Highlights From Day 5 of Wisconsin Protests

Thousands gathered at governor’s office. Photo by Abel Uribe, Chicago Trib

Channeling Norma Rae? Give me a break! Photo credit Abel Uribe, Chicago Trib.

Counter-protesters rally in Madison, WI, 2/19/11 photo credit: Abel Uribe, Chicago Trib

Supporting the governor (Abel Uribe, Chicago Tribune / February 19, 2011)

Saturday saw the largest crowds of protesters in Madison, WI, yet,  with tens of thousands of union members rallying at the Capital, and Jurassic commies from other states astroturfed in to join the fray. Conservatives, (being off work for the weekend) also showed up to counter-protest, led by Americans For Prosperity. Also taking part in his new favorite past time, (“bar tricks” at lefty protests), was Andrew Breitbart, who was able to snag a doctor’s note  from an ethics challenged doctor:

Michelle Malkin reports:

Doctors told an interviewer in video from the MacIver Institute that the fake teachers have “mental health” challenges; another defensive doctor accused the interviewer of interfering with “private,” protected “confidential” consultations — in the middle of a public demonstration.


Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? White House used fake doctors to promote Obamacare. DNC/Big Labor protesters use fake doctors’ notes to protect Wisconsin union monopoly.

Wisconsin blogger/professor Ann Althouse will be reporting more on her interview with the group of doctors handing out the notes.

See Malkin for much more on Saturday’s protests, including recourse for the voters having to deal with AWOL Dem Senators.

Karl Denninger at The Market Ticker tells Wisconsin’s Unions: Sit And Spin:

The unions want everyone to pay more taxes.  But we have paid more taxes.  What we haven’t gotten for our taxes is better results.  So we’re paying for nothing – a pig in a poke.

The money doesn’t exist.  Private sector employees have had to suck it up, work harder and get paid less.  There’s no way around this – you can’t spend what you don’t have forever.

The public unions think they’re exempt from the laws of mathematics.  They’re not.  All they can do is what they’re doing – try to hold people up.

It’s time to say no and shut them down.

You’re free to speak all you want.  You’re free to protest.  You’re not free to spend the taxpayers money to pay you to protest, and you’re not free to lie about the reason you’re not showing up for work.

When I ran my company if you lied to me about why you were not coming to workyour job was toast.  No ifs, ands, buts or maybes, and no second chances.


Either go back to work or get fired and replaced.

End of discussion.

Doug Ross says this fraud exemplifies everything that’s wrong with unions and the Democrat party.

Democrats: flee the state rather than honor the democratic process. Protest having to pay a measly amount of their salaries toward their own retirement and benefits, which everyone else in America has to do. Hold an illegal strike under the guise of a “sick out” — leaving kids and parents in the lurch.

Ross also comments on the unrealistic,  math-challenged complaints of the unions:

The economy is flat on its back and the states’ pension systems are about to collapse.

And the crybabies in Wisconsinare complaining that they’ll have to contribute 5.8% of their salaries towards pensions and contribute 12.6% of their health insurance premiums (hint: the national averages for real workers — real because they’re the taxpayers, not the tax-takers — are 7.5% and 20%, respectively).

What in the heck is the matter with these people?

See also:

Breitbart TV: Breitbart in Madison: ‘America Will Be Community Organized No More!’



9 thoughts on “Highlights From Day 5 of Wisconsin Protests

  1. Posted by: Amie Location: Pennsylvania on Feb 19, 2011 at 12:42 PM

    Here’s a picket sign I wish I could see outside the Madison statehouse. You don’t want to pay for 1/2 of your benefits…I don’t want to pay for ALL of them!


  2. I can only hope at this point that all this THUGGISH behavior by Obama, the Unions and the entitlement minded protestors in Wisconsin, WILL WAKE UP ENOUGH VOTERS to vote Republican in 2012.
    It’s going to be a rough 2 years.
    I am so grateful to you ND and other Conservative bloggers for the hard work y’all do to keep us informed. You are Patriot Warriors with your keyboards.


  3. Pingback: Michelle Malkin: Badger State Battle: Unions vs. Tea Party in Wisconsin; Runaway Dems could be AWOL “for weeks;” recall campaigns launched; nine anti-Walker protesters arrested; fake doctors’ notes for fake sick teachers (VIDEO)

  4. What is wrong with these people? For the left, this is all about their economic lifeline. Public sector unions are the cash cow of the Democrat Party, providing a conduit for a nearly inexhausable supply of tax payer money to the Democrat Party. For Wisconsin voters, this is about whether their vote counts in our form of government. It is about whether taxpayers can vote for fiscal sanity and control of the economic future of their locales and states. For Democrats, doing all they can to undermine the course of democracy in Wisconsin, this is an existential battle to prevent a domino fall of the economic foundation of the Democrat Party. It is an atrocity.


  5. GW says:
    “Public sector unions are the cash cow of the Democrat Party, providing a conduit for a nearly inexhausable supply of tax payer money to the Democrat Party.”

    That’s pretty much all that needs to be known about Nancy Pelosi’s “solidarity” and Obama’s website mobilization.


  6. Of course Michelle, the DNC had to bus people in for their contribution of paid protesters. I saw an interview of a kid who was asked “what are you protesting”…..he had no clue. I think that defines the typical Obama voter! I guess the younger generation who thought is was “cool” to vote for Obama….didn’t realize how much of the spending will be left on their lap to pay. Also note something different here. Try to Google the story using Google…..look who gets the air time and who gets put on page 4…always the liberal media comes first. Hmm, does this have something to do with the liberals that helped overthrow Egypt that are VPs of Google?


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