Another Top Democrat Says President Must Ask Congress for Authority Before Launching Airstrikes

I tell you, these Dems are really coming down hard on the President for his unilateral action, and not showing any double standard, at all.

“If the administration believes that any, any use of force… is necessary, the president must come to Congress to seek that authority,”

To find out who said that, go here.

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“A Disconnect With Reality So Profound That It Verges On Mental Illness”

That’s John Hayword at Human Events unloading on Obama for his risible smear against the Bush administration, yesterday:

Speaking in Chile to defend his decision to launch Operation Odyssey Dawn, President Obama couldn’t resist taking a swipe at George Bush, in a clumsy attempt to make himself look superior.

As reported by Fox News, the President declared: “In the past there have been times when the United States acted unilaterally or did not have full international support, and as a consequence typically it was the United States military that ended up bearing the entire burden.”

As the folks at Fox quickly pointed out, Bush actually had twice as many international allies for the invasion of Iraq as Obama has put together for his adventure in Libya.  They even put together a list.


Serious questions are being asked about the long-term objectives of Odyssey Dawn, how much of it we’ll be expected to pay for, and whether promises to avoid the commitment of ground forces will be kept.

Against this backdrop, Obama decided to throw out an offhanded smear of his predecessor… a slander so transparently false that it was debunked within minutes?

That’s a disconnect with reality so profound that it verges on mental illness.  It also highlights just how half-hearted and poorly thought out this decision was.

The President has a massive staff and an enormous political team, but apparently no effort was made to put together a comprehensive response to critics of Libya policy.  Nobody gamed out the scenario, considered the most predictable developments, and developed comprehensive, well-researched answers to likely challenges.  Instead, it was Improv Night in front of a brick wall in Chile, and the President decided to haul out the old joke about Bush the Unitary Executive.

The President’s comment demonstrates an appalling lack of knowledge about the Iraq war.  He ran as an outspoken opponent of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Guantanamo Bay… but has continued all three, and now added Libya.  It would seem his campaign criticism was not informed and intelligent opposition, but rather a general conviction that George Bush is the devil, and anything he did should be mindlessly denounced from every possible angle.

I’ve said on a number of occasions, (and only half joking), that sometimes it seems like we are being governed by left-wing trolls. This latest idiotic quip from the President only strengthens that perception. How many times did conservative keyboard warriors have to slap down that stubborn little misconception during the Bush years? It was one of those cute little left-wing lies that was believed without question by the faithful, but made little sense, and could be easily checked.

The fact that we have a President of the United States who would peddle this contemptible bull to prop himself up is atrocious and depressing.


Donald Rumsfeld reminds us that as far as Bush is concerned,  maybe a “thank-you” is in order?

Hot Air: Rumsfeld: If you’re wondering who to thank for Gaddafi’s lack of nukes …

Moammar Gaddafi’s decision to voluntarily surrender his nuclear-weapons program made the US significantly safer as a direct result of the Iraq War.  Had we not invaded Iraq in 2003 and captured Saddam Hussein in December of that year, Gaddafi would hardly have felt compelled to protect himself from similar American action at the time.  We found out shortly afterward that Libya had succeeded in making weapons-grade plutonium, and oh by the way also had 44,000 pounds of mustard gas.  In fact, Gaddafi’s rush to demonstrate his good citizenship only ended in 2007, when domestic opposition to Bush’s efforts in Iraq emboldened Gaddafi back into defiance.

Lady Penguin at United Patriot: Whatever Happened to Barack Obama?

Many of us knew in 2008 that an individual without a past, with the ardent support of the Left, had been packaged by Madison Avenue and sold to the American people.  Now he is our president.  How far back and how deep this goes, only the future can reveal, but the results of that election are going to haunt us for decades.  So, while the questions remain about who and what this man is, unfortunately, the answers remain the same.

Barack Obama is an individual who was groomed for this time, a product of his Leftist upbringing, but malleable in that he believes in his own deified status; still, a man unable to lead, and unable to engage in a way that makes sense to the American people.  There is a disconnect, and he appears disconnected; he doesn’t react or behave as we expect him to; he really doesn’t feel our pain, because, quite simply – he can’t.  There is a psychological component, as well as ideological basis for this belief.

We should no longer beat our heads against the wall – asking the unthinkable, “How can this man be our president?”  All we can do, and must do, is know that in 2012 we must elect an individual who is everything Mr. Obama is not.  The answer to the title, “Whatever happened to Barack Obama?”  The answer…”Nothing.”  He is exactly what he always was, a Marxist who wanted to transform America; he is a man who has nothing in common with her, nor does he accept  what is beautiful about this nation – her exceptionalism.  No matter how the MSM spins the next two years of this presidency, we must remember that while Mr. Obama is entitled to be himself, it should not be at the expense of the American people.

And on a lighter note…

Warning Signs: Top 10 Rejected Obama Mission Names

Elizabeth Taylor RIP

CNN reports:

Taylor died “peacefully today in Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles,” said a statement from her publicist. She was hospitalized six weeks ago with congestive heart failure, “a condition with which she had struggled for many years. Though she had recently suffered a number of complications, her condition had stabilized and it was hoped that she would be able to return home. Sadly, this was not to be.”

The legendary beauty had suffered from a plethora of maladies that threatened her health in her later years.  That she made it to her 79th year is perhaps a blessing.

Here’s a short bio of her life via Sky News:


Rest in peace, Ms. Taylor, may your star shine brightly in heaven.

Man Encouraging Economic Terrorism Visited Obama White House Four Times In Past Two Years According To White House Logs

Yesterday, a video taken at a closed session at a Pace University forum over the weekend, exposing the nefarious plans of former a SEIU official to destroy the US capitalism, made the rounds in the right wing blogosphere. Stephen Lerner can be heard saying:

“It seems to me that we’re in a moment where we need to figure out in a much more, through direct action, much more concrete way how we really are trying to disrupt and create uncertainty for capital, for how corporations operate,” Lerner said during the progressive conference last weekend in New York.

Some dismissed the story because Lerner had been fired by the SEIU for wasting money pushing this very project.  Anyone who is too radical for the SEIU, is a crackpot with very little influence one would think.

But as the Blaze reports, today, a look at White House visiter logs shows that a Stephen Lerner has visited the White House four times in the past two years.

Two of these visits were for public gatherings: a large group’s private White House tour and a White House Hanukkah celebration. But at least two other visits were scheduled for private meetings with high-level executive offices.

On May 22, 2010, Lerner met with a presidential personnel officer who manages economic agencies. While the minimal information in the WH visitor log offers no real information on what this meeting was about, it’s distressing to know a) anyone in the White House would meet with the kind of man who could openly call for the deliberate dismantling of the American economy, and that b) that White House official works to recruit personnel for the federal government’s economic agencies.

Perhaps more telling, the Stephen Lerner listed in the White House logs had an October 16, 2010 appointment scheduled by Tara Corrigan, executive assistant to then-WH political director Patrick Gaspard. Like Lerner, Gaspard spent much of his career working as a lobbyist and executive vice president for SEIU‘s Local 1199 in New York one of the union’s most powerful and notoriously militant chapters. You may recall that Gaspard announced his departure from the White House earlier this year in order to focus on the upcoming 2012 campaign. He now serves as executive director of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) under chairman Tim Kaine.

We have asked the White House to confirm that the reported “Stephen Lerner” is indeed the veteran SEIU organizer, however we still have received no response.

Read The Blaze’s full report.

The White House will no doubt say that this Stephen Lerner is yet another “false positive” like they have with other radicals who’s names have appeared on the  White House guest rolls. Andrew Breitbart noted the dilemma, in this Huffpo oped, yesterday:

The visitor logs that have been released are problematic, because they are simply lists of names, with no way to verify whether a specific name belongs to a particular person.

When the first names were released on Oct. 30, 2009, late on a Friday afternoon, then-White House “ethics czar” Norm Eisen noted the lists included “false positives” — “names that make you think of a well-known person, but are actually someone else.” According to Eisen, these included ordinary visitors named “Michael Jordan, William Ayers, Michael Moore, Jeremiah Wright, Robert Kelly (“R. Kelly”), and Malik Shabazz.”

A number of conservative bloggers noticed the names, but not Eisen’s blog post. With speed and precision suggesting direct coordination from the top, ThinkProgress, the core of the heavily funded John Podesta/George Soros “progressive” world, gleefully attacked its ideological foes for reporting “false positives.” The next release included “Louis Farrakhan” and “James Taylor,” but this time conservatives were more careful.

Yet there is no way to prove that the “false positives” really are false, because the White House refuses to reveal identifying information about visitors. In December 2009, citing visitor logs, Big Government reported that ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis had likely visited the White House on a special “staff tour” on September 5. The timing of Lewis’s visit — as the far-left regrouped in the aftermath of the health care town halls — seemed suspicious.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the the MSM to show an ounce of curiosity about it.



Weasel Zippers: GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz Demands Holder Investigate SEIU Official’s “Terrorist Plans” to Bring Down Banks…

Noted Democrat: War Without Congressional Approval Warrants Impeachment

A top ranking Dem has noted the illegality of war without congressional approval!

“I want to make it clear. And I made it clear to the President that if he takes this nation to war …without Congressional approval. I will make it my business to impeach him. That’s a fact. That is a fact.”

To find out who, click here.


Freshman Dem Senator Comes Out Strongly Against Military Intervention In Middle East


If Election Were Held Today, Michigan’s Governor Snyder Would Lose Still Win

MI Gov. Rick Snyder

Lefty blogs were on fire today with bad polling news for Michigan’s  Republican Governor, Rick Snyder. A new PPP poll shows “Snyder quickly falling out of favor” so that if the election were held today, he would lose by a slim margin, even though he won last November by an 18 percent margin:

If you could do last fall’s election for Governor over again, would you vote for Democrat Virg Bernero or Republican Rick Snyder?  (  D 47 R 45 )   D+2

That’s distressing news for the Governor. I wonder what could have caused such a precipitous drop in his popularity?

The AFLCIO blog has an idea:

… it’s all due to his anti-worker policies.

Here’s why Snyder lost favor so fast. According to a new Public Policy Polling survey released today, his financial martial law bill is hugely unpopular in the state with 50 percent of voters opposing it and only 32 percent supporting it.

Even more Michigan voters (59 percent—32 percent) believe public employees should have the right to collective bargaining and 49 percent would favor a state constitutional amendment to guarantee it and 37 percent would not. Even nonunion households understand the value of collective bargaining with 53 percent saying they support bargaining rights.

Snyder has fallen out of favor with his state’s voters even more than his fellow Republicans Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker have lost favor with their state’s residents.

Gosh, can the voters really be that convinced that Governor Snyder is “anti-worker”, or could there be another explanation. I’m going to check the polls internals…

The March 22 PPP Poll sample shows a Dem  party ID advantage of  +13 points. ….

PPP MARCH 22 2011 POLL SAMPLE PARTY ID:  D 41 R 28 (D+ 13 )

Compare that to their own their own 2010 likely voter survey:

PPP SEPT 21 2010 LIKELY VOTER POLL R 39 D 36 (R+3)

Good grief. It’s abundantly clear to me that the left is pulling out all the stops for their union buddies. They are trying to create an illusion that the budget fixes that are limiting collective bargaining are grossly unpopular with the voters. In order to do that, they have to fudge their numbers. PPP isn’t a trustworthy polling outfit, plain and simple.  Their credibility is on the line, and they don’t even care. The cause comes first.


Rasmussen reports that there has  been almost no change in party ID since the 2010 election, but there are +8 more Republicans then the 2008 election.

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Hat tip: Charles B.