“Stunning”: Media rips Hillary Clinton over email scandal

This Washington Free Beacon “supercut” highlights the media firestorm over Hillary Clinton’s shady email practices whilst Sec. of State.

Unlike most other Obama-era scandals – EVERYONE is talking about it.

I put “stunning” in sneer-quotes because this is not stunning at all. The liberal media do not want another Clinton in the White House, PERIOD –  with all those bad memories of constant scandals having to be ignored or defended…. All those mortifying stories they were forced to pretend were not a big deal… Her checkered distant and no-so distant past now already coming back to haunt her…. Hillary is damaged goods.

Defending Obama in the face of his lawlessness, duplicity and corruption is probably doing them all sorts of psychic pain. His Praetorian media have almost two more years to go of defending the indefensible, and it must be getting old. Those who still retain some semblance of a soul, are getting worn down.

The Democrat party today is run like a criminal organization, so you would think their media water-carriers would be comfortable with covering up scandals – and of course – many of them do quite willfully and cheerfully do embrace that – but more and more they make themselves look ridiculous in doing so.

In the beginning of the Obama era – the media could paint his critics as haters, racists, conspiracy-mongers, “RWNJs” etc – because he was still an unknown quantity (to most Americans.) It was a free-for-all for the left and they enjoyed every minute of it. But those Obama-worshiping days are (for the most part) over.  Now that the public has lived under King Putt’s divisive, scandal-ridden, disastrous, imperial reign for six years, the critics can no longer be scoffed at.

Hillary still has some loyalists in the media who are willing to carry her water. But the dominant voices want to moveon.org.

Backers of the fundamental transformation want a fresh face to take the driver’s seat in 2017.


Lizzie Warren is the Change They Believe In, now – and she is the present Regime’s choice.

Hillary is toast, whether she realizes it, or not.


You can put Politico in the pro-Hillary camp.

Ace of Spades HQ: TMZ Dares to Ask Hillary a Question About EmailGate; Politico Brands This Uncouth Act of Journalism “Stalking”

Hot Air: Video: U.S. media outlet goes rogue, asks would-be president about her crooked recordkeeping



WFB: MSNBC: Clinton’s Email Tweet is Nonsense, ‘Insulting To Americans’ Intelligence’

WFB: Experts: Clinton Bought ‘High-End Security’ but Forgot Last Step, Left Server Vulnerable

WFB: ABC: Clinton’s Email Disclosure ‘Going to Be on the Honor System’

The Washington Examiner: Why can’t Hillary Clinton take questions from the press


11 thoughts on ““Stunning”: Media rips Hillary Clinton over email scandal

  1. Having already stating my position on Hillary, I’ll be sticking with it. These are the Clinton’s, after all: “when I see a stake through her forehead and chest, I’ll believe she is finished and not running”.

    I must now admit, “someone” has the daggers out for her and is feeding this stuff to the NYslimes. A while back when the story broke in the NYslimes about the finances at their RICO racket, {the Clinton Foundation} there was speculations that Lil Mario {Andy} was doing it. I personally doubt it, despite popular lib belief, brains DO NOT run in the Cuomo family tree and this latest version doesn’t fall far from the family tree.

    I will admit though that Hillary has a rather large fork stuff in her arse right about now over all of this stuff.

    And another thing:
    This Benghazi Committee headed by Gowdy proves without a doubt that all the other investigations on this issue was never serious or even attempted to get any legitimate answers on the issue. It was all for show and to get face time. If it weren’t for Judicial Watch and Gowdy we would still be spinning our wheels and know nothing. Darrell Issa was a complete fraud and never attempted to find out anything.

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  2. I suspect that team Hillary thinks they can ride out this scandal the same way Obama has ridden out all of his scandals – deny any wrongdoing, pretend to to be cooperating with an investigation while stonewalling, and six months down the road, call it an old story that has been investigated. #Winning
    But unfortunately for Hillary, ‘the powers that be’ aren’t going to let her get away with it. They really do want to clear the decks for Warren.


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