Czars In America

This video was created by GOP Rep. Jack Kingston who has been sounding the alarm on the czar explosion in Amerikkka:

Here is Rep. Kingston appearing on Your World with Neil Cavuto, July 9:

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin


11 thoughts on “Czars In America

  1. Thanks for your site Deb!! Helps keep me caught up. I can’t understand why your site doesn’t have more hits and posters. It’s BETTER than Ace. Or Michelle. Or Free Republic. etc., etc., etc.


  2. >>Dear Jugeared Leader will appoint a “Weekly Spin and Excuse Maker” Czar early next week.

    Won’t be necessary, he has the msm. If Bush got the kind of cover Obama gets they would have already chiseled all the other presidents off Mt. Rushmore and replaced them with a Bush sculpture.


  3. With all due respect, the use of “czars” in america has been occurring for quite a while. Consider the fact the George W. Bush hired a war czar for Iraq. There were also many other czars hired by President Bush including a “drug czar”. Going even farther back, there were members of congress called czar as far back as the 1890s. People seem to be trying to say that this is a sign of socialism. Remember, however, that it was socialism, in its original pure form, that brought down the czar. Of course not long afterwards socialism was brought down for a new form of government, communism.


  4. >>People seem to be trying to say that this is a sign of socialism.

    Who is saying that? What most people I have heard object to is not just the number of Czar’s, which is unprecedented, but the power they are being given. For example, where exactly in the Constitution is the power enumerated for a “Car Czar” who has the power to hire, fire and set the salary for automotive executives? Yet, that is exactly what is happening. Show me one instance of any Czar from any previous administration that has had this kind of authority.

    Bush’s War Czar was charged with collecting information from the various sources, military, Pentagon, NSA, etc., and providing it to the president.

    Czar’s are not elected and they are not even screened by Congress. Obama is the first president to give them actual power, including power to regulate private industries. That ought to worry anyone who believes in democracy.

    I don’t think this is an example of socialism. Fascism is a better descriptor.


  5. I don’t know if he is abusing the power, we will have to wait a while before that decision can be made. However, I can admit that we are seeing an overuse of said power.


  6. The number of CZARS and advisers under the control of only the executive is outrageous. A shadow govt outside the vetting and clearance processes.

    Plus, check their background. Some are qualified but many are self-disclosed socialist, communists and transnationalists. FACT! The stories we will hear from the FBI and secret service, eventually, should be interesting.

    Who should be raising a ruckus is the Senate, their power is being abrogated.


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