Your Sunday Hymn: Shelter Me Oh God

A comfort hymn for those experiencing troubled times.


Shepherd me, O God, beyond my wants,
D/B     C           D          Em   Am G/E  A
beyond my fears, from death into life.


Em        Am           G/E             A
God is my shepherd, so nothing I shall want,
Em          Am         G/E              A
I rest in the meadows of faithfulness and love,
C           Am    Bm     D   Em     Am  G/E  A
I walk by the quiet waters of peace.


Em         Am           G/E           A
Gently you raise me and heal my weary soul,
Em          Am         G/E               A
you lead me by pathways of righteousness and truth,
C            Am       Bm    D       Em     Am  G/E  A
my spirit shall sing the music of your Name.


Em              Am         G/E       A
Though I should wander the valley of death,
Em      Am        G/E           A
I fear no evil, for you are at my side,
C            Am        Bm      D      Em   Am  G/E  A
your rod and your staff, my comfort and my hope.

D G  C                 D       C   D
You have set me a banquet of love
G              C      Am
in the face of hatred,
F#             B
crowning me with love beyond my pow’r to hold.

Em          Am           G/E          A
Surely your kindness and mercy follow me
C       D          A
all the days of my life;
C                   Bm          Am     D   Em   Am  G/E  A
I will dwell in the house of my God forevermore.

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2 Responses to “Your Sunday Hymn: Shelter Me Oh God”

  1. Teresa Rice Says:

    One of my favorites hymns! Thank you for posting. God Bless.

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