Kill The Bill Rally In Washington

Thousands of Americans are streaming into Washington as we speak. You can watch live streaming video of the Kill the Bill rally in Washington, here.

picture via pinkelephantpun on Tweet Photo

The Twitter hashtag to follow the event is #killthebill.

I’ll continue to update throughout the day.

The crowd size estimation by people who are there is 15,000. The weather is reportedly beautiful in DC, today for the protesters: high of 74.

Some more pix via Keder on Tweet Photo:

Here’s some great signs via CrabbyCon on TweetPhoto:

These great Americans are not going to let the country sink into Socialism without a fight. It does my heart proud.

John Voight arrives:

Jon Voight: “Obama has a compulsion he cannot control.”


A pitch fork makes an appearance:

Photo via keder on TweetPhoto

I wonder if anyone brought their “Easy to use” Tar and Feather kits?

“Overflow” area:

Picture via gopsurfer on Tweet Photo

Crowd moves over to HOB’s to meet with Members and staff:

Picture via gopsurfer on Tweet Photo


mzkirkpatrick RT @CivicForumPAC: Barney Frank getting BOOED by thousands as he foolishly leaves the longworth building!

cwagner75 RT @WooHooYoo: RT @CrabbyCon: They just reported at the. #codered rally the Dems don’t have enough votes!

A great banner: Mr. Obama, Tear down this Bill!

pic via pinkelephantpun on Tweet Photo

The latest crowd estimate via Insty was 30,000.

Folks are lined up all the way down Independence Ave:

Via RobWittman on Twitpic

This video gives you a good impression of the crowd:

Gateway Pundit is reporting 100,000 protesters were at the rally. Not sure what he’s basing that on, but that’s a pretty damn impressive showing for only 24 hours notice – if true:


Lots more pictures at Tea Party Express, who claim 30,000 – 50,000 tea party activists : DC: “Kill the Bill” Rally Draws Tens of Thousands!

Here’s Congressman Rogers’ (MI) speech:

Doug Ross and JammieWearingFool are on the case of the  “racist and homophobic”(irony alert) slurs supposedly  hurled at Dem Reps.


Dana Loesch: Video Debunks Lib Accusations That Slurs were Shouted (and Thoughts on Identity Politics)

Others covering the rally:

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16 thoughts on “Kill The Bill Rally In Washington

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  7. Question to anyone who was there (mzkirkpatrick RT @CivicForumPAC above?):

    Did anyone throw around the N-word or any “gay slurs” at the reps. walking by? CNN is broadcasting this as a racial group, full of hate, because an African American rep. said he was called the N-word, and the CNN reporter said SHE heard gay slurs inside the building.

    Those who were there – speak up!! If it is not true – fight the smearing MSM!!!


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  9. Thanks for the link!

    P.S. Rep. John Lewis claimed he was the target of the “word.” But he always claims that, even on trips to the supermarket, so he’s one of those Boys Who Cry Wolf, CONSTANTLY.


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