Video: Sarah Palin’s Selection Speech

UPDATE (September 3): RNC Acceptance speech, here.

In case you weren’t able to see or hear it, yesterday:

(It was delivered without a teleprompter, by the way).

Part One:

Part Two:

22 thoughts on “Video: Sarah Palin’s Selection Speech

  1. A governor with a 80% approval rating while 87% of Alaskans are positive that she’s lying about her hand in having or trying to have her ex brother-in-law fired. Governor Palin appears to be very well-spoken, an advocate of political reform and yes a self-described hockey mom. But she’s also a blatant liar who didn’t think her plan to attempt to cover up her oldest daughter’s pregnancy would ever come back to haunt her.


  2. *shakes head*
    You just don’t get it, do you?
    Even if it is true, she only continues to play well with conservatives…those damn “family values” the left likes to complain about, and the only one who’s character is injured by it is the daughter, who isn’t running for office. I realize most lefties don’t care, as their failure to find something of consequence to attack on is only superceded by their inability to distinguish between the candidate and her child, but going down this road will only cost you more votes among those ‘bitter gun and Bible clingers’ you so tragically misunderstand.

    As for having her ex-brother in law fired, we are talking about a guy who beat her sister, and tazered her 11-year-old nephew. Doesn’t sound like the kind of guy who needs to be wearing any state patrol’s badge.


  3. You know Roschelle, I really find it hard to believe that a Registered nurse is not smart enough to understand her professional ethics well enough to comprehend the ramifications of offering a medical diagnosis of an unseen patient and then slandering them while copying and pasting links to the evidence all over the Internet. Talk about a bad plan darlin. But, “as a REGISTERED NURSE” is all it takes.

    I wonder what the Mississippi Board of Nursing is going to say? Hope you have a good lawyer. Sharks are everywhere besides the Obama house.


  4. I’m not convinced about a cover-up. She looks pregnant. Her tummy sticks out in that zip jacket further than her chest. Her face looks a lot fuller than pictures now and her butt looks bigger too. Some gals are very active until delivery… I could do the splits, walk at that clip, and wear high heels up to the day I delivered. Some gals don’t gain more than about 20 pounds or so total. And many of us leaked fluids for days or up to a week before giving birth. We just didn’t tell the docs because we knew we would be hauled in to the hospital and given drugs to deliver before baby was ready.


  5. Per the video at Roschelle’s blog. The video was shot on Feb 5th. She had her baby on April 18. A registered nurse should know that makes her 6 1/2 – 7 months preggers. 30 weeks to be exact.

    And she does look somewhat “fuller” there, than she normally does. She’s wearing loose clothing, which hides alot.
    As everyone (especially nurses) knows…not every pregnancy is the same. So in some pictures, (like those that have been dredged up from Palin’s past pregnancies) she might look *very* pregnant, while in her most current pregnancy, she didn’t get very big at all.

    I’ve had pregnancies where I felt like a whale, and some where I didn’t get very big at all. People used to accuse me of having an “inverted uterus” (whatever that means).

    At any rate. It’s complete nonsense that she could be the Governor of Alaska, and while being vetted for McCain’s VP choice, be able to fake a pregnancy.


  6. I think the real key to understanding just how strong Roschelle’s argument is, is that the picture she leads off with is from 2006, not 2008.


  7. But somehow Roschelle and her ilk are not going to accept the fact that they were irresponsible, defamatory, and lying when they wrote this drivel.


  8. To Cathy,
    Politics aside, here’s some very important advice from an OB RN: it is extremely dangerous to withhold from your OB Dr. the fact that your amniotic fluid is leaking. Once that fluid begins leaking, there is an extremely significant chance of infection getting into the uterus and making the baby deathly ill, as well as making the mother quite sick. Once the fluid has begun to leak, the mother must be hospitalized, either for bedrest and antibiotics if the baby is premature, or for induction of labor, in which case medication can be given to help the baby’s lungs if necessary.


  9. Bleeding heart liberals, your right is wrong attitude and your judgement of your fellow man makes me ill. If you like Muslim, move to the middle east, they will supply all of your needs according to their riches in oil. We are a nation of Christians first and formost. IF you don’t like our God, go worship yours somewhere else. We do not have to accept your doctrine, or put it in our constitution. We ARE ONE NATION UNDER GOD….get over it or get out. By the way you two faced Liberal’s never had a daughter who got pregnant, never had an abortion, never did anything wrong, let Jesus know that, he thought he was the only perfect son of GOd. Goodnight!


  10. “IF you don’t like our God, go worship yours somewhere else. We do not have to accept your doctrine, or put it in our constitution. We ARE ONE NATION UNDER GOD….get over it or get out.”

    Sounds like you’re talking about a theocratic state. Like, say, Iran.


  11. Why is Sarah Palin’s eldest daughter Bristol always having to take care of her siblings. It must be so unfair – especially since the baby’s parents (Sarah and her husband) should be caring for the baby. When Bristol leaves to start her own home, I hope their next eldest daughter isn’t forced to be the next mother of the family.


  12. Thanks for spreading the broken teleprompter myth.

    Thanks for spreading the “broken teleprompter was debunked” myth.

    The debunkings by Jonathon Martin and Robert Schlesinger that weren’t really debunkings. Erickson says the teleprompter scrolled past Palin’s point in the speech: Martin and Schlesinger say they saw it too. Erickson thinks it was a big deal: Martin and Shlesinger don’t. From the link:

    Perhaps there were moments where it scrolled slightly past her exact point in the speech. But I was sitting in the press section next to the stage, within easy eyeshot of the teleprompter. I frequently looked up at the machine, and there was no serious malfunction. A top convention planner confirms this morning that there were no major problems.

    Robert Schlesinger has the same take as Martin:

    Did Sarah Palin’s TelePrompTer malfunction? A very little bit, but not much.”

    Martin’s and Schlesinger’s columns actually agree that the teleprompter malfunctioned. They just don’t think that Palin’s smooth handling of the situation was all that impressive. Other people think it was.

    Just another subjective opinion presented by libs as fact.


  13. Why is Bristol seen taking care of the children? Well, steadycat, way to ascribe motives to the candidate regarding her family without evidence to support your “oh-so-erudite-view” of things. After all, it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with what she does as a candidate, conjecture about her family is much more on task, and informative. But as long as you think such silly postulation is fair game, I have two equally supported alternative theories for you…1. Maybe she likes taking care of her sibs…I guess that would make her the stay at home and bake cookies Mom that you seem to want Sarah to be…2. Maybe she is getting some practice, you know, since she is going to be a Mom herself shortly, as I’m sure the very sexist media will not fail to announce to us on the day of the blessed event.


  14. Hey folks…some of you are a bit confused.

    This speech is from the big outdoor rally in Ohio from 8/29. The report I linked to cites that there was noteleprompter at all, not that it malfunctioned.

    I posted the RNC acceptance speech, here:

    I tried to guide people there with the UPDATE (in bold) at the top of the page, which should be hard to miss, I would think.

    But hey, thanks for playing.


  15. Steadycat.

    Obviously, you’re not from a large family, or have spent much time around large families.

    Older siblings are not only often used to help out with the new addition to the family, they fight each other for the privilege.


  16. @nicedeb – obviously you use the word obviously without knowing if people come from large families or not. I am from a large family. Generations of large families. Have you been watching The Sound Of Music again? I love that movie. But it does not depict the reality of a teenage girl raising her mother’s children. 🙂


  17. A couple of problems with that:

    1. The “reality” is that the girl helps out, like all older siblings do with babies, not that she’s raising her mother’s child. Are you making the same dopey charge about Piper? She was seen holding the baby, too. Poor Piper, her youth has been stolen from her.

    2. I too, watched the Sound of music. Remind me which one of the children was a baby. I don’t seem to remember that.

    Also….IT WAS A MOVIE, not reality!


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