Introducing 10 Buck Fridays

Ten Buck Fridays, founded by Conscientiously Conservative, is a great way for grassroots conservatives to do something that can really make a difference:

Many of us get paid on Fridays… if we bring a sack lunch a couple of times a week to work, right there is an extra tenner. What if conservatives donated $10 each and every week up through November to viable candidates and/or PAC’s that are promoting a conservative agenda? If you can’t afford every week, what about twice a month? Or once a month? Conservatives need to put their money where their mouth is. Commit to Ten Buck Fridays… it WILL make a difference come November!

Ten Buck Fridays is a great idea, and I think it’s one that should really catch on.

I’d like to join with conservative bloggers and conservatives on twitter to focus attention on a different candidate each week. Each week, deserving candidates could be nominated. Polling through the next several days could determine the crowd favorite…and on Friday, a good conservative would be hit with a grassroots moneybomb!

Imagine what a thousand grassroots conservatives could accomplish in unison. Ten thousand dollars a week would grab a lot of attention and could help some candidates who really need it.

Who will join us?

Every week, names are collected of worthy candidates for an online  poll. Voting begins on Sunday, and lasts until Friday. The winning candidate gets the ten dollar money bombs. Last week’s winner was Michele Bachmann. Congratulations, Michele!

RightKlik encapsulates the concept, here:

1. Nominations for deserving candidates are submitted on Sundays. (I’m curating nominations tomorrow at RK, but any interested bloggers could also host nomination posts).
2. Conservatives vote on the top 10 nominees through the week (Online polling is shared by multiple blogs for cumulative votes).
3. On Friday, the candidate who is #1 in the weekly online poll gets hit with $10 money bombs (money goes DIRECTLY from the donors to the candidate).
4. Participants put the words “Ten Buck Fridays” in the online donation form so that recipients know what’s happening!
TBF seems to appeal to conservatives, perhaps because it is decentralized and harnesses the power of the free market of ideas.
There are only 19 weeks left until the ultimate Tea Party on November 2, 2010. Make every week count!

RightKlik will have this week’s nominees–with links to their websites.

UPDATE: The new poll is up. You can vote, here.

Participating websites:


14 thoughts on “Introducing 10 Buck Fridays

  1. Nice Deb, thanks for joining Ten Buck Fridays. BTW, I linked your New Orleans has survived the British Before in my Round-up today. Trackbacks from blogger generally do not work with WordPress.


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