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Sad Hill News: Another Gulf Oil Spill Near Deepwater Drilling Site – W&T’s Matterhorn SeaStar

Connect the dots…

And while vacationing in Rio de Janeiro – perhaps reassuring the Brazilians $ billions more will be made available upon request, as discussed – another massive oil spill in the Gulf is reported just 20 miles north of the Deepwater Horizon gusher.

(Rocky Kistner) The Coast Guard is investigating reports of a potentially large oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico [that] was sighted by a helicopter pilot on Friday and is about 100 miles long. A fishing boat captain said he went through the slick yesterday and it was strong enough to make his eyes burn.

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Did Obama engage in identity fraud  in 1980, who helped him, and why?

Uncoverage: Obama’s Social Security Number: Dead Man Walking:

A licensed investigator from Ohio named Susan Daniels and investigator Neil Sankey have uncovered a startling thing about Obama’s SSN.  It was first issued to Thomas Woods who lived on Glenview Drive in Newington, Connecticut.  Sometime between March and May of 1977, Woods was issued the Social Security Number: 042-68-4425.  Sadly, a year later, Woods died at the age of nineteen.

On September 4, 1980, Obama registered with the Selective Service (i.e., the draft board).  On his form, Obama wrote his Social Security Number: 042-68-4425.

There are lots of questions one could ask about Obama’s SSN but the critical one to remember are the first three numbers – 042.  These identify the state which issued his number: 042 is Connecticut.  The problem, however, is that at that point in his life Obama had never stepped foot in Connecticut.  To the contrary, he was on the other side of the continent in Los Angeles attending Occidental College.

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Liberty Chick at Big Government: SEIU Hit With RICO Lawsuit:

After years of being harassed by the purple people beaters, one company has finally said ENOUGH.

In a press release issued Thursday, Sodexo USA announced that the company has filed a civil lawsuit against the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) under the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act., accusing the union of engaging in an “illegal campaign of extortion.”  The lawsuit representing Sodexo is Hunton & Williams – the same firm SEIU and its allies have accused of launching a “dirty tricks” campaign against them in retaliation for their anti-Chamber of Commerce campaigns. (more on that after the jump)

One of the largest food services and facilities management companies in the world, Sodexo is the provider of choice for most schools, universities, companies, hotels, prisons and other facilities that outsource their cafeteria and food catering operations, and for those that outsource industrial cleaning services.  SEIU has been incessantly battering Sodexo since 2007, in its desire to unionize some of its nearly 400,000 employees, many of them hotel and food service workers.  Exacerbating the tensions was a longstanding turf war between SEIU and UNITE HERE over hotel and casino workers, which often spilled over into SEIU’s antics prior to the settlement the warring unions reached this past summer.

Sodexo USA has filed the lawsuit in an attempt to halt the over-the-top harassment from SEIU, alleging that many of the acts are very serious and outside of the normal realm of union tactics, including acts of ” SEIU blackmail, vandalism, trespass, harassment, and lobbying law violations designed to steer business away from Sodexo USA and harm the company.” [emphasis added]

Aside from some of its usual corporate smear campaign tactics, certain organizers in the SEIU subscribed to some especially nasty, and frankly repulsive, tactics.

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It’s about time someone sued these goons.


The Shark Tank has the latest bon mots from Allen West, here and here.



Freshman Dem Senator Comes Out Strongly Against Military Intervention In Middle East

“The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.”

To find out who said that, go here.


Said Democrat debates himself on the use of force.

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For Sale: Ex-Governor Bill Richardson’s Private Airliner For $3.3 Million

Governor Martinez

Taking a page out of Sarah Palin’s book, the thrifty new Republican Governor of New Mexico, Susana Martinez has put former Governor Bill Richardson’s expensive Cessna for sale:


“At a time when New Mexicans are struggling to make ends meet, their governor should not be leading a life of privilege,” Martinez said in January. “We will get rid of that ultimate symbol of waste and excess; we will sell the state’s luxury jet.”
Former Governor Bill Richardson bought the Cessna Citation Bravo in 2005 for $5.5 million and [state General Services Secretary] Burckle said he is listing it at $3.3 million.

From columnist Thomas J. Cole, Albuquerque Journal “No More High-Flying Governor for New Mexico”:

Martinez, who during the campaign pledged to sell the state jet and criticized aircraft use by the previous administration, hasn’t set foot on a government plane since taking office Jan. 1.

She has been traveling around the state in a government-provided Ford Expedition with a desk in the back seat.

Kudos to her.

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