Video:Judd Gregg Hits Back At Contessa Brewer In MSNBC Interview

David Shuster wasn’t the only MSNBC host who got an earful from a conservative guest, yesterday. NH Senator Judd Greg appeared yesterday on MSNBC to answer questions about  Obama’s economic plan, and wasn’t in the mood for any crap from the anchorettes, Melissa Frances and Contessa Brewer. According to the American Thinker, the fireworks began when Frances insisted that Greg’s ideas to cut federal spending were just “good in theory” , and Gregg responded, “How do you get off saying something like that?”:

“You’ve got to have some integrity on your side of the camera, too”.

Kyle Drennen at Newsbusters reports that their show, It’s The Economy” is “soon to be canceled”.

It’s not hard to  see why.



11 thoughts on “Video:Judd Gregg Hits Back At Contessa Brewer In MSNBC Interview

  1. “Are you willing to tell schools, ‘No money (or soup!) for you.'”

    Yeah, yeah, yeah …. and we’re gonna’ cancel police & fire depts too. (*sheesh*)

    It’s a “when did you stop beating your wife” question.

    It’s about time someone push back against liberal propaganda. Go Judd!


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  6. Speaking of integrity, he brings up the bill he says he introduced with Conrad two days before. Guess what, he voted against his own bill!! So much for integrity, Senator! Don’t count on clowns like this to provide any kind of bi-partisanship. He’s a tool!


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