MoveOn Plans Rallies In All 50 States This Saturday – Tea Parties Plan Counter-Rallies

First of all — what is this?

MoveOn Rally to Save the American Dream

A bit melodramatic isn’t it? Since when is the  American Dream all about hosing the taxpayers? Since when is being asked to pay a little more for benefits some kind of dream- shattering travesty?  As for collective bargaining for public workers – why is that even allowed? It should be considered a privilege, not a right – and when the state is out of money, it should be a privilege public workers are willing to give up.

Move On:

In Wisconsin and around our country, the American Dream is under fierce attack. Instead of creating jobs, Republicans are giving tax breaks to corporations and the very rich—and then cutting funding for education, police, emergency response, and vital human services.

On Saturday, February 26, at noon local time, we are organizing rallies in front of every statehouse and in every major city to stand in solidarity with the people of Wisconsin. We demand an end to the attacks on worker’s rights and public services across the country. We demand investment, to create decent jobs for the millions of people who desperately want to work. And we demand that the rich and powerful pay their fair share.

We are all Wisconsin. We are all Americans. (We are all scared that the Dem-enabled gravy train might soon come to a stop).

This Saturday, we will stand together to Save the American Dream. Be sure to wear Wisconsin Badger colors—red and white—to show your solidarity. Sign up today to join in!

Public sector unions are destroying the US economy. What the rank and file don’t seem to realize (because the union bosses won’t tell them) is their generous benefits plans  cannot be paid. Billions of dollars that could go toward shortfalls go to Democrat political campaigns, instead.  This obscene abuse of taxpayer money needs to end.

That’s why tea partiers are planning counter protests to the pro-union protests at State Capitals on Saturday.

You can check to see if any tea parties in your state are planning counter-protests by using the Freedom-connector at Freedomworks, or you can check for your state chapter at Americans For Prosperity.

The Kansas City Tea Party, Political Chips is advertising two counter-protests, one in Jeff City, MO:

Philip Todd is rallying Tea Party groups across the state to counter a union rally by this Saturday.  Here’s what he says:

“At this time we are planning a counter rally on the Capital Steps in Jefferson City. We need to meet about 10:30am to stake our ground. The rally is scheduled to start @ noon. Bring signs, banners, and bottled water/snacks. I have been in contact with people from the St Louis Tea party and several groups who will be bringing numbers. We have to draw the line and stand in the way of intimidation by a very small minority. This is our state.”

Please show up if you can.  Short notice, I know.  But acting quickly and efficiently is the mark of success.

And one in Topeka:

Our Republic is under attack. This Saturday, is planning a rally that is masquerading as a rally for the American worker.  But when you take a closer look at the groups involved and behind the rally you’ll notice that they all have some sort of tie to a socialist/communist/leftist group.

We need to show our support for the actions that are now being undertaken to get our Republic back on the right track. The elections last November were a good start.  Now let’s continue the Restoration of our Republic.

We need to meet in Topeka, KS around 10:30am in order to stake our ground.  The MoveOn rally is set to begin at Noon.  Be sure to bring Bottled water and snacks.  And Dress Warm.  It’s time to take a stand.

I will add more information when I get it.

I know I don’t have to say this, but I’ll say it anyway – Bring your cameras and keep it civil, people. Let the thuggery be all on their side, (and videotape it).


The Move On rally is brought to you by the usual suspects, (but barring openly commie organizations – they’re learning) :


21 thoughts on “MoveOn Plans Rallies In All 50 States This Saturday – Tea Parties Plan Counter-Rallies

  1. Just when you think they’ve sunk as low as they’ll go, they outdo themselves. They have no concept of reality or how bad they are making themselves look, all they care about is gimmee gimmee gimmeee regardless of consequences to the rest of Americans.


  2. This is great Deb. The more the libs rally and rant the more the American people begin to see just how vile and depraved these people are. Liberalism is the ideology of hate plain and simple.


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  4. Glenn Beck has just been talking about how the “American Dream” has been changed into some kind of code words by Van Jones.

    I hope they have “fun” protesting in Ohio tomorrow. School was canceled today and even my husband’s office building was closed.


  5. Public Unions are little more than public theft of the taxpayer’s dollar. Public employees are paid with tax dollars, then forced to pay union dues, the unions use the money to support the Socialist Democrats that will increase the size of govt, thus increasing the the number of workers paying Union dues. The taxpayer (employer) is not part of the negotiations and the taxpayer’s money is used against the best interest of the taxpayer. It is legal theft and nothing more.


  6. You need to find out who is funding your party. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Citizens United last year, and it opened up a financial attack by big business against our government, which is for the people and by the people. Big business and corporations no longer need the American middle class. It’s a global market now and when such a high percentage of wealth is concentrated in the upper class, they can buy and sell to each other and our middle class spending dollars hold little value to them. BUT, our unions and right to organize on behalf of ourselves does. As they continue to buy ever more influence on government policy and use propaganda to deceive the American people, you will see the US become like a third world country. The WI unions already conceded to Walker’s cuts to their pay and benefits. What can possibly be gained economically by stripping them of collective bargaining? The right to bargain in the future when the state again has more money. If you don’t care if there is a public school for your children to go to, or that they will be safe there, or that your police will stay on the force, or you will have fire fighters to fight fires, pay attention to what is going on. It isn’t about money, it’s about power and control.


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  8. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Citizens United last year,

    Thank God.

    What can possibly be gained economically by stripping them of collective bargaining

    More sweetheart deals for public workers (who already have better benefits than their private counterparts) in the future. That’s what’s bankrupting the states. That’s what’s bankrupting the country.

    What is it about “We’re broke” don’t you understand?


  9. It seems that as fewer workers have good benefits in the private sector, misery loves company, so support for busting public sector workers grows.

    The cuts the to balance the budget seemed needed, but the pleasure in seeing those “damned teacher get their’s” seems a little sad.


  10. Child labor laws have gone too far. Kids escaping abuse are forced into prostitution or drug running when they can’t get real jobs. Unions had their place in history. Let’s let free market competition take it from here.


  11. Perhaps if their parents made a living wage they wouldn’t have to look for jobs. As for leaving abusive situations – maybe if the funding for women and children’s shelters wasn’t constantly reduced and there were actual programs to help in abusive situations, kids wouldn’t be forced into prostitution etc. Maybe it’s time we all started looking out for each other rather than demonizing those trying to make it with less. What has happened to civic duty?


  12. When will the Lib Tards and Teabaggers get together to protest the REAL problem in America?…which is of course the FEDERAL RESERVE…when private foreign banks control your money and never ending debt you will always be broke…all i see is a bunch of sheep scampering for crumbs off of the bankers tables…


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  14. @nicedeb, before you go around hurraying for citizens united, educate yourself on the causes of the great recession. Corporate Greed was #1 and the states are bankrupt because of the same greed that keeps sending jobs abroad. What about the toxic derivatives market do you not understand? Evidently everything and you are doing nothing to remediate that. The same Koch brothers behind Walker would not think twice about sending your job to China if they would make a profit out of it.


  15. What is it about greedy and unreasonable union demands that cause corporations to go overseas don’t YOU understand?

    But of course, the debate in Madison isn’t even about corporations. It’s about public sector union greed. Nice attempt to obfuscate the issue.


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