Mary Matalin: “We Are Going to Win Missouri and Wagner is Going to be Our Candidate”

Hope springs eternal.

Matalin is a consummate political insider, so it’s hardly likely that she doesn’t have an inside line on this…

Via Outside the Beltway: Republicans Planning Write-In Candidate Against Akin?

Mary Matalin suggested on ABC News’s This Week that top Republicans are planning to fund a write-in candidate against Todd Akin if he fails to remove himself from the Missouri Senate race: 

This morning on ABC News, however, Mary Matalin — a well-connected GOP operative — suggested that Republicans would run a write-in candidate to defeat Akin. Matlin said that, if necessary, Republicans would “transfer the money” to Ann Wagner — a former chairwoman of the Missouri GOP who is currently running for Congress — to run as a 3rd party or write-in candidate. Transcript:

Matalin: We are going to win Missouri and Wagner is going to be our candidate.The party is going to get Ann Wagner in.

Stephanapolous: So you are just convinced he’s going to get out

Matalin: Or we’ll run a third party, we’ll run a write-in. We can do it. We have the money to do it. We are going to transfer the money. It’s not as easy. But it’s a good state for Romney and we will get it back.

Very interesting. Watch the video at the link.

Ann Coulter has been recommending for days that Republicans drop a nuclear bomb on Akin, suggesting a write-in campaign for a popular Republican, such as Kit Bond, former governor and senator from Missouri. Kit Bond is retired and not interested, but Ann Wagner appears to be game.

The other big political news, Sunday, was this shocka: Unpopular Former Republican Governor Endorses Unpopular Democrat President:

Charlie Crist, who lost the 2010 Senate campaign to Marco Rubio, publishes his endorsement on the editorial page of today’s Tampa Bay Times:

As America prepares to pick our president for the next four years — and as Florida prepares once again to play a decisive role — I’m confident that President Barack Obama is the right leader for our state and the nation.

“Corrupt” wouldn’t fit in the headline, but it’s not like we’ve forgotten all the shenanigans alleged against former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist by his former handpicked state party chairman, who has since been indicted on federal corruption charges. More importantly, however, Crist represents no constituency other than himself.

I can barely work up enough interest to register a “who the @#$%& cares?” reaction to that one.

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Your Sunday Hymn: Praise You in This Storm

Keeping in mind the hurricane that is currently bearing down on West coast of Florida, I searched for a good storm related hymn for this Sunday.

I found and rather liked this performance by the all female group, “Into Hymns”:

Into Hymn performs “Praise You in This Storm” by Casting Crowns at our 10 Year Reunion concert in April 2009. Soloist: Claire H.
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