the situation in their own countries, it’s easier to send us their problems, where they work, {for the most part} pay no taxes and then send their earnings back home.

    That fat, drunken, murdering, room temperature, bastid “dead ted” and his dem pals have brought this to our front door ever since the 1965 Immigration reform that they pushed. With every new law passed since then they have promised that “this would be the last time, it will never happen again”. Only to stick it to us time and time again every 15-20 years. There is no end to it, or to the poverty that exists from whence they came. Importing poverty, the uneducated, diversity and multiculturalism to our shores is destroying this country, has been for decades.

    If you like to see the future of this Country, just look to the left coast and California. Los Angels is a third world country all unto itself, with a social services bill that exceeds a billion dollars. We now have several school districts throughout the country where a “national” {a citizen} is a minority. While the libs have argued for years that we cannot afford to send them all back home, then how is it that we can afford to ship them all over the country at the taxpayers expense? In the long run it would be cheaper to send them all back from where they came from, when one considers all the burden we incur by them staying here.

    Redistribution of World Poverty to our doorstep is not the answer.


  6. We believe the same things, Geo. The answer to this problem isn’t turn them all into instant American citizens (and government dependent Democrat voters.) But since Obama forced this problem on us by not enforcing our laws, we have to deal with it as the compassionate, Christian nation we are. Some (most) of these kids are older teenagers and gangbangers – but many hundreds are just little kids. These children need to be reunited with their (likely illegal) family members here in the states – and then they all need to be deported back to their home countries. Whatever we end up doing – it winds up being a huge cost on our resources. But I’m not for all-out amnesty for any of them.

    Like I said, the community organizer dealt us a really crappy hand, and he knows it.


  7. This is Alinsky/Cloward-Piven/cpusa 101. They have once again beat the republicans to the punch and have checkmated them. Knowing full well that they won’t do anything in a election year on this issue.

    Except for the teenagers that I’ve seen every minor child has a adult attached to them. Children that young are incapable of making any kind of a trip like this on their own. We are being played for dopes here.

    The compassionate, logical and reasonable thing to do would’ve been to turn them around at the border.

    Few if any will ever be returned home and will only add to our current problem.


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