The Dam is Breaking: Intelligence Source Says No protest at the Libyan Consulate at the time of Attack (Video)

Yesterday, John Hinderaker of Powerline asked: Is the Dam of Obama/Clinton Lies Beginning to Crack?:

Barack Obama and his minions are so used to controlling the press that they seem to think they can get away with anything. Thus, the eruption of anti-American riots from Morocco to Pakistan, beginning on September 11, is chalked up to a spontaneous eruption of entirely understandable Muslim distress over an otherwise-unknown YouTube video.

Obama and his enablers live in a universe of lies where facts are malleable and can be molded to fit whatever narrative the regime is pushing to the masses on any given day. With the complicit media’s help, Obama is running on being a strong foreign policy president, but recent events in the Middle East have rudely interrupted this ridiculous fairytale. We are now witnessing the fruits of Obama’s so called “smart power”, aka appeasement and apologies.

It turns out you can’t solve all the world’s problems with a few key speeches, bows and  drone strikes.

And the attack in Libya was not about one man’s obnoxious video.

Via Gateway Pundit:

According to an intelligence source there was no protest at the consulate at the time of the attack. This totally destroys the administration’s wild story that a protest over the YouTube Mohammad video was behind the murder of the US ambassador. This is damning new information especially considering the administration had warnings the area was not safe and reportedly refused adequate security at the consulate.


I missed this interesting tidbit from last week…

Publius Forum: CNN Hides Facts: Cairo Riots Not About ‘Offensive’ American Movie, But Freedom of Blind Sheik The Goal

Just before the crowd in Cairo, Egypt erupted in violence against the U.S. embassy there, CNN’s cameras were in the capital interviewing protesters who said that the main purpose for their protest was to have Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman (known as the ‘Blind Sheik’) released from a U.S. prison. Yet as soon as the riots began, CNN began to push the false story that the riots were sparked by some low-budget American movie that denigrated the Prophet Muhammad.

The very day before rioters stormed the U.S. embassy in Cairo, CNN’s Nic Robertson filmed an interview with a handful of Islamists right outside the U.S. embassy. One of those protesters that CNN interviewed was the Blind Sheik’s brother, Mohamed al Zawahiri.

And yesterday we heard:

The Blaze: Source: State Department Considering Talks to Transfer ‘Blind Sheikh’ to Egypt:

A veteran intelligence analyst and researcher for TheBlaze said he met with an official within the Obama administration who told him the transfer of the Blind Sheikh to Egypt is something that is being “actively considered” by the administration as a solution to the ongoing crisis in the Middle East. His source asked not to be identified.

When asked if the transfer of the convicted terrorist was being seriously considered, the intelligence analyst said yes, according to his source, who stressed that the move, if executed, was not intended to take place or be announced until after the presidential election.

He also said it is likely that the riots and unrest in the Middle East are related to efforts pressing for the release of Rahman, not the anti-Muslim YouTube clip that the Obama administration is adamant sparked the chaos.

“When radical Islamists in Egypt were calling for the burning down of the U.S. embassy this past weekend, before the riots took place this week, they said they were going to do this to push for the release of the Blind Sheikh,” he added.

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Dr. John, Flopping Aces: The day Obama jumped the shark

Video: Why Chicago Teachers are Striking

Why are They Striking? – Created by Ben Howe for the

Via CNN: The official reasons they’re striking:

Q. What’s the sticking point?

A. Among the major issues, the teachers are negotiating over the length of the school day, objecting to their evaluations being tied to performance and fretting about potential job losses.

Q. How would the length of school days change?

A. Elementary students would gain 75 minutes to create a seven-hour school day. High school students would gain 30 minutes to create a seven-and-a-half-hour school day. Teachers wants additional .money to teach the additional hours.

They are also asking for a hefty 30% pay raise in a city where only 15 percent of fourth graders are proficient in reading, and only 56 percent actually graduate from high school:

Some facts you may not have seen (unless, of course, you’ve been reading the Foundry): the average Chicago teacher makes $71,000 a year before benefits. That’s $24,000 more than the average Chicago resident, and second only to New York City in teachers’ salaries.

Monday Morning Ketch-up: Is Obama’s Dam of Lies About to Break?

John Hinderaker of Powerline asks: Is the Dam of Obama/Clinton Lies Beginning to Crack?:

Barack Obama and his minions are so used to controlling the press that they seem to think they can get away with anything. Thus, the eruption of anti-American riots from Morocco to Pakistan, beginning on September 11, is chalked up to a spontaneous eruption of entirely understandable Muslim distress over an otherwise-unknown YouTube video. Never mind the RPGs and machine guns. And when an American ambassador is murdered and dragged through the streets of Benghazi by a howling mob, not to worry: there was no negligence in failing to provide security; the ambassador, Chris Stevens, died essentially by accident from smoke inhalation; and his body was discovered by a group of friendly Libyans who rushed him to the hospital. Sure.

The main threat to the administration’s cover-up has never been American reporters, almost all of whom are desperately trying to get Obama re-elected. Rather, the danger is that more of the cell phone pictures and movies that were taken by Libyans of events in Benghazi and, in particular, of Ambassador Stevens, inevitably will surface, and will disrupt the administration’s narrative.

Continue reading and watch video of Ambassador Steven being dragged out to the Libyan mob, via one such cell phone movie at the link.


After a June 6, 2012 IED attack at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, additional security was requested and even reporters questioned the State Department about safety measures in Libya. Yet Obama and Hillary did not act to provide that additional security. Obama and Clinton have blood on their hands. (STATE DEPT via Don)

We continue to suffer the catastrophic consequences of Obama’s fantasist, anti-freedom foreign policy. The enemedia will sacrifice American lives and our first amendment freedoms in their war on America. The enemedia functions as a state-run propaganda arm for the most dangerous administration in American history.

The Obama administration continues to lie and misrepresent events on the ground in order to save its ass in exchange for American lives. U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice said there were no Marines present to protect the consulate in Libya, saying the U.S. presence there is “relatively new” since the revolution that overthrew former dictator Moammar Gadhafi. Despite the obvious pre-planning of the well coordinated attack by al qaeda and affiliates on our US embassy, Rice insists “it was not premedidated.

Rice’s account directly contradicts that of Libyan President Mohamed Yousef El-Magariaf, who said this weekend that he had “no doubt” the attack was pre-planned by individuals from outside Libya.

“It was planned, definitely, it was planned by foreigners, by people who entered the country a few months ago, and they were planning this criminal act since their arrival,” told CBS News.

The Right Scoop: Allen West SLAMS Ambassador Rice as borderline ignorant for blaming attacks on anti-Islam video:

Allen West said tonight that UN Ambassador Rice’s statement earlier today blaming the attacks in the Middle East, specifically Benghazi, on this anti-Islam video is borderline ignorant. In fact he actually called them asinine, naïve, inept, and incompetent as well. He goes on to accuse the Obama administration of outright distorting the truth with their complicit MSM, suggesting this could be Obama’s very own Jimmy Carter moment.

Watch video at the link.

Riehl World News: Sudan Humiliates Obama Administration:

It was previously noted that, despite billions in aid over the years, Sudan turned down an Obama administration request to deploy 50 Marines to protect Americans serving at the American Embassy in Sudan. It was subsequently reported that the State Department withdrew non-essential personnel given the refusal.

Now, the Sudan Tribune is reporting it as having been an Obama administration demand, one important enough to require the involvement of Vice President Biden, who was also rebuffed by the Sudanese government.

It appears as though Sudan is intent on humiliating the Obama administration by reporting the controversy as they do.

Gateway Pundit: Iranian Regime Threatens to Sue Obama Using New UN Blasphemy Law He Signed:

n December the Obama Administration pusheda UN resolution that banned criticism of Islam.

The Obama Administration helped the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) push through their resolution condemning the stereotyping, negative profiling and stigmatization of people based on religion. Team Obama led the way for the resolution to pass through the General Assembly.

Now the Iranian Regime is threatening to sue Barack Obama using that same blasphemy law.

Gateway Pundit:  Al-Qaeda Spokesman Adam Gadahn: Obama’s Islamic Outreach a Bald-Faced Lie (Video):

American Al-Qaeda Operative Adam Gadahn released a video for the anniversary of the 9-11 attacks.

Gadahn slammed Barack Obama over his failed Muslim outreach.

JoshuaPundit: For Barack Obama, ‘Defending Islam’ Now Supersedes Our Constitution:

President Obama famously said both in his 2009 interview with al-Arabiya and in his speech in Cairo in front of the Muslim Brotherhood that he regarded it as one of his chief duties as president to defend Islam and “to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”

This president has now gone beyond merely appeasing Islam to prosecuting its blasphemy laws for it against the infidels as a craven response to violence and murder. And that’s exactly how the Muslim world will see it.

As an added bit of lagniappe, you might remember that just two months ago, Thomas Perez, the Obama Department of Justice’s Assistant Attorney general refused to deny that the Obama Administration would seek to criminalize any criticism of Islam, a highly relevant question in view of some of his own remarks on the subject…

Twitchy: This is not America: Blood boiling over criminalization of filmmaker, quashing of free speech:

What the Obama administration is doing right now is the antithesis of everything upon which this nation was founded. Kudos, champ! In the administration’s despicable attempts to blame a film for violence and deaths at our embassies, all as a way to justify its own failed and deadly policies of appeasement, they are condemning free speech and trying to make it a criminal act.

As Twitchy reported, the Pentagon called a private American citizen to ask him to withdraw his support for the film. Then, the administration asked YouTube to take down the video, all while investigating the filmmaker. Next, in a chilling display, they brought him in for questioning. His crime? CrimeThink. Secretary of State Clinton shamelessly and shamefully again blamed free speech while flanked with the coffins of the four Americans killed in Libya. Americans who exemplified our ideals and principles. Americans who fought for the very freedom she condemned.

This is not America.

Instapundit: WHY BARACK OBAMA SHOULD RESIGN. Just for the record, this is what it looked like for a man who made a film that made the Obama Administration uncomfortable:

Here’s the key bit: “Just after midnight Saturday morning, authorities descended on the Cerritos home of the man believed to be the filmmaker behind the anti-Muslim movie that has sparked protests and rioting in the Muslim world.”

When taking office, the President does not swear to create jobs. He does not swear to “grow the economy.” He does not swear to institute “fairness.” The only oath the President takes is this one:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

By sending — literally — brownshirted enforcers to engage in — literally — a midnight knock at the door of a man for the non-crime of embarrassing the President of the United States and his administration, President Obama violated that oath. You can try to pretty this up (It’s just about possible probation violations! Sure.), or make excuses or draw distinctions, but that’s what’s happened. It is a betrayal of his duties as President, and a disgrace.

He won’t resign, of course. First, the President has the appreciation of free speech that one would expect from a Chicago Machine politician, which is to say, none. Second, he’s not getting any pressure. Indeed, the very press that went crazy over Ari Fleischer’s misrepresented remarks seems far less interested in the actions of an administration that I repeat, literally sent brown-shirted enforcers to launch a midnight knock on a filmmaker’s door.

But Obama’s behavior — and that of his enablers in the press — has laid down a marker for those who are paying attention. By these actions he is, I repeat, unfit to hold office. I hope and expect that the voters will agree in November.


The Right Scoop: Paul Ryan slams Obama: “This fraying relationship with Israel bordering on contempt”

David Brody sat down with Paul Ryan this weekend and asked him about the fact that Obama won’t meet with Netanyahu during the UN:

They called him an “apologizer in chief” who hasn’t been a good friend to Israel. Just this week, Obama said he wouldn’t have time to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“I’m really troubled by this,” Ryan told CBN News. “Israel is our greatest ally in the Middle East. Of all times when we need to show very little daylight if any between our relationship with Israel is now.”

“And so I think this fraying relationship with Israel bordering on contempt is the worst possible thing we should be doing at this time,” he said.

Video at link.

RSM: The Disgrace That Is Susan Rice:

The position of Ambassador to the United Nations has been held by such distiguished persons as Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Jeanne Kirkpatrick and John Bolton. This is what’s so outrageous about the idiocy of Susan Rice:

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice said the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi last week was not premeditated, directly contradicting top Libyan officials who say the attack was planned in advance.

Gateway Pundit: Islamic Protesters Screaming “F**k America!” Attack US Embassy in Jakarta With Rocks and Bricks (Video):

Islamist protesters attacked the US Embassy in Jakarta today screaming “F**k America!”
The Islamists chucked rocks and bricks at the embassy guards and torched a US Flag.

Weasel Zippers: U.S. Diplomats In Beirut Burning Classified Documents As Hezbollah Brings Tens Of Thousands To The Streets To Protest Mohammed Film…

To be more precise, they are using the film as an excuse to protest America.