Trump at CPAC: “By The Way, Ron Paul Can’t Get Elected”

The Donald’s appearance at CPAC, today, was somewhat of a surprise -and I have to say, he gave a pretty decent, if uneven speech.

You certainly can’t accuse the guy of trying to ingratiate himself to the audience:

Those boos were coming from the many young people in attendance  who are Ron Paul fans.

A longer video from that portion of Trump’s speech can be viewed at RCP.

More at Hot Air.

Linked by Michelle Malkin, thanks!



5 thoughts on “Trump at CPAC: “By The Way, Ron Paul Can’t Get Elected”

  1. Well look at the bright side. Barack Obama seems intent on driving the country into bankrupcy. Donald Trump knows how to do it Donny boy needs to go back to his faux beauty pagents, casinos and reality shows. And take the Paulbots with him.


  2. Why on earth was Trump there, who let him in? He is not conservative in any sense of the word!!

    He is one giant ego, not unlike Obama, with the same amoral approach to life. To be a conservative requires that a person have some principles, and Trump has none other than his personal enjoyment (that does not count).


  3. He has articulated more knowledge and honesty about the international finance stage than any other possible candidate. He can give an experienced assessment of how most countries approach economics. He knows their games and will call them on it.
    Is he presidential? Not really, but he should have a voice at the table.
    You talk about conservatives needing morals…is voicing flippant, juvenile, self righteous comments part of your value system?


  4. Why should Trump have a voice? Because he has a lot of money? So does Sorors! Are we just saying that the rich should be able to buy their way into the decision making process? How about if we ask what has he ever done for the country? What has he ever done that supported conservative causes? Has he ever previously spoken out in favor of any conservative issue? None that I know of. He is an opportunist, nothing more.

    He has business experience, unlike Obama, but exactly like Obama, his only interest is himself. He is not interested in the welfare of America, the nation that has existed in the past and should continue into the future. Trump lives in the moment only, and he lives for Trump only, with no morals, no principles other than “get mine.”

    There is no place for Trump in a gathering of conservatives!!


  5. Maybe Mitch Daniels can put it better than me ““We will need people who never tune in to Rush or Glenn or Laura or Sean. Who surf past C-SPAN to get to SportsCenter. Who, if they’d ever heard of CPAC, would assume it was a cruise ship accessory.” to have the larger majority…

    I think Trump gets this. I DON’T think he is the best possible choice for the GOP BUT he has insight into WORLD economics and crossover appeal that many of the other guys do not. He shouldn’t be chased away from the GOP table because you don’t like his business history.
    You think he uses people for his own gain, only interested in himself?? Well, why don’t the GOP use him and learn from his experience and use his fame to get our foot in the door of the independents and rock star worshipers so we can get the REAL danger out of Washington.


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