CA Rep Introducing New Legislation to add “Robust Public Option”

Even as I speak, Bernard Goldberg is on The O’Reilly Factor decrying the “hard right’s” “hysteria” about the Obamacare bill and Obama’s designs on the country. I like Bernie Goldberg, but he clearly is behind the learning curve, (as is O’Reilly) on what the country got itself into when it elected Obama.

The Obamacare bill, after the public option was removed in order to get it through the Senate, was  designed to be  a “foot in the door” to single payer. I’m only surprised that this Dem Socialist couldn’t even wait until the bill was signed before she introduced this:

A leader of the House liberals’ caucus said Monday she’ll introduce new legislation to revive the public option.

Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-Calif.), the co-chairwoman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, said she plans to unveil legislation to add the government-run option to the national healthcare exchange established by legislation President Barack Obama is to sign tomorrow.

“We will introduce a robust public option bill on the very day the president signs the reconciliation bill into law,” Woolsey said Monday during an interview on MSNBC.

The public insurance option had been a part of the healthcare legislation first approved by the House in November, but Senate Democratic leaders were forced to abandon the provision after it became clear that they wouldn’t be able to get all 60 Democrats (at the time) to sign onto legislation containing that provision.

On the one hand, since Scott brown was elected to the Senate, this should be impossible to pass.

But then, the Dems feel emboldened now, and they know their days are numbered.

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Are you, too, a member of “the hard right”? Then join Doug Ross on his Impeach and Convict tour  2011:


Bill Whittle outdoes himself. If you read nothing else today, you must read this: FREE WILL AND DESTINY

I’ll give you  a taste, but you simply must go read it all:

I thought I might need to try my small part to cheer people up and calm them down, but for once I have underestimated the American people.  People, by and large, seem not only calm but absolutely determined. Everywhere I have looked this morning the reaction seems to be more or less the same: a nation of steely-eyed missile men. These Marxist bastards have no idea what is coming for them. No idea.

Laugh while you can, Monkey Boys.

What passed last night is a long way from the single-payer, socialist dream its supporters secretly — and not so secretly — really want. As a matter of fact, it’s hard to imagine a bill more perfectly constructed to tee off everyone: Conservatives hate it for it’s regulation, cost and explosive growth of government; liberals hate it because it forces people (so far, so good!) to buy premiums form the hated private insurance companies. (What the–!)

So, in terms of limiting the practical and immediate damage, holding it here — just holding it — is important and essential.  Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have an IQ of 130 — that would be combined between the three of them and you can get to 150 if you throw in Biden — and so they actually believe that a few months from now, they will be able to add single-payer to this goat rodeo, this bloodbath, this circus of incompetence conducted by this museum-grade confederacy of dunces. It got them a bill that requires people to pay for private insurance — which I am, of course, utterly opposed to on every level — but that is way short of single payer and we MUST hold the line here and not an inch further until reinforcements arrive in January. And they will. In numbers that will astonish and amaze the most optimistic among us.

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Oops…I Don’t Think Al Sharpton Was Supposed To Say That…

Obama scoffs at the very idea that his policies are “Socialist”, *giggle!*

That silly billy. Doesn’t he know that only ignorant tea-baggers, (who don’t even know how to spell Socialism), say things like that?

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Video: John McCain Repulsed By Dem Euphoria

And he tells Stephie he’d like to repeal ObamaCare and start over.

MSNBC reports:

Sen. John McCain said Monday morning that Democrats have not heard the last of the health care debate, and said he was repulsed by “all this euphoria going on.”

Appearing on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” McCain, who was Obama’s GOP rival in the 2008 presidential campaign, said that “outside the Beltway, the American people are very angry. They don’t like it, and we’re going to repeal this.”

Republican Mitt Romney, who challenged McCain for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008, also called for repeal of the reform bill Monday. In a statement, Romney called the passage of the legislation “an historic usurpation of the legislative process.”

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Obama To Take Victory Lap To Iowa

The time for talk is over…for everyone but him. And the time for gloating has just begun.

President Obama will take to road this week to sell his healthcare insurance overhaul package to the American people, whom polls show remain dubious about the package.

Obama is scheduled to travel to Iowa City, Iowa, on Thursday, the White House announced. By then, it is expected that he will have signed the healthcare overhaul legislation that the House passed on Sunday.

Yes, after a year of watching him lie, bully,  bribe, abuse the system,  and use every shady practice under the sun to pass ObamaCare you could say we’re “dubious”.

Obama has already made more than 50 speeches to sell healthcare, but this one will be a bit of a victory lap.

The president likely will remind people of the historic nature of healthcare reform, which has simmered on the public burner for a century. He will also stress his favorite selling points – the consumer issues that limit predatory insurance company practices.

Like all Democrats this election year, he will talk about government projections that the bill will cut the federal deficit by more than $1.3 trillion over 20 years – a pitch to those conservatives and independents worried about the effect of spending on future generations.

A “pitch”, huh? Is that what we’re calling bold-faced lies, now? Who but the most koolaid-drinking Obot believes anything the man says anymore? Who enjoys being lied to time and time again?

Charles Krauthammer takes the hammer to Obama’s pitch.

The $1 trillion is a hoax. The CBO talked about the second decade, but it said this is extremely chancy, iffy, this is not a hard number. And look, that trillion dollars of saving in the second decade assumes that Congress in 2018 is going to pass the tax on Cadillac health plans, which Congress today under all the pressure of the president won’t even touch.

So of course it’s not going to happen in 2018. Of course you are not going to have a $1 trillion surplus. We know that in the first decade, it’s not a plan of $1 trillion. It’s a plan that will cost us $2.5 trillion. We’ll be deeply in debt.

We’re supposed to forget everything that happened over the past year because of  a few more smoothly told pitches from TOTUS? I don’t think so.

Dick Morris correctly notes that voter anger will last well into November:

The anger of the voters at this total disregard of public opinion will power Republican candidates throughout the nation and will impel one of the greatest reversals of Congressional alignment in history.

But the aftershock of this political earthquake is yet to come. It will be upon us in the fall when Congress must decide whether to proceed with the Medicare cuts (particularly to cut in doctors’ reimbursement rates) or to postpone or cancel them and add the cost to the federal deficit.

Either they will make a shambles of Medicare or a mockery of their pretense of fiscal responsibility. The cuts would force broad swaths of the medical community – physicians and institutions – to refuse to treat Medicare patients. Their cancellation of postponement would swell the deficit and underscore the cynicism with which President Obama characterized the plan as a great deficit reduction measure.

This vote transforms the political landscape in a way that we have not seen in our lifetimes and the results will be cataclysmic for the Democratic Party.

Do not screw this up, Republicans.


Jennifer Rubin is having a hard time seeing the upside for Democrats:

It’s therefore quite possible that the public (at least those who vote consistently) won’t — even after a sales job — come to appreciate the wonders of the bill. There just aren’t that many wonders. It is, as Zelnick points out, quite different in this regard from popular entitlement programs (”social security was carefully tailored to satisfy a pressing need for security among the elderly while Medicare and Medicaid also responded to well defined public need”). Here there is a lot of pain with uncertain gains. And that’s before we consider the aggregate impact on the nation’s fiscal health.

Perceptions change over time, but it’s hard to see how this becomes the sort of beloved entitlement plan that Democrats hope will earn the voters’ gratitude.


Aw. Apparently, some Dems are  little hung over, today. According to John Boehner, a few are already experiencing “voters’ remorse”.


House Democrat: “I Feel Like I Am Walking The Plank.” “Obama May Pay Price By Pushing ‘Political Chips’ on Health Care. Still, Obama’s victory leaves him depleted. ‘There has been a large ‘opportunity cost’ that the president and the Democratic Party have paid for going down this road,’ said William Galston, a onetime domestic policy adviser to President Bill Clinton.  Obama is unlikely to find either Democratic or Republican willingness to work on issues of mutual concern. … Said Representative Baron Hill, an Indiana Democrat, ‘I feel like I am walking the plank.’” (Bloomberg, 3/22/10)

“Casting Votes … For Their Own Political Extinction.” “But House Democrats, who have endured months of draining debate and attacks from tea party activists … more relieved than overjoyed — and many may have been casting votes, on a warm spring night, for their own political extinction.  … But even Sunday’s stunning comeback victory couldn’t paper over the reality that congressional Democrats, who face a potentially devastating backlash in the midterms, won’t enjoy the benefits…” (Politico, 3/21/10)

Dem shills keep talking up how popular this thing is going to be as soon as Americans see how wonderful it all is. Then there’s Doug Schoen:

Dem Pollster: “They’ve Totally Divided The Country.” “By moving the package with Democratic votes alone, ‘they’ve totally divided the country,’ and it will be difficult for Obama to calm voters before November, said Doug Schoen, a Democratic pollster who worked for former President Clinton.” (The Boston Globe, 3/22/10)

Another reason why it will be difficult to calm voters….they don’t believe him.


The Way Out

NRO has an good interview with Paul Ryan, this morning. He doesn’t have any illusions about repealing the bill in the short term, but he is full of ideas on what is coming down the pike, and  how to move forward. He says the fight has just begun:

What about the practical consequences of Obamacare? “Soon, we’ll see individual-market insurance companies go out of business and dump their people,” Ryan says. “Tax increases on capital are going to hurt the economy in 2011. These arbitrary Medicare cuts will adversely affect the providers and therefore their beneficiaries. You’ll have the Internal Revenue Service beefing up its enforcement of this new mandate, which people have no clue is coming. And you’re going to have employers dump employees in this exchange once it’s up and running — funneling everyone into a government-run rationing system. Then we’ll see a big spike in insurance rates, and the Democrats are going to wager that they can just blame the insurers for that, and therefore that means they will need to institute insurance price controls or have a public option. Our side is going to say, ‘Look at what you just did to ruin our health-care system,’ and focus on repeal.”

“Our offense will be hammering them for wrecking the health-care system, their demonization of the insurance companies, and their push for government control. That is the future fight,” Ryan predicts. “They’ve got a president here until 2013 and the votes in the Senate to support this for a few years, but it’s not over. As we work to repeal, we must recognize that we’re fighting a different and distorted progressivism. They want to hook people up to entitlements and delegate more power to unelected bureaucrats and technocrats to micromanage the economy — a government full of Peter Orzags. Yet their fatal conceit is also a rational gamble to establish a new culture of dependency.”

In an Obamacare world, what is the GOP’s message? “We need to become the party of liberty and freedom,” Ryan argues. “We’re not doing enough. We can do better, and we will — because we have no choice. If we’re going to offer the country a completely different vision, we can’t be Democratic-lite or resign ourselves to be slightly more efficient managers and tax-collectors for the welfare state. We have to break with that and give people a clear and distinct difference.”

John at Powerline finds some silver linings in this whole debacle:

* The health care bill’s taxes will go into effect promptly, but its substantive provisions are, for the most part, deferred for four years. This means that we have plenty of time to repeal the legislation. Sure, it will take a new Congress and new President. But repealing this disaster of a bill will by a rallying cry for the American people for years to come. Moreover, even if the Republicans only take over the House in November, and not the Senate, won’t it be possible to throw roadblocks in the way of the bill’s implementation? Won’t budget appropriations be necessary to sustain the various federal tentacles the bill seeks to establish? What will happen if the House simply refuses to fund them?

* I’ve never been prouder to be a Republican. The party’s Congressional leaders have fought this battle to the end on behalf of the American people–with intelligence, toughness, persistence and good humor. The contrast between the parties has never been starker than in today’s debate. If any intelligent Democrats were watching–there must be some left–they had to be embarrassed for their party.

* Paul Ryan has emerged as one of the conservative movement’s strongest spokesmen. In the years to come, I think we will hear the words “I’m a Paul Ryan Republican” with increasing frequency.

Read the whole thing, there’s more to feel optimistic about.

Meanwhile, in response to Obamacare, at least 36 state legislatures are using the legislative process  to limit, alter or oppose selected state or federal actions, including single-payer provisions and insurance mandates.

As of early March, formal resolutions or bills had been filed in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado,  Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky,  Louisiana, Maryland,  Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey,  New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Up to three additional states were reported in media or association articles to have discussed future action or intentions; examples are listed below.

Laws: On March 4, 2010 a Virginia law passed both Senate and House, was amended by the Governor and both branches of the legislature and became law as Chapter 106 March 10, becoming the first such statute in the nation.* Idaho is the second state to enact a similar statute, as Chapter 46 on March 17.

Passed bills:
None of the other proposals listed have been finally approved; Arizona‘s resolution of June 2009 was the first measure to have passed the legislative process;  A Utah bill passed both chambers and awaits action by the governor. A Tennessee bills has passsed one chamber, Constitutional resolutions have advanced through initial steps in Florida, Georgia and Missouri (3/16/10).  One amendment failed to pass in Georgia on 3/18/10.

“Did not pass” measures: So far in 2010, bills have been rejected or failed to pass in: Indiana, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Mexico, South Dakota and Wyoming.

See the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) for more.

There is already a Repeal It effort underway, sponsored by The Club for Growth.. on the link and see how many lawmakers, candidates, and citizens have signed the pledge:

“I hereby pledge that if any federal health care takeover is passed in 2010, I will support – with my time, money, and vote – only candidates who pledge to support its repeal and replacement with real reforms that lower health care costs without growing government.”

And here’s Drew from AoSHQ offering some free advise to Republicans: Dear GOP: Fight

You need to be the party of No for the next 6 months on just about every issue. The only issue (other than national security) that matters is repealing this monstrosity. I don’t know if it can be done but it has to be tried.

Please don’t let Obama drag you into a pissing match over the small stuff. If he has another idiotic jobs bill, just let it go. Vote no but don’t fight about it, reframe the fight in terms of health care. Reframe everything in terms of health care…immigration, taxes, Cap and Trade, whatever other crap they throw at you. It all comes down to health care and the fundamental shift in the relationship between government and people. I know the presidency is a hard institution to fight with and Obama just makes shit up but you’ve got to try and keep the focus on the health care bill. More and more details will come out and that will help you.

But it’s bigger than legislation and even politics. You guys are going to be asked to do something you’re not necessarily equipped to do…speak philosophically about what it means to be an American. You are going to have to tell people something politicians don’t like to have say…no. No, Americans can’t have everything and not pay for it. No, they can’t have ‘free’ health care forever. No, you can’t expect the government to do the basic things that free adults should and must do for themselves.

You also need to tell people what that will give them…freedom. Freedom to do the best they can. Freedom to chart the course of their own lives and freedom live in peace without an army of pushy bureaucrats treating them like children.
I know that kind of freedom scares some people but you need to sell it to them. Remind them how it’s their birthright and how even if they want lots of ‘stuff’ given to them, it’s got to come from somewhere. Freedom and free enterprise is the greatest wealth generator known to mankind, without there’s nothing else.

Read it in full, it’s good stuff.

And in In the WaPo, this morning, Marc Thiessen asks: Has The GOP Spent Enough Time in the Wilderness?

Breaking the earmark addiction

…this month the GOP conference voted to adopt a voluntary, unilateral ban on all earmarks for the remainder of the 111th Congress. The resolution declares that “no member shall request a congressional earmark, limited tax benefit, or limited tariff benefit.” Securing such a pledge was not easy. During their time in power, Republicans became addicted to earmarks. According to Citizens Against Government Waste, in 1994, the year before the GOP took control, there were just 1,318 earmarks totaling $7.8 billion. By 2005, the last year of Republican rule, the number had grown to 13,997 earmarks totaling $27.3 billion. It was a Republican Congress that gave us the “Bridge to Nowhere” and the Duke Cunningham “bribes for earmarks” scandal — symbols of profligacy and corruption that led taxpayers to throw Republicans out in 2006.

A grass-roots movement for fiscal discipline is driving independents to the GOP, and House Republicans needed to show that they had learned their lesson on spending — so they went cold-turkey on earmarks.

Unfortunately, that lesson does not appear to have sunk in on the other side of Capitol Hill. Last week, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) offered a bipartisan amendment on the Senate floor that would have banned all earmarks for the rest of the current Congress. He got just 25 Republican votes. Indeed, two GOP senators — Lamar Alexander (Tenn.) and Jim Inhofe (Okla.) — voted for the same amendment in 2008 when they were up for re-election, but switched sides this time around. In all, 15 Republicans voted to preserve earmarks — and not surprisingly nine came from the appropriations committee.

Really Republicans? Really?

Have you forgotten already that government pork was a major theme of the early tea parties?

They would do well to read Drew’s letter to get their minds right. They are not going to take back congress by being Democrat lites.

See also That Dog Won’t Hunt, which I found via The Other McCain. It’s a grassroots political action committee dedicated to the eradication of the Blue Dogs. Give generously if you can.

A couple more petitions  you can sign:

November is coming by Americans For Prosperity

Over 325,000 signatures in just 4 days.

Repeal the health care bill!!! by the Tea Party Express

The “Repeal the Health Care Bill” has become’s #1 most-popular petition with over 25,000 signatures in the past 12 hours.


Jim Geraghty reports: Since debuting this morning, the RNC’s “Fire Nancy Pelosi” site has raised $511,903.

Ace says: We Can Repeal This


Senator Jim DeMint Introduces Bill To Repeal ObamaCare


March 21, 2010 – WASHINGTON, D.C – Today, U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina) announced that he will introduce legislation this week to repeal President Obama’s government takeover of health care. House Democrats voted this evening to pass the Senate version of the health care bill and it will likely be signed into law by President Obama later this week.

“This bill is unconstitutional and it cannot be fixed. It must be repealed,” said Senator DeMint. “The battle for health care freedom is not over and I will introduce legislation this week to repeal this health care takeover.

“Unless this trillion-dollar assault on our freedoms is repealed, it will force Americans to purchase Washington-approved health plans or face stiff penalties. It will fund abortions, raise taxes and insurance premiums, while reducing health care choices and quality.”

“This arrogant power grab proves that the President and his party care more about government control than the will of the American people. Americans told Washington to keep its hands off their health care in opinion polls, at public protests, and at the ballot box, but their pleas were ignored.

“If the President and Democrats were serious about true health care reform, there were many free-market solutions we could have easily passed. Americans support commonsense reforms such as purchasing coverage across state lines, stopping frivolous medical lawsuits, and giving the same tax breaks to Americans who don’t get their insurance at work. Unfortunately, Democrats refused to listen.”

The bill passed in the House today raids $52 billion from Social Security, cuts nearly $500 billion from Medicare, and doesn’t account for the hundreds of billions Congress must pass to pay doctors who treat elderly patients.

TEXT of Senator DeMint’s bill to Repeal ObamaCare: To repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

I’m not sure about the timing of this…wouldn’t it be smarter to wait until after the elections in November.. What chance is there of getting this POS repealed now, with the Democrat Socialists in charge?