Video Of The Spitting Incident Appears On Youtube

In a news break during the Rush Limbaugh Show, Kansas City’s KMBZ reported that a video that proved Mo Rep Emanuel Cleaver was spat upon ( with the clear implication that it was purposeful) had appeared on You tube, and you could find the link at the KMBZ website.

Well, here it is, and what it shows is a guy cupping his hands around his mouth to form a makeshift megaphone, hollering ” kill the bill!” as the black caucus entourage walked by. The spittle that sprayed on Cleaver was clearly unintentional:

As you could see, the guy was yelling the entire time, and there were Capital police officers accompanying the entourage the whole time. If there had been any criminality whatsoever, they would have acted.

Of course, Cleaver didn’t press charges.

Meanwhile, via the The Daily Caller we have a disgusting example of race baiting in a voice message left  at the office of Ohio Republican Rep. Jean Schmidt:

Speaker: “Yeah, I’m glad the president passed health care. Yeah. Funky ass, racist-ass Republicans hate that, don’t you? Gene Schmitt, when you got hit by that car, you should’ve broke your back, bitch. And Boehner, motherf***er…that Mitch McConnell. All you racist f***ing Republicans. Why don’t you just change your party name to racist? Cuz if one of those f***ing Tea baggers had spit on me, I’d have shot all them in the f***ing face with my f***ing 9 millimeter. F**k all you racist motherf***ers.”

The left-wing media (or MSM) has been fanning the anti-tea party flames from almost the beginning. After they stopped totally ignoring the tea party movement, they, along with the Dem Socialists in Congress began assaulting it with every form of attack and slur.  This caller, (and probable Countdown With Keef Overbite viewer) only reflects their views with slightly more bile.
Thanks you Ace, Allahpundit, Moe Lane , Red State , Newsbusters and Atlas Shrugs for the links!

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Image via Grand Rants

You’ve got to be kidding me.

Um…is Harry Reid losing it? The historic Senate version of the Health Care bill passed on Christmas Eve last year, was almost derailed when the Senate Majority Leader notoriously and mistakenly voted ‘no’ before quickly changing it to yes. Getting the vote wrong on such an historic vote is a once-in-a-lifetime mistake, right? Alas, no it is not, for lightening appears have struck twice for the Nevada Senator. Or to quote an unidentified clerk picked up by a nearby microphone, “he did it again!”

The video of the vote is at Mediaite.


Video: Congressman Mike Pence Has Our Backs

Check out these latest headlines from Newsbusters:

CBS: Health Care Debate ‘Gets Ugly,’ GOP Using ‘Violent Rhetoric and Imagery’

ABC Frets That ‘Angry Talk’ From Sarah Palin, Boehner ‘Could Push a Deranged Person Over the Edge’

NBC’s Curry Hectors McCain to Condemn Palin’s ‘Incendiary Language’

NYT’s Hulse Passes Along Dems Points on Violent, Racist Protests, Even Cites Palin Facebook Page

Networks Already Forgot Obscene Calls and Threats to Stupak — From Last Week

Nets Lead with ‘Ugly’ and ‘Menacing’ ObamaCare Opponents Fueled by Palin’s ‘Violent Words and Imagery’

Pellet-In-Rush’s-Head Chris Matthews Condemns Republicans For Climate Of Violence

Black Conservative Takes On David Shuster and Tea Party Racism

Make no mistake – Many Republicans in Congress are getting as sick of these smears on the tea party movement as we are:

Pence: “Americans Have Every Right to Oppose Government Takeover Without Being Smeared”

Partial transcript:

“…that is no excuse for bigotry, threats or acts of vandalism and I condemn such things in the strongest possible terms. People who engage in such acts undermine our cause and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

“But I also rise to condemn the efforts to smear millions of law abiding Americans who oppose ObamaCare by associating them and their principled opposition with these criminal acts.

“The American people have every right to oppose this government takeover of health care without being lumped in with bigots and vandals by liberals in Congress and in the mainstream press.

“I say to my countrymen:

“End the threats.

“End the vandalism.

“And let’s also end the smears of law-abiding citizens exercising their first amendment right to speech and peaceable assembly.”

Eric Cantor held a press conference to condemn the Dem Socialists for “fanning the flames”:

“I’ve received threats since I assumed elected office, not only because of my position but also because I’m Jewish. I’ve never blamed anyone in this body for that, period. Any suggestion that a leader in this body would incite threats or acts against other members is akin to saying that I would endanger myself, my wife or my children. Just recently I have been directly threatened. A bullet was shot through the window of my campaign office in Richmond this week, and I’ve received threatening e-mails. But I will not release them, because I believe such actions will only encourage more to be sent,” he said.

In his last comment, Cantor appeared to be taking a shot at Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) who has publicly released some of the threatening messages he has received since he cut a deal on abortion funding in the reform bill with the White House and Democratic leaders. Stupak’s messages were also forwarded to reporters by the Democratic National Committee.

“I want to stress this, and it’s very important: Legitimate threats should be treated as security issues,” Cantor said. “And they should be dealt with by the appropriate law enforcement officials. It is reckless to use these incidents as media vehicles for political gain. That is why I have deep concerns that some — DCCC Chairman Chris Van Hollen and DNC Chairman Tim Kaine in particular — are dangerously fanning the flames by suggesting that these incidents be used as a political weapon. Security threats against members of Congress is not a partisan issue, and they should not be treated that way. To use such threats as political weapons is reprehensible.”

Cantor concluded by saying that issuing press releases and releasing threatening messages “can easily fan the flames” and lead to more threats. “Enough is enough, It has to stop,” Cantor said.

I’ll post a video as soon as one appears. UPDATE: Ace has the video

UPDATE: Someone had to do this, so kudos to the Good Lt. at The Jawa Report for taking it upon himself:

Of course, being an Obamacrat means turning off the inconvenient portions of your memory to suit whatever you view as your political objective for that particular time and place. Political violence and vandalism from the left, which was commonplace during the Bush years, was well-known and ignored (or even celebrated as “righteous).” Murder fantasies about killing George W. Bush were vogue. Movies about killing Bush were “edgy” and “provacative.” All was well until those damned rightwingurrrrz started, like, disagreeing and protesting and stuff. How dare they speak!

Continue on and read their impressive list of recent examples: When Leftwingers Attack.

Heh: Andrew Breitbart tweets:

MSM creates cottage industry of phantom threats to libs while 1) playing down finger munch, 2) ignoring Gladney NWord H8 Crime.


CBC & ME on TV: Ill debate Congressional Black Caucus over ‘race’ & health care debate & Tea Party. Anywhere. Anytime. With Kenneth Gladney.

Love that man.


Why The Left Is Attacking The Tea Partiers, And Why The Trumped Up Charges of Racism Will Continue


Wreckonciliation: Bill Sent Back To House

Michelle Malkin, on  vacay somewhere on pacific time, was able to keep tabs on the vampire congress while the rest of us slept.

Here’s a list of some of the GOP amendments to the wreconciliation bill (click on link for more info):

* Senator Gregg: Protect Medicare Savings
* Senator McCain: Remove Sweetheart Deals
* Senator Crapo: No Tax Hikes for Families Earning Under $250,000
* Senator Enzi: Strike the Employer Mandate
* Senator Barrasso: Requires Legislation Not Increase Premiums
* Senator Grassley: Requires President, Congress Enroll in Exchange
* Senator Alexander: Reduce Student Loan Interest Rate
* Senator LeMieux: Members On Medicaid
* Senator Coburn: Bars Sex Offenders from Receiving E.D. Drugs
* Senator Hutchison: State Opt Out
* Senator Hatch: Block Medicare Advantage Cuts
* Senator Collins: Waive Employer Mandate Tax
* Senator Thune: Strike CLASS Act
* Senator Cornyn: Remove New Taxes on Investments
* Senator Hatch: Protect Wounded Soldiers from Medical Device Tax
* Senator Inhofe: Protect Pediatrics and Disabled from Medical Device Tax
* Senator Crapo: Protect Cancer Patients from Medical Device Tax
* Senators Roberts, Inhofe, Brown, Crapo: Strike Medical Device Tax
* Senator Burr: Tricare and Veterans Health Programs
* Senator Roberts: Rationing
* Senator Roberts: Critical Access Hospitals
* Senator Vitter: Repeals Democrats’ Health Care Bill

Go here for the roll call votes.

Guess who the real party of no turned out to be? The Republican ads are going to write themselves, this fall.

Update 2:43am Eastern After tabling more GOP amendments, a pale, hoarse Harry Reid calls for adjournment. Befuddled Franken announces: “I guess we’re adjourned.” Official adjournment gaveled at 2:56am Eastern.

Tabling amendments must be exhausting.


Andy Levy tweets in reply to my report on Reid’s grim appearance: “‘And I looked, and behold a pale hoarse Harry Reid.’ (Revelation 6:8)”

…And Hell followed with him.

After 10 hours, the Senate voted on 28 GOP amendments and rejected each and every one, including a Vitter amendment to spare mobile mammography units from punitive tax treatment.

And uh oh, trouble in paradise:

The points of order deal with Pell Grant provisions that violate budget rules. More here. Dems are characterizing the points of order as “minor.”

Question: How minor is it?

Answer: It doesn’t matter. Nothing will stop these animals, right now.

Restore, Defeat, Defund, Repeal

Rasmussen today: 55% Favor Repeal of Health Care Bill

Those folks need to hear a few more of Obama’s speeches.

They’re in luck!


Best Headline of the Day goes to Mike at Cold Fury: Democrat Socialists: The right of pedophiles to keep and bear Viagra shall not be infringed



Seen this, yet?

Courtesy of  Out of Order Blog:

Filled with the power of DEMocracy, the President takes time out to salute freedom loving Americans. –Dale

Click here to see the entire picture.


Here’s another great photoshop by Darleen Click at Protein Wisdom.

My own  recent effort, here.

Hat tip: Doug Ross