Ann Romney’s RNC Speech Tugs at the Heart Strings

Ann Romney, told the nation that her husband Mitt is  “the man America needs” during her prime-time address to the GOP convention, Tuesday evening. It was a speech crafted to reach out to women, and also to soften her husband’s image.

Fox News reported:

Ann Romney tried Tuesday night to bring some love – and some truth — to a presidential race marked recently by accusations of half-truths and lies — in a speech that paid homage to women and attempted to share Mitt Romney’s personal side to America.

“I want to talk not about what divides us, but what holds us together as an American family,” said Romney, whose husband had received the GOP presidential nomination just hours earlier. “Tonight I want to talk to you about love.”

Ann Romney, in a roughly 30-minute speech that ended with Mitt Romney walking on stage and kissing his wife, said it is women who are the unsung heroes of families

I know there’s not a woman in America who isn’t looking at this 60-odd year old woman, and marveling at her youthful radiance. Whatever her secret is – I want some.


Andrew Ferguson of The Weekly Standard: Learning to Like Mitt:

Ferguson  lists the reasons he (and many of us on the right) had for not liking Mitt –  “that half-smile of pitying condescension in debates or interviews when someone disagrees with him, the Ken doll mannerisms, his wanton use of the word “gosh”—the whole Romney package”. In sum, he never seemed genuine. But as many of us get to know him better, we are ashamed of how we used to feel.

Evidently not many of my fellow Republicans agreed. I assumed I was missing something and resolved to dive into the Romney literature, which I soon discovered should post a disclaimer, like a motel pool: NO DIVING. By my count the literature includes one good book, The Real Romney, by two reporters from the Boston Globe. That’s the same Globe with the leftward tilt to its axis and a legendary anti-Romney animus—which lends authority to their largely favorable portrait. The flattering details of Romney’s life were so numerous and unavoidable that the authors, dammit, had no choice but to include them.


Almost every personal detail about Romney I found endearing. But my slowly softening opinion went instantly to goo when The Real Romney unfolded an account of his endless kindnesses—unbidden, unsung, and utterly gratuitous. “It seems that everyone who has known him has a tale of his altruism,” the authors write. I was struck by the story of a Mormon family called (unfortunately) Nixon. In the 1990s a car wreck rendered two of their boys quadriplegics. Drained financially from extraordinary expenses, Mr. Nixon got a call from Romney, whom he barely knew, asking if he could stop by on Christmas Eve. When the day came, all the Romneys arrived bearing presents, including a VCR and a new sound system the Romney boys set up. Later Romney told Nixon that he could take care of the children’s college tuition, which in the end proved unnecessary. “I knew how busy he was,” Nixon told the authors. “He was actually teaching his boys, saying, ‘This is what we do. We do this as a family.’ ”


Video: Artur Davis Has His Zell Miller Moment.

One of the highlights of the 2004 Republican Convention was Zell Miller, the formerly  Democrat senator from Georgia, who switched parties  to endorse President George W. Bush’s reelection bid. His passionate speech will long be remembered.

Tonight, it was the former Alabama Democratic, Artur Davis’  turn to have his moment in the sun:

“America is the land of second chances,” Davis said. “And I gather in this close race you have room for the estimated six million of us who got it wrong in 2008 and who want to fix it. Maybe we should have known that night in Denver that things that began with Styrofoam, Greek columns, and artificial smoke typically don’t end well. Maybe the Hollywood stars and the glamour blinded us a little. Maybe you were blinded by what some of us thought was a halo. “

Obama’s Orwellian “Truth Team” unloaded on Davis with predictable venom, characterizing his party change as an opportunistic political calculation.

Once a strong supporter of moving our country forward, Alabama’s former Rep. Artur Davis switched parties after meeting with defeat in his run for governor and is now joining the GOP in launching unfounded attacks against President Obama at the Republican National Convention.

But his former colleagues in the Congressional Black Caucus remember Davis before his political switch, and have come to the conclusion that Davis’ decision to switch political parties was a “result of a nakedly personal and political calculation or simmering anguish after failing to secure the Democratic nomination for governor of the State of Alabama in 2010.” In a letter to Davis, they remind him—and Americans—of the facts about his record:

[L]ess than two years ago, you routinely touted your progressive record as a member of the House of Representatives.  You supported the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the Wall Street reform bill, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, and ending tax subsidies for oil companies.  Despite voting against the final bill, you even supported major pillars of the Affordable Care Act like banning discrimination against pre-existing conditions, expanding Medicaid, and providing tax breaks to small businesses that provide health care, to name a few.

Contrary to your recent declarations, you hailed President Barack Obama as a “beacon of leadership,” touted President Obama as your “model,” and widely described the President as a friend.  As a member of the House of Representatives, you supported President Obama’s agenda 95% of the time, were quoted saying “I agree with him on everything,” and repeatedly invoked President Obama in your failed gubernatorial campaign.


Hey losers?  He woke up and smelled the coffee – saw the fallacies in Obama’s “hope and change” . And he changed his mind.

And for that he has earned himself a place on Obama’s Enemies List.

A Star is Born: Standing O For Mia Love at RNC (Video)

Charismatic Utah Congressional candidate, Mia Love kicked off the RNC convention, Tuesday night, with a powerful speech that had the audience on their feet cheering. Love,  a rising star in the Republican party, would if elected, be the first black Republican woman ever elected to congress.

Transcript from the speech, via The Daily Caller:

“Let me tell you about the America I know,” Love began. “My parents immigrated to the U.S. with ten dollars in their pocket, believing that the America they had heard about really did exist. When times got tough they didn’t look to Washington, they looked within,” she said.

“So the America I came to know was centered in personal responsibility and filled with the American dream,” she said.

As Love went on to attack President Barack Obama, the crowd continually interrupted her, cheering wildly.

“President Obama’s version of America is a divided one — pitting us against each other based on our income level, gender, and social status,” she said. “His policies have failed! We are not better off than we were 4 years ago, and no rhetoric, bumper sticker, or campaign ad can change that.”

“Mr. President I am here to tell you we are not buying what you are selling in 2012,” she said.

An important reminder from Paul Mirengoff of Powerline:

This is a voice we need in Washington. However, she faces a tough race against a popular incumbent Democrat.

To help Mia Love win this race, you can contribute here.


Via Insty: KEEP IT CLASSY, DEMS: Mia Love’s Wikipedia Entry Now Being Defaced.

Hat tip: Charles B.

Akin Campaign “Blasts” Reince Priebus – Accuses *Him* of Putting “Party Power” and “Political Games” Ahead of the Country (Video)

Todd Akin is  “disappointed” in GOP Chairman, Reince Priebus because he has vowed to withhold funds from Akin’s losing campaign. In a demonstration of projection usually seen in  left-wing pols, he accused Priebus of putting power and politics ahead of what’s good for the country.

Via Todd Akin for Senate: Akin Campaign Blasts Reince Priebus:

St. Louis, MO: Today the Todd Akin for Senate campaign released a statement in response to Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, who said on video that Todd could be tied with Claire McCaskill and they still wouldn’t support Akin’s campaign. Priebus said, “he could be tied. We’re not going to send him a penny.” VIDEO: (embedded below)

Perry Akin, campaign manager, released the following statement:

“Reince Priebus’ comments are extremely disappointing. He claims the mantle of freedom, liberty and the good of America, but this betrays his apparent personal vendetta against Todd Akin.  He is putting party power and political games ahead of the good of the country.”

Here’s the Priebus  interview Akin is responding to:

“What I do love about some people in politics is they are in it for the cause,” Priebus said, “they really do believe that this is about liberty and freedom and the future of the country.  If that’s really where you’re at, and you have the opportunity to put someone else in place that has a better chance of winning than you do, well then, you’re not always the person who has to be the guy.”

“I just think the people who want to do something special are always better than the people who want to be someone special.”

Akin still hasn’t figured out that he’s the guy who’s putting political power above what is best for the country.

Earth to Akin…………DROP OUT, already!

SOFA’s New Ad: Bow to Nobody + An Anti-Obama Rock Anthem.

Getting a late start today — Here are a couple of cool videos I found in my inbox this morning, submitted for your approval while I surf the web looking for  something to blog about.

First, Special Operations for America’s, Bow to Nobody:

Press release:

Tampa, FL – Special Operations for America is proud to release its brand new video at the “Defending Our Defenders” event in Tampa, FL on August 28, 2012. The ad features clips of our service men and women fighting on the principle of American exceptionalism. Their valiant service is abruptly negated by the Commander-in-Chief, President Obama, bowing to other world leaders. The video highlights this administration’s fundamental disbelief in strong, American leadership. Our service men and women showcase America’s strength and freedom, but their service is sorely discredited when their leader bows on the world stage. They have fought far too hard.

In the words of Chairman Zinke, “The ad itself accurately portrays where this President is. It accurately portrays his core belief that America should not lead. This President is shaping America to be one of the followers, to relinquish our role as a world leader. I didn’t fight 23 years as a Navy SEAL to watch America bow to anybody.”

Our message of leadership and American exceptionalism is striking a chord. Many veterans have expressed their strong support, because this administration is dismantling their efforts to maintain American leadership. The Obama administration is taking note. Last week it was reported that Special Operations for America was added to the Obama campaign’s “enemies list.” SOFA’s message is resonating with voters. This ad will only continue to highlight our belief in strong, American leadership.

Chairman Zinke’s words echo the sentiments of those who believe in American exceptionalism, “I’ve been trained to fight and not give up, and I’m not going to give in.”

Second, the anti-Obama hard rock anthem,  I Am America by These 3 Remain:

One More….Musician Dan Roberts rips on President Obama in his new song “Mr. Scam Man”\