Video: Obama Threatens to do to the Manufacturing Industry What He Did to the Auto Industry – Mark Levin Responds


Out on the campaign trail today, Obama threatened to do to the manufacturing industry, what he did to the auto industry, which caused pounding heart palpitations to non union workers all across the nation.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

President Obama said Thursday he wanted to “do the same thing with manufacturing jobs, not just in the auto industry, but in every industry,” in a Pueblo, Colo. campaign speech.

OBAMA: I said, I believe in American workers, I believe in this American industry, and now the American auto industry has come roaring back and GM’s number one again. Now I want to do the same thing with manufacturing jobs, not just in the auto industry, but in every industry.

Obama’s flunkies at The Politico are already trying to make Obama’s stunning words into a “You didn’t build that”/”I didn’t say that” moment.

Ace reports:

Politico has now “fixed” the story, because they claim they were “unclear” about Obama’s intent, about his main thrust. Although they don’t say so, they’re attempting to now say Obama did not mean he wants to heavily invest government money in every industry — even though his actual examples are about precisely that (subsidies for the wind farm industry, for example).

Another case where the Obama Palace Guard actually has a scoop but refuses to report it, or at least report it as such — thus Drudge sweeps in and gets it right.

And Drudge does get it right, despite Politico’s attempt to cover up yet another “I didn’t say that” moment by Obama.

Mark Levin had audio of Obama’s words teed up and ready to go for his Thursday show:

He hat tipped Seton Motley of Less Government, who has written extensively about the auto bailouts on numerous blogs, including Big Government, Newsbusters, and PJ Media.

In Seton’s latest post at PJ tatler, he wrote, General Motors is Imploding — and Team Obama is Lying About It:

Last week we cataloged how much General Motors (GM) likes firing people.

As we pointed out, 2009 was not a good year if you were a Republican-donating GM or Chrysler dealer.

(M)ultiple dealers who have been closed are found to have contributed millions to Republicans and mere hundreds to Obama….

“It became clear to us that Chrysler does not see the wisdom of terminating 25 percent of its dealers. It really wasn’t Chrysler’s decision. They are under enormous pressure from the President (Obama)’s automotive task force,” said attorney Leonard Bellavia.

The $82 billion automotive bailout was supposed to “create or save” American jobs.  But this Republican hunt killed 100,000 gigs right out of the gate.

And Europe has (again) become a GM employee graveyard.

GM Heads Roll in Europe

GM intends to shed another 500 managers in Europe, adding to the 8,000 factory workers let go over the past three years as part of a massive though only modestly successful push to cut costs.

GM is serially throwing people over the side in part as a personnel bailing of the sinking ship.  But it appears the Bad Ship Bailout is going down even faster than we knew – or they can address.

Sit back and take in the additional cavalcades of terrible Government Motors news.

Dan Akerson Runs GM With A Tight Fist, But Appears To Be Losing His Grip

Series Of High Level Executions Paint A Picture Of GM in Turmoil

Two weeks ago, Opel chief Karl-Friedrich Stracke presented numbers to Dan Akerson. Akerson fires him.  Opel gets two interim chiefs in a week.  Last Thursday, Opel’s new design chief Dave Lyon doesn’t even start his job….A day later, global marketing chief Joel Ewanick suddenly leaves. Instead of wishing him all the best for his future endeavors, GM spokesman Greg Martin puts a knife in Ewanick’s back: “He failed to meet the expectations the company has of an employee.”…

It all looks like (President Obama-appointee CEO) Dan Akerson is panicking. The GM stock is at an all-time low. GM is losing market share. When July numbers will be announced this week, GM won’t look so good, industry oracles say. Mass executions always are great to deflect criticism – for a while.

Speaking of that “all-time low” stock:

We are still stuck with 500+ million shares of the stuff.  For us to break even, they must be sold at $53 per.  They debuted post-bankruptcy at $33 per.  They closed on Tuesday at $19.71 per.  Setting us up for a nearly $17 billion loss – just on the stock.

Speaking of those “industry oracles”:

General Motors Faces Head Winds Ahead Of Q2 Report

For GM earnings, analysts forecast 74 cents per share, down 52% from a year ago.

Head winds?

Akerson…is getting impatient with the slow pace of GM’s revival.

“Earnings…down 52% from a year ago” isn’t a “slow pace revival.”  It is a free fall implosion.  Remind you of anything else?

U.S. Growth Falls to 1.5%; a Recovery Seems Mired

GM is “recovering” – like the entire Obama Economy is “recovering.”

GM  is not “roaring back”.

Video: New GOP Ad Hits Stephanie Cutter Upside the Head For Super PAC Lies

And poor, poor Stephanie Cutter is really taking it on the chin on Twitter: Boom! Awesomely brutal GOP ad slams Stephanie Cutter for moving her lips:

Like the rest of Team Obama, Cutter shamelessly feigned ignorance of the story former steelworker Joe Soptic told about his wife’s illness in this week’s Priorities USA ad. You know, the despicable Obama super PAC ad that falsely linked Soptic’s wife’s death to GOP candidate Mitt Romney.

“I don’t know the facts of when Joe Soptic’s wife got sick or when she died,” Cutter told CNN.

But of course, Cutter was intimately familiar with the details, having used him as a campaign prop on a conference call earlier this year. She even thanked him for “sharing his experiences.” Not only that, the campaign featured Soptic in two ads.

Cutter’s rank dishonesty is captured in a beautifully executed new ad from the Republican National Committee that asks, “What else are they lying about?”

See also at Twitchy:

Radio silence at Stephanie Cutter’s Twitter page; Update: She’s back!

#FireLiarStef: Meet Stephanie Cutter, lying liar who lies

#BillBurtonsBeliefs: Lanny Davis, citizens call out Obama SuperPAC’s Bill Burton for his repugnant lies



CNN Hammers Obama for Vicious Super PAC Ad – Morning Joe Skewers WH For *Getting Caught* in Such Petty Lies (Video)

For two days straight, now,  CNN has been hammering Obama  for the vicious and patently dishonest super PAC ad, that most other networks have been ignoring.

Newsbusters reported:

“I think it is deliberately mendacious,” stated CNN’s Piers Morgan on Wednesday. “It is a deliberate attempt to lie and smear about Mitt Romney. And I find it contemptible. I mean I’m really appalled.” The three networks showed no such disdain for the ad which will air in battleground states, because they failed to even mention it on Tuesday and Wednesday. [Video coming soon.]

Bill Burton was President Obama’s national press secretary during the 2008 campaign, a connection that CNN reported and which makes his super PAC’s ad all the more relevant during an election season where the media should be policing false and misleading ads.

“The President cannot hide behind a Super PAC on an ad as nasty as this one when that Super PAC is run by a friend and longtime deputy,” stated Erin Burnett. “Bill Burton knows the President’s ethics very well and it is fair to hold him up to this standard.”

“The facts on this ad don’t even add up,” reported Burnett. Anderson Cooper called it “a factually bogus ad from the leading pro-Obama super PAC.” Correspondent Brianna Keilar, whose critical fact-checking first aired on Tuesday evening, stood by her reporting on Wednesday.

“So it just seemed like there was very much an incomplete picture in this ad,” she said, adding “I think it’s inaccurate” and “there are a number of factors that aren’t mentioned in the ad.”

Meanwhile, on MSNBC, the Morning Joe crew also skewered the ad, calling it  indefensible:


“These are all people who we know, who we like, these are all people who are being told to do something that makes them look bad, makes the White House look bad, making their President look bad. I think it’s a real mistake.”

Everybody knows that they are not their own people. They’re speaking for a White House. They are speaking for a President and they are being told what to say before they go out and give their briefings. I don’t know who’s instructing them to not tell the truth, but whoever it is is doing a disservice not only to them, but the campaign, and the President himself. I can’t believe that an organization that is this good has allowed itself to get in such petty lies over the past 24 hours. Move on, I just don’t get it.”

Except these are not “petty lies” the Obama camp is getting caught in. There is no redemption for a campaign that manufactures such despicable, damnable lies. It should surprise no one that they are feigning ignorance  as another one of  their stink bombs  blows up in their faces.

Video: New Romney Ad, ” Be Not Afraid” Hits Obama on Contraception Mandate

Timed to respond to Obama’s attempt to shore up the stupid woman vote by invoking the phony ” GOP war on women” theme, yesterday in  Colorado, this new ad dings Obama for his actual war on religion.

Via Hot Air:

Today they have a new ad, “Be Not Afraid,” which accuses Obama of conducting a war on religion by forcing companies to fully fund and facilitate access to contraception — even faith-based organizations like religious schools, charities, and hospitals.  The ad makes a play for Catholic voters with references to Pope John Paul II and Lech Walesa, leveraging Romney’s recent successful visit to Poland:

The HHS Mandate is a direct attack on religious freedom and an assault on all people of faith, is the message conveyed in this powerful ad by Catholic Vote:

On August 1, 2012, Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, shared with his staff a memo during the morning briefing.

Will this era become a time of martyrdom for the Church, or will goodness triumph over evil?

We won’t know until November.


Via LifeNews:

The ad is already drawing praise from pro-life circles — including Thomas Peters of Catholic Vote.

President Obama spent yesterday in Colorado, being introduced by pro-abortion activist (and Planned Parenthood’s favorite person) Sandra Fluke. During his campaign stop, the President made clear (once again) that he won’t back down on the HHS mandate,” he said. “Furthermore, the President falsely claimed that he has reached a compromise with Catholics and other faith leaders – revealing just how disingenuous his negotiations have become at this point.”

Sigh: Watch Sadly Vacuous Women Outside the Obama/Fluke Rally Get Interviewed (Video)

As Ann Coulter said on Hannity, Wednesday night, stupid single women are Obama’s base.

So what did he do when he saw that he was down in the polls in Colorado? He hurried out there with the new Democrat heroine, Sandra Fluke – the living embodiment of “Julia” – to rally the base.

Caleb Bonham of Revealing Politics interviewed some of the attendees after the extravaganza was over. These women are sadly typical Democrat voters – uninformed drones:

Revealing Politics has decided to play along with Obama’s distraction from the economy. We sent our resident “expert on female issues”, Caleb Bonham, to interview attendees. The results are shocking and hilarious.

Linked by Ushanka, creator of the Commie Obama hat, thanks!