Obama Pulls a Biden: Cites “3 Proud Words” – “Made in the USA”

Oh brother. Somebody obviously needs more sleep. When POTUS starts channeling Joe Biden on the campaign trail, it ain’t good.

Matthew Boyle of The Daily Caller caught this:

President Barack Obama pulled a Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday, gaffing  the number of words a certain patriotic phrase contains.

At a campaign event in Kissimmee, Fla., Obama said if voters re-elect him  over GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, he’ll push to see “three proud words” on products around the world: “Made in the USA.”

The phrase “made in the USA,” of course, contains more than three words.

But that wasn’t even the worst part of the gaffe.  The absurd idea that he’s all about  products being “made in the USA” when  the record shows he has been the Outsourcer in Chief is the thing that should have listeners groaning in derision:

“We need to look no further than General Motors’ own figures to  learn that GM outsources almost two thirds of its jobs overseas. Less than one in five GM vehicles are manufactured in the United States.”

“To be exact: GM’s December 31, 2011 annual report shows General Motors of North America accounting for 98,000  of the 207,000 GM jobs worldwide. But 12,000 of these jobs are in Canada and 11,500 are in Mexico.  Accordingly, GM has 74,500 jobs in the United States and 122,500 abroad, even after Obama’s touted surge in Detroit jobs.  Almost two thirds of GM’s jobs are in other countries.”

Michelle Malkin reported on Obama’s (Un)American Auto Bailout, just last week:

GM has increased its manufacturing capacity in China by an estimated 55 percent after the bailout, according to industry watchers. GM’s Dan Akerson crowed at the Beijing auto show earlier this year: “One of our aims is to help grow a new generation of automotive engineers, designers and leaders right here in China.” The U.S. auto giant’s ventures with the Communist regime include Shanghai OnStar Telematics Co., Ltd.; GM China Advanced Technical Center; FAW-GM Light Duty Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., in Harbin, Heilongjiang; FAW-GM’s Changchun plant in Changchun, Jilin; FAW-GM Hongta Yunnan Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd., in Qujing, Yunnan; and Shanghai Chengxin Used Car Operation and Management Co., Ltd.

In Europe, the UAW’s appointee to the Government Motors Board of Directors, Steve Girsky, recklessly pushed the feds to hold onto GM’s failing German-based Opel AG. The Great American Auto Bailout has been subsidizing this hemorrhaging enterprise while Obama failed to deliver on his 2008 campaign promise to salvage plants like the one in GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s hometown of Janesville, Wis. According to Forbes magazine, “GM Europe, comprised mostly of Opel and its sister brand, Vauxhall, lost $617 million in the first half of 2012, on top of a $747 million loss in 2011 and a $1.8 billion loss in 2010. In all, GM has lost almost $17 billion in Europe since 1999.”

While Team Obama lambastes GOP rival Mitt Romney for outsourcing, Government Motors is now planning to invest $1 billion over the next five years — not in America, but in Russia. That’s on top of $7 billion total in China, close to $1 billion in Mexico, and $600 million for a shirt sponsorship deal with Manchester United, the British soccer club.

Bob Beauprez of Townhall noted, “the examples of the Obama Administration “stimulating” jobs everywhere on the planet except here in America are endless.”

  An astute reader reminded us of one of the most glaring examples – hiring Chinese companies and Chinese workers to build roads and bridges all across America.  It’s a story that Diane Sawyer exposed nearly a year ago, but worth a walk down memory lane.

Watch video, here.

Who but  Obama can gaffe and lie through his teeth at the same time and still get his mindless drones to cheer?

Here’s a trip down memory lane with many such sterling moments:

Video created by Seton Motley


Another amazing video at The Mental Recession: Video: Guess Who’s Calling Obama a Liar Now … Obama:

A hat tip to the Independent Journal Review for pointing out the video, and a great job by YouTube user SnorkelDogg for producing it.

Case Closed: If Moderate Voters See This Video, It’s Over for Obama

This is a stunning thirteen minute video that shows Obama in his own words, with commentary from mostly mainstream media sources. If this video goes viral and reaches moderate and independent voters, it would be a big blow to the Obama re-election bid.

Like I said in the title, if an undecided voter sees this, it’s over for Obama.

Watch at the link, and share.

Your Sunday Hymn: Deus Judex Justus – Gregorian Chant

This hymn is a gregorian chant that is taken from Psalm 7.

The lyrics and translation:

Deus judex justus, fortis, et patiens; numquid irascitur per singulos dies?

God is a just judge, strong and patient: is he angry every day?