Video: Paul Ryan Tells Ohio Crowd: Obama Campaign “Based on Frustration and Anger”

Rep. Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney’s running mate, stopped at Walsh University, a Catholic university in  North Canton, OH, Thursday morning.  He told the crowd of 2,000 that “Obama has run out of ideas, that’s why his campaign is based on frustration and anger.”

That is putting it too nicely. It’s not just because his policy ideas are repellent to most people  that Obama is running such a negative campaign. Obama whole Presidency has been based on a divide and conquer strategy. He and his media acolytes have actively engaged in divisive rhetoric to promote racial strife, class warfare, religious bigotry, and more  as evidenced by this latest egregious example on MSNBC

“The President was talking about Medicare”, yesterday, Ryan said with an impish grin, “I’m excited about this…” (Pause for applause)….”This is a debate we want to have, this is a debate we need to have, and this is a debate we’re going to WIN.”

MentorPatch reported:

While many at Thursday’s rally for GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan said they were familiar with his political ideas, going to the event was all about seeing the the newly minted GOP vice presidential candidate in the flesh.

Nearly 2,000 people turned out at Walsh University on Thursday to get a glimpse of the 42-year-old congressman and hear first-hand about his ideas and political philosophy.

Ryan is on his second day of visits to small Ohio colleges. He made a campaign stop Wednesday at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio in solidly Republican Butler County. Ryan graduated from Miami University in 1992, the New York Times reports.

Here’s raw video of Ryan’s opening remarks that include a humorous dig at Bumbling Joe  Biden, (who it appears, will indeed remain on the Obama 2012 ticket.)

Many at Thursday’s rally were college students. Ryan made a clear pitch to them early on by saying, “Obama has been more concerned with the next election than he’s been with the next generation.”

“Mitt Romney and I will protect and strengthen Medicare and leave it intact for seniors and save it for the next generation,” Ryan said.

Ryan’s youthfulness is one reason rally attendee Carole Gibson is excited about the GOP presidential ticket. She thinks Ryan’s youth makes him a forward-thinking politician.

“I like that he is thinking for the future of my children and not just worried about my age and older,” the North Canton resident said while waiting in line to get in to the rally early Thursday. “If we keep going the way we’re going, there’s not going to be much of a future.”

Her daughter, Stephanie Winkler, 20, said she doesn’t know a lot about Ryan, but she’s excited to learn more about the Romney/Ryan campaign today.

“I know Romney’s political stance a little better, but since Ryan’s so new, it would be nice to be informed,” said Winkler, a Malone University junior majoring in psychology.

Others at Thursday’s event said they were thoroughly familiar with the GOP philosophy, but merely wanted to see the 42-year-old congressman in the flesh.

“We’re just here to see him in person,” said Roy Benedum, 82, of Doylestown.

His wife, Pat Benedum, 75, said Thursday’s event was the first time either had come to a political rally. An energized ticket is what brought them there, she said.

“This is the first time in our lives we have ever come to anything like this. And here we are — in our advanced years — because we’re so excited.”

It’s wonderful that Ryan/Romney are embracing the Medicare debate because this is the hill that they will either live or die on, and with the smart and articulate budget master, Ryan on the ticket, Romney is exponentially more likely to win the battle. Independent voters will take the sober, thoughtful and sincere Ryan, over hysterical, lying demagoguery, every time. No fair minded person of reasonable intelligence really believes Paul Ryan wants to throw granny off the cliff.

More and more people are turning away from the Dems’ shabby demagoguery, as this Florida Rasmussen poll indicates:  More Fear ObamaCare than Ryan’s Medicare Plan:

Fox News reports-

Florida voters are more afraid of President Obama’s health care overhaul than Paul Ryan’s budget plan when it comes to Medicare’s future, according to a Rasmussen Reports poll released Thursday.

The poll of 500 likely Florida voters asked which plan “scares” them more.

Forty-eight percent chose the health care law. Forty-one percent chose Ryan’s plan – while 11 percent weren’t sure.

Bill Whittle says having Paul Ryan on the ticket is a great way to win — or lose.


Powerline: A dog that hasn’t barked:

While Medicare is an important issue to highlight during the campaign, it is not by any stretch of the imagination the only one they should be addressing.

Scott Johnson wants to see the Romney/Ryan team talking about the Obama administration’s lawlessness.

“The dog that didn’t bark” has become a cliche of the kind I try to avoid, and here I am misusing it, but I want to make a point about a theme that the Romney campaign should be raising against Obama in the course of the campaign and hasn’t. It is a dog that should be barking like crazy. I mean the Obama administration’s lawlessness.

Yesterday gave us the commencement of of Obama’s DREAM Act by executive decree. Even Obama had recognized at one time that he lacks the authority to do that.

The day before yesterday, so to speak, gave us Obama’s abrogation of welfare reform’s work requirement. Hey, it’s illegal.

The early days of the Obama administration gave us Obama’s reshuffling of bankruptcy priorities in favor of the administration’s union friends in the course of the auto bailout. “We have just seen an episode of Gangster Government,” Michael Barone observed at the time. “It is likely to be part of a continuing series.” The administration’s promotion of Obamacare provided Barone another installment in the Gangster Government series. Barone returned to the theme in “Gangster Government becomes a long-running series.” (Barone also contributed a valuable introduction to David Freddoso’s book on the subject.)

And then we have Fast and Furious along with the administration’s stonewalling. Katie Pavlich wrote the book on that one.

Etc.  So much low hanging fruit- so little time.

Video: New Romney Ad Hits Obama on His 700 Billion in Medicare Cuts “Achievement”

The RNC is released “Achievement” to expose the absurdity of  Democrats’ demagoguing the Romney-Ryan approach to saving Medicare, when Obama is the only one to have actually cut over $700 billion dollars from current retirees — quite an achievement.

The brilliant Ramirez encapsulates the Democrats’ dilemma in one simple picture:

“Mediscare” was not supposed to look like this.


AoSHQ: Democrats Starting To Realize They Might Lose The Medicare Argument?

This is how they’ll win — if they do win.

In the last few days, the Romney campaign has moved to dramatically change the terrain of Medicare politics, and it looks like the Democrats are beginning to realize how vulnerable they might be. Because of Obamacare, it is the Democrats who now plan to cut current seniors’ benefits (especially those in Medicare Advantage) and access to care (thanks to the IPAB) while still failing to avert the program’s (and the nation’s) fiscal collapse, and because Romney would repeal Obamacare and pursue a version of the Ryan-Wyden premium-support reform it is the Republicans who would protect current seniors’ benefits and make them available to future seniors while saving the program from collapse through market reforms. Through the candidates’ statements this week and through this new ad, Romney and Ryan have made clear they’re going to inform voters about this and force the Democrats to defend themselves on Medicare.

They are used to Republicans assuming a defensive crouch in the wake of their mediscare demagoguery. Now, horror of horrors,  it’s their turn to be in the defensive crouch.


Weekly Standard: Senior Citizens Greet Paul Ryan: ‘Good Luck! Kick Ass


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