Video: Boehner Gave A Pretty Good Speech, too

Does he seem  little tee’d off, here? A little tense, maybe? Wee wee’d up, even?

When you’re forced to watch the *Dem Socialists  run the nation into the ground on a party line vote, after doing everything in your power to stop it, while knowing the majority of your fellow Americans agree with you….that’s got to be frustrating.

*Remember how almost a year ago, the RNC briefly considered a resolution to rebrand Dems as the Democrat Socialist party? And how that idea was quickly shot down by many conservatives who thought it was “stupid”, unserious, and wouldn’t be popular with the public?


Still think that?

What the hell are they if not the Democrat Socialists of America?

Video via Breitbart.

Hat tip: Hot Air Headlines


5 thoughts on “Video: Boehner Gave A Pretty Good Speech, too

  1. Unlikely that I come back. And I don’t give a damn if the GOP gains seats. We’ve still got the veto.

    We’ve won what we aimed for. And we owe a debt of gratitude to the teabag movement. We couldn’t have done it without those ignorant racist rednecks.


  2. Ya think? You race obsessed D-baggers couldn’t have done it without the help of the tea party movement which represented the majority of the American people who oppose it? Explain.


  3. i can’t wait tell all the people who voted dem, don’t pay their premiums, and have the new 16000 irs agents show up to collect the money.. then they all will be crying,, enjoy the snow job dummies


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