The Media’s Double Standard In Reporting Ground Zero Rallies

While the MFM habitually makes rash, and incorrect assumptions about protesters on the right, they never seem to capture the radical, and overtly  Communist nature of left wing rallies/protests. Why do you suppose that is?

The AP, in its article, Passions rise at dueling NYC mosque demonstrations, painstakingly described the more extreme elements of the anti-mosque rally in NYC, Sunday:

Signs hoisted by dozens of protesters standing behind police barricades read “SHARIA” — using dripping, blood-red letters to describe Islam’s Shariah law, which governs Muslims‘ behavior.

Steve Ayling, a 40-year-old Brooklyn plumber, said the people behind the mosque project are “the same people who took down the twin towers.”

Opponents demand that the mosque be moved farther from the site where more than 2,700 people were killed on Sept. 11, 2001. “They should put it in the Middle East,” Ayling said.

On a nearby sidewalk, police chased away a group that unfurled a banner with images of beating, stoning and other torture they said was committed by those who followed Islamic law.

A mannequin wearing a keffiyeh, a traditional Arab headdress, was mounted on one of two mock missiles that were part of an anti-mosque installation. One missile was inscribed with the words: “Again? Freedom Targeted by Religion”; the other with “Obama: With a middle name Hussein. We understand. Bloomberg: What is your excuse?”

While the right-wing rally, was depicted as drooling, bigoted, rednecks with offensive signs, here’s the treatment the AP gave the left-wing radicals:

At the pro-mosque rally, staged a block away from opponents’ demonstration, several hundred people chanted, “Muslims are welcome here! We say no to racist fear!”

Dr. Ali Akram, a 39-year-old Brooklyn physician, came with his three sons and an 11-year-old nephew waving an American flag. He noted that scores of Muslims were among those who died in the towers, and he called those who oppose the mosque “un-American.”

“They teach their children about the freedom of religion in America — but they don’t practice what they preach,” Akram said.

Gol, it sounds like it was just  a heart-warming family affair, from that description. Patriotic Americans who just happen to disagree with 70-80% of Americans on the wisdom of building a mosque that close to ground zero. You would never have guessed the rally was heavily attended by communists spouting anti-Semitic rhetoric.

This video, via Weasel Zippers features a Pakistani  Communist who goes by the name, Shahid Comrade, who engages in some Jew-baiting  at the 3:55 mark:


Weasel Zippers: CAIR Calls Boehner ‘Un-American’ For Opposing Mosque…

Because we all know the GZ mosque supporters (lefty and Islamic radicals)  are the pro-American ones.

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6 thoughts on “The Media’s Double Standard In Reporting Ground Zero Rallies

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  2. Do the “scores of Muslims” (“score” = 20, so “dozens” would have been just as appropriate) include the 19 who actually caused all those deaths? And would Imam Rauf have called those who weren’t on the planes “innocent” or not?


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