How Did The Army Miss All The Red Flags?

People are starting to ask out loud,  why Hasan was still in the Army, in light of  numerous red flags that should have alerted Army officials throughout the years that they were dealing with an unstable  individual. Why was he still in position to get deployed into a war zone?

In 2001, Hasan received his medical degree from the military’s Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Md., where he took “a lot of extra classes in weapons training”.

There were apparently concerns early on:

Hasan was put on probation early in his postgraduate work at the Uniformed Service University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Md. He was disciplined for proselytizing about his Muslim faith with patients and colleagues, according to the source, who worked with him at the time.

MSNBC reported:

While an intern at Walter Reed, Hasan had some “difficulties” that required counseling and extra supervision, said Dr. Thomas Grieger, who was the training director at the time.

He received a poor performance evaluation while a Walter Reed.

During that period, Hasan attended prayers regularly at a mosque  in Silver Spring, Md.

On a form filled out by those seeking spouses through a program at the mosque, Hasan listed his birthplace as Arlington, Va., but his nationality as Palestinian, Khan said.

He was conspicuously vocal in his opposition to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,  and had actually praised Muslims who attacked US troops in the US, according to Colonel Terry Lee (Retired), a former coworker who served with Hasan at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC.

“‘We shouldn’t be over there,'” Hasan told other officers, Lee said during an interview with FOX News. “‘Muslims should stand up and fight against the aggressors,'” Hasan would continue, according to Lee, referring to US forces.

Hasan also praised the murder of two US soldiers who were killed outside of a recruitment center in Little Rock, Arkansas.

“‘This is what Muslims should do, stand up to the aggressors,'” Hasan said, according to Lee. “‘Maybe we should have more of these, people should strap bombs on themselves and go into Times Square.'”

…for statements purportedly made by him on the Scribd website that equated suicide bombers with a US soldier who sacrificed himself to save his fellow soldiers:

“He inentionally [sic] took his life (suicide) for a noble cause i.e. saving the lives of his soldier. To say that this soldier committed suicide is inappropriate. Its [sic] more appropriate to say he is a brave hero that sacrificed his life for a more noble cause. Scholars have paralled [sic] this to suicide bombers whose intention, by sacrificing their lives, is to help save Muslims by killing enemy soldiers. If one suicide bomber can kill 100 enemy soldiers because they were caught off guard that would be considered a strategic victory. Their intention is not to die because of some despair. The same can be said for the Kamikazees [sic] in Japan. They died (via crashing their planes into ships) to kill the enemies for the homeland. You can call them crazy i [sic] you want but their act was not one of suicide that is despised by Islam.

It’s now been reported that Hasan shouted “Allahu Akbar!” during the attack.

He didn’t believe in the mission, was sympathetic to the enemy, and was telling people that he was not happy about being transferred to Afghanistan or Iraq.

Why didn’t anyone listen?

17 thoughts on “How Did The Army Miss All The Red Flags?

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  2. How? Political correctness, that’s how.
    Is it wise to admit muslims, who often have divided loyalties into our armed forces and our society as immigrants as well? Their first love is Islam.

    How can we fight a war when we allow the enemy to immigrate here and even serve in our Army?

    The real issue is mass immigration.


  3. Political correctness will kill us all in the end. The entire western world suffers from this insidious infliction. We see in Europe all the time. Ask yourself this…. what people in the world, representing a major religion, advocates the killing of innocent men, women, and children, simply because they are non believers? We know the answer, but it’s POLITICALLY INCORRECT to admit it. We know who blows up planes, who are suicide bombers…etc. But again, it’s not PC to point these facts out. In the end, we’ll all succumb to this insane weakness.


  4. As long as unlimited,unchecked immigration coupled w/PC continues, the sheeples will baah while the wolf continues to gobble up any semblence of what used to be called the USA.
    DEPORT and ZERO IMMIGRATION! Many Muslims,since they follow their anti-American ideology,would support Sharia Law, etc, need to emigrate out of the US. Multi-culti does NOT work! How many times does this simple fact get ignored? And the multi-culti/One Worlders/Marxists running the government just aggravate for a “quicker” change!
    Fools that betrayed America by voting these traitors into office! It is less Communistic in Russia! Putin laughs


  5. Does this mean that Allah is stronger than Jesus? I mean, Jesus was nowhere to be found while yet again innocent human beings were shot down by one of the fellow humans. Oops, that’s right, it happened in America so it’s a horrible, horrible act. But when American bombs are dropped on the heads of innocents in Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan, the reaction from this crowd is … meh.


  6. Immigration is the real issue. Bringing non-assimilating, non-Western peoples here in large numbers.

    Recipe for trouble.


  7. >>Does this mean that Allah is stronger than Jesus?

    Given that the minions of Allah have been attacking and murdering westerners for hundreds of years for being infidels and living in the same backward society they have for centuries while the west has been busy building the most advanced and bountiful society the planet has ever seen, I’m thinking no.

    Get a little perspective, skippy. Try reading a book, preferably one that deals with Adams, Jefferson and their dealing with Muslims and the early break with Europe on paying tribute to Muslim leaders. This may give you an inkling of why Europe loves appeasers like Obama and never had any use for people who stand up for freedom and human rights like Bush.

    If your still confused, try researching the the opening line of the Marine Corp Hymn. Do you think that the term “ the shores of Tripoli” was chosen at random? Think again.

    What’s playing out today is nothing more than an extension of a war that has been going on in various guises for hundreds of years. A war that was started and continues to be waged by Muslims against the west. If you are looking for people here, people who actually know what they are talking about, to apologize for fighting back and using everything in our power to win while being as careful as possible to protect innocent lives against a people who target innocents, you’re going to be very disappointed.

    I suspect that’s not a new feeling for you.


  8. “Why didn’t anyone listen?”

    Because we’re not Americans any more. We’re citizens of the world, maximally sensitive little moral relativists who understand that we’re entitled to nothing but an eternity of humiliation and suffering at the hands of our self-nominated victims.

    Really, given that this vermin’s commanders knew about his statements and didn’t immediately institute involuntary separation proceedings, is there another explanation?


  9. What I’ve just read here…in more damning detail than anywhere else…..political correctness should have been Out the Window…..
    Holy Shit !
    Those weren’t red flags – they were air raid sirens going off !
    His ass should have been Kicked out !
    Altho’ we know he Did try to Get Out…..and they wouldn’t let him.
    I just heard someone on FoxNews refer to Hasan “snapping”…..Bullshit.
    Personally, I think when he discovered he could not get out of being deployed, that Thursdays rampage was “Plan B”.
    He assumed he would be shot to death – why else would he give everything away ? That’s a classic sign of impending suicide.
    I hope he gains consciousness enough to learn that a policeWOMAN took his ass down……and survived his bullets.
    Give that policewoman and the other police officer Medals.


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