Mitt Romney Gives Strong CPAC Speech (Update w/video)

“If I were to run for President….

Is it time to take another look at Mitt? He had mojo this morning at CPAC…He was loose and relaxed, and won the crowd over with great speech with many memorable lines:

About Obama’s head fake to the center, he said: “What we’re watching is not ‘Brave New World”, it’s “Ground Hog’s Day”.

On Obama inviting CEOs to WH for table talk -” I’m sorry Mr President, that’s not an economic policy, it’s a dinner party”.

“These job fairs and lines are President Obama’s Hooverville”

“Obama promised to win the war in Afghanistan as long as we were done by August 2012.”


Romney says, “I will not apologize”:


You can watch the entire video, here.



9 thoughts on “Mitt Romney Gives Strong CPAC Speech (Update w/video)

  1. “Is it time to take another look at Mitt?”

    No. He remains excessively avid for power, untrustworthy on the basis of his record in office and at pursuing office, and all too likely to be rejected by the conservatives in the GOP. Scratch him off the dance card and find someone with a record that suggests sincere conservatism.


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  4. And the best part about the New Mitt(tm)?
    If you don’t like this one, a new one will be along soon!

    Is this iteration still pushing his gov’t controlled health care?


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  6. I loved this line from Romney: “Limited government is the answer!”

    With the explosion in the size and scope of gov’t over the past decade, especially over the past 2 years, that’s exactly the message we need. Unfortunately, given his record, that is a message that Romney cannot deliver with any credibility.

    These are times that call for someone other than Mitt.


  7. No, absolutely not time to take another look at Mitt. Unless that look includes trying to uncover one, just ONE, conservative principle that he has ever taken (that wasn’t dictated by polls and whether it would “win” votes.). The man didn’t even register as a Republican until he ran for Senate in Mass (failed bid against Ted Kennedy). Romney’s been pro-life, pro-government-health care, and pro-progressive for as long as I can remember. He’s NOT a conservative. Don’t let him fool you.


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