Saddleback Faith Forum Video: Obama vs McCain On Abortion

First Obama:

He’s for abortion because women don’t come to these decisions casually (even the ones that have multiple abortions?), the goal is (common ground here, yay!) fewer abortions…bla bla bla…bla bla bla…

Has he ever voted to limit or reduce abortions?

(short answer – “NO”.ed.) Long answer: I am in favor of reducing late term abortions if there’s an exception for the mother’s health…..bla bla bla … (Hmmmm….really? This is the guy who voted against a bill identical to the  Born Alive Infant’s Protection Act in the Illinois legislature).

This is the guy whose wife sent out a fundraising letter on his behalf lamenting “the rise of conservatism in this country”, and the terrible possibility that “the so-called partial birth abortion” ban might not be ruled unconstitutional.

And by the way….the reason why he can’t argue with the idea that “life begins at conception”, is not because it’s “a matter of faith”, but because it’s a scientific fact.

And by the way…abortions did not go up (or “flatline”) under George Bush’s Presidency. That’s an oft repeated lie that pro-aborts like to tell. I’d like to see where he’s getting his statistics, because every chart I can find shows a decrease in abortions during W’S watch.

Here’s Obama, more at home… speaking before Planned Parenthood.

Note how he calls the Supreme court decision on Gonzales vs. Carhart (which upheld the federal ban on partial birth abortions) “a federal ban on abortions”. He can’t even be honest with the terminology when speaking in front of a friendly audience. Note how he laments that it’s the “first time the court has endorsed an abortion restriction without an exception for a woman’s health”. How many doctors need to tell this fool that this gruesome procedure is never needed to protect the health of a pregnant woman??? How many damn times?! What is it with the pro abortion zealots, that they can’t even abide the most modest of restrictions on abortion? Because abortion is their most blessed sacrament, that’s why. Ghouls.

Now listen, as Jill Stanek describes how extreme Obama’s position on abortion really is:

Heartbreaking and disgusting.

The man has a hell of a nerve running for President of the United States with such an abominable record.

Now McCain:

Moral clarity. Life begins with conception. He has a solid pro life voting record. End of story.

I’ll have no problem voting for this man.

‘Nuff said.

Correction: After listening to the video, again, I see the need for a clarification. Obama didn’t say that abortions were going up under Bush, he did say they haven’t gone down.

But they have been steadily going down. All the statistics I’ve seen show that they’ve been ona downward trend for some time…including the Bush years.


Via Michelle Malkin, Jill Stanek catches Obama lying about who’s lying.


This video sums up Obama and McCain’s positions on abortion in 50 seconds.:

That’s about right.

21 thoughts on “Saddleback Faith Forum Video: Obama vs McCain On Abortion

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  3. US abortion rate has been on a steady 10 year decline.

    Much like smoking.

    I’m sure it’s because Boosh is locking up the babykillers.


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  5. No evidence, but just my suspicions. We now in the second generation since Roe and Boe. Today’s mothers who would aborted their babies were themselves killled by their mothers a generation ago. Women killed by their mothers in the womb do not live to become mothers. The forty million takes its toll.


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  7. Good blog. One reason why I won’t vote for Senator Obama is because he voted against the Born Alive Infant’s Protection Act THREE TIMES.


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  12. If a women wants to start her career first; why shouldn’t she have that choice. I don’t wanna hear anything about birthcontrol because that s*** is not affordable for MOST people in America. Also look at how many women that have killed the babies after giving birth to them. If abortions were banned it would probably be quite an increase!!!


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