Caught On Tape: A Former SEIU Official’s Plan to Destroy US Capitalism And Redistribute Wealth And Power

This is shocking stuff – not the fact that some forces on the left would try to achieve its goals using a strategy like this, but the fact that the former official of the  SEIU was caught on tape, frankly discussing his plan to destroy the US economy at a Pace University forum, last weekend.

Video via The Blaze.

The Business Insider reports:

The plan is designed to destroy JP Morgan, nuke the stock market, and weaken Wall Street’s grip on power, thus creating the conditions necessary for a redistribution of wealth and a change in government.

The former SEIU official, Stephen Lerner, spoke in a closed session at a Pace University forum last weekend.

The Blaze procured what appears to be a tape of Lerner’s remarks. Many Americans will undoubtely sympathize with and support them. Still, the “destabilization” plan is startling in its specificity, especially coming so close on the heels of the financial crisis.

Lerner said that unions and community organizations are, for all intents and purposes, dead. The only way to achieve their goals, therefore–the redistribution of wealth and the return of “$17 trillion” stolen from the middle class by Wall Street–is to “destabilize the country.”


Lerner’s plan is to organize a mass, coordinated “strike” on mortgage, student loan, and local government debt payments–thus bringing the banks to the edge of insolvency and forcing them to renegotiate the terms of the loans.  This destabilization and turmoil, Lerner hopes, will also crash the stock market, isolating the banking class and allowing for a transfer of power.

Lerner’s plan starts by attacking JP Morgan Chase in early May, with demonstrations on Wall Street, protests at the annual shareholder meeting, and then calls for a coordinated mortgage strike.

Lerner also says explicitly that, although the attack will benefit labor unions, it cannot be seen as being organized by them. It must therefore be run by community organizations.

Lerner was ousted from SEIU last November, reportedly for spending millions of the union’s dollars trying to pursue a plan like the one he details here.  It is not clear what, if any, power and influence he currently wields. His main message–that Wall Street won the financial crisis, that inequality in this country is hitting record levels, and that there appears to be no other way to stop the trend–will almost certainly resonate.

You can read the entire transcript at Business Insider, and watch the uncut video at The Blaze.


Here’s Glenn Beck talking about the economic terrorism on his show, today:


Doug Ross : Didn’t FDR execute a few people for doing what this ex-SEIU official is caught on tape espousing?

If we had a real Attorney General, Lerner would be arrested on the spot for plotting to overthrow the United States government. For waging war against the American people and our Constitution.

I hear that used to be a crime. In fact, if memory serves, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt executed a few American citizens on that charge.

My husband, upon hearing the tape, asked, “isn’t that treason?!” And I just shook my head and said – not to this President and Justice Dept.


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Video: Air Claire

Yesterday the story broke that Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill failed to pay $287,000 in property taxes related to her co-ownership of a private aircraft.

The Weekly Standard reported:

This scandal comes quickly on the heels of recent revelations that McCaskill improperly billed taxpayers for use of the same private aircraft, for which McCaskill reimbursed the Treasury $88,000.

Sen. Claire McCaskill is selling the personal plane that has caused her turbulence in recent weeks after POLITICO revealed she used taxpayer money to cover the cost of political travel.

The first-term Democrat said she was very happy she was able to convince her husband to “sell the damn plane.”

In a conference call Monday afternoon, McCaskill revealed that after her own review of the plane’s records, she had not paid personal property taxes on the aircraft over the past four years.

The NRSC was quick to exploit the scandal:

I should note that conservative Republican Governors  Sarah Palin of Alaska, and Susana Martinez of New Mexico quickly put their expensive state owned planes up for sale when they took office, in order to save the taxpayers money.

That’s how conservative women roll.


Gateway Pundit: Good Grief… Air Claire Registered Her Plane in Delaware to Avoid Paying Taxes Before She Moved It to Missouri Where She Didn’t Pay Taxes


Publius at Big Government reports that McCaskill’s tax problems go far beyond “Air Claire”:

So, Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill ‘forgot’ to pay property taxes on her private jet. (There are at least three things wrong with that sentence.) But, her ‘oversight’ in ‘forgetting’ about a $300,000 tax bill is just the latest example of her pattern of tax problems and obfuscation. The document below details a multi-decade pattern of an apparent belief that laws are for ‘the other people’, not important elected officials like herself. (Oh, and did we mention that one of her husband’s properties was used repeatedly as a crack house?)

See rest at link.


Roll Call: Republicans Crowd Senate Field in Missouri:

The number of Republicans running against Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, who is widely considered among the most vulnerable Democrats up for re-election in 2012, could soon double as she looks to move past recent ethics questions.

Two Republicans are already in, and two more are taking serious looks at the race, which the GOP sees as increasingly winnable. Former Ambassador to Luxembourg Ann Wagner met with the National Republican Senatorial Committee last week to discuss her interest, and Rep. Todd Akin is actively exploring a bid.

The entrance of the former state party chairwoman and the six-term Congressman would further crowd a field that already includes former state Treasurer Sarah Steelman and 2010 House candidate Ed Martin.

As the most highly recognizable name among the four and likely able to raise the most money, Akin, who received a perfect score for the second consecutive year in the American Conservative Union vote ratings, would likely jump to the front of the pack should he decide to run.

Linked by Michelle Malkin in Buzzworthy, thanks!