Dems Show $15 Million Shortfall After Convention – Face Cash Disadvantage Against Repubs

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See? They handle their own budgets like they handle the country’s.

Via Bloomberg:

Democrats ended their convention in Charlotte $5 million short of their budget even after being forced to draw down a $10 million line of credit from Duke Energy Corp. (DUK), according to a Democratic Party fundraiser.

That will leave a $15 million bill that eventually will have to be paid by President Barack Obama’s campaign or the Democratic National Committee, according to the fundraiser, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations.

$5 million of it apparently needs to be paid right away, while the remaining $10 million will need to be repaid next year.

This is highly unfortunate for the Dems because they’re also facing significant cash disadvantage…

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, the Republican National Committee and two allied super-political action committees reported a combined bank account balance of $169 million on July 31. That compared with $107 million for President Barack Obama, the Democratic National Committee and the pro-Obama super-PAC Priorities USA Action, according to disclosures filed Aug. 20 with the Federal Election Commission.

This is shocking to me considering the Fundraiser in Chief has done about 150 fundraisers already this past year, and has been spamming supporters with at least as many fundraising emails a week – (the latest one requests that you forgo a meal in order to donate to The One.)

Mitt may not do as many fundraisers as Obama does – but he’s making them count.

In Georgia, Republicans are leaving Democrats in the dust in fundraising.

As we approach the fall election season, Georgia Republicans have a commanding 7-1 fundraising lead over the state’s Democrats, according to campaign finance reports.

One of the more revealing facts: The GOP has nailed 45 contributions of $10,000 or greater since January 2011; the Democrats, eight.

The totals — $7.1 million for Republicans vs. about $963,000 for Democrats — don’t even include contributions to the parties in August, money raised by federal candidates or cash flowing to groups that aren’t required to report it.

Maybe it’s time for the GA Democrat party to hire a new Political Director, eh?



Ace and Allah are getting all Eeyorish over the latest Gallup Poll: Bounce? Obama’s job approval at 52% in Gallup, highest since Bin Laden raid

It is horrifying.

But! There are two other post convention polls out right now that tell a different story.

Gateway Pundit: Bummer. Obama Trails Romney in 2 New Polls After Godless Convention.

Also, keep in mind, Gallup has been pressured by the Obama administration to show more favorable numbers.

Just so you know…


Latest panhandling scam:

Seems to be working for him…

Found that, here.

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Paul Ryan: “Obama’s good at Giving Great Speeches, He’s Just Really Bad at Creating Jobs” Obama: “Businesses Added Jobs for the 30th Month in a Row!” (Video)

Gay Patriot thinks he knows why Obama’s speech was so flat, last night: Obama Knew…. He’s Through.

As I speculated in my post last night, the winds was out of Obama’s sails during his now-widely panned convention speech.  Not only was it a mere rehash of all of the speeches he’s given since 2008, Obama knew about this morning’s awful jobs reports.  It’s not just awful, it is downright disastrous.  It is the worst jobs report of the year and continues a backwards slide.

FACT: We had entered a Recovery BEFORE the 2009 Stimulus was passed.  Ever since that law was implemented, and Obamacare was passed, our economy has been in a long, slow slide into oblivion.  Today’s news confirmed it.  These are the facts, folks.  It cannot be denied.  Obama had full control of the goverment from 2009 to 2011 and so we are living in HIS economic infrastructure.

And it is an unmitigated disaster.


NINETY MILLION AMERICANS ARE NO LONGER IN THE WORKFORCE?  And someone will try to defend the economic & Obamacare policies as HELPING?  I call “bullshit” from now to November.

But wait, folks…. there’s more!!!  Obama has completely gutted the future of those who believed in him the most in 2008: Young Americans.

Read the full dismal report at Gay Patriot.

Incredibly, the White House said Friday that “the August jobs report shows that the nation is continuing to recover.”

Paul Ryan, speaking in Sparks Nevada, strongly disagreed.

“President Obama is not a bad guy. He’s good at giving great speeches, he’s just really bad at creating jobs,” Ryan told the crowd outside Peterbilt Truck Parts & Equipment.

Friday morning, the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced the US economy added just 96,000 jobs, which was below expectations and the unemployment rate dropped from 8.3 percent to 8.1 percent.

“We got some pretty disappointing news just today,” the House Budget Chairman said in front of roughly 1,400 people. “You know we learned today that for every person that got a job, nearly four people stopped looking for a job. They gave up. We can’t keep doing this.”

Ryan continued: “Our economy needs to create just 150,000 jobs every month just to keep up with the growth of our population. Friends, this is not an economic recovery, this is nowhere close to an economic recovery. We need a new president, and we need a real economic recovery.”

NBC’s Alex Moe, called those “harsh words for President Obama”, even though Ryan had included the totally unnecessary and untrue caveat, “President Obama is not a bad guy.”

Yes. he. is.
He and his party just spent the last week viciously attacking our two Republican standard bearers. Obama’s lackluster speech was riddled with so many lies, I’m not even sure anyone bothered to “fact-check” it. By now, everyone but the drones understand that his tedious speeches are not to be believed, so why even bother..

Watch how shamelessly he tried to spin today’s disastrous numbers into some kind of win (try not to cry when the drones wildly applaud.)

Because….compared to the number of jobs we were losing when he entered office –  uh – 3 1/2 friggin’ years ago! – creating a mere 96,000 new jobs a month, when at least 150,000 are needed, is so #winning! And what’s his remedy? Tax the rich! (Yayyyyy!!!)  and pass his jobs bill that will create ….. one meeeeellion jobs!

Flashback to one year ago when  Obama introduced his sham of a “jobs bill”:

With sarcasm evident in his voice, columnist Charles Krauthammer gave his initial impressions of President Obama’s jobs address to Congress by calling it, “One of the great campaign speeches I have ever heard.” He quickly followed, “Unfortunately, it was given in…the magnificent setting where FDR, after Pearl Harbor…asked for a declaration of war on Japan. In the august setting where Lyndon Johnson asked for passage of civil rights. Here was a President asking for the passage, essentially, of a watered-down, retreaded stimulus package.”

But but but….one meeeeellion jobs…..

“The president says no games, no politics. This is all about a game in politics,” Krauthammer said. “The offset he’s proposing — this radical increase in taxes, which he proposed in 2009 and which the Congress dominated and controlled the entirely by the Democrats, rejected out of hand, at the time Obama wanted that money to offset ObamaCare, and the Democrats rejected it. So it has zero chance of passing in Congress.”

Krauthammer explained that even if the current Congress passed the bill, future Congresses may not stick to it, making it “an empty proposal.”

“Second it kicks in remarkably to the tax increases assuming it’s passed, after Obama election – an incredible coincidence,” he continued. “And lastly, it’s the increase in taxes and the offset will take a decade. All the money will be spent in a year, a year-and-a-half and it will be a decade in which it’ll paid off by Congresses in the future not bound by the current Congress.”

Like I said – it’s a complete sham – a cynical, cobbled together collection of failed ideas offered up so he could have something to run on against the Republicans.
Not #winning.
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Will Mitt Romney Commit to Revoking Obama’s Executive Privilege Claim on Fast and Furious?

There’s concern in some corners of the internet, that when Mitt Romney is elected, he’s going to let the Fast and Furious investigation die.

Townhall’s Katie Pavlich caught up with Darrell Issa at the RNC, last week, and asked him about that.

Many have speculated that if Mitt Romney beats Barack Obama in November, the entire scandal will disappear, but that just isn’t the case. As long as Issa is Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, the Fast and Furious headache for DOJ and ATF officials responsible, isn’t going away. Criminal charges are very much on the table as a consequence of Fast and Furious, no matter who is sitting in the White House.

As reassuring as that sounds, it didn’t bode well that Fast and Furious, aka “Murdergate”, aka Obama’s “Watergate with a Bodycount” was MIA at the RNC, last week.

How can it be that the Obama administration’s gun walking program that led to hundreds of bloody murders, including federal agents Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata, was not deemed important enough to make it into the program?

This week, an open letter from gun rights bloggers, Mike Vanderboegh and David Codrea, was sent to Mitt Romney asking the presidential candidate to make good on his words of support for the Congressional investigation into the ATF’s deadly Fast and Furious gunwalking scheme, and for him to condemn the Obama administration for invoking executive privilege.  The two also asked Romney to commit to revoking the executive privilege claim and “instruct full cooperation from the Department of Justice in assisting with, instead of obstructing the investigation”. You can read the full text of the letter, here.
Now, they’re asking  gun rights leaders who have influence with the Romney campaign to help direct his attention to this important matter.

If Romney won’t even do so simple a thing as pledge to revoke executive privilege protecting documents covering up an official lie, what else can we expect him not to do? There are many who feel even that does not go far enough—some are demanding Romney expand the pledge to include appointing a special prosecutor, and more. When you consider the GOP’s unfulfilled promised to make Fast and Furious a campaign theme—something they studiously avoided in last week’s convention, is it really too much to expect a man and a party who covet roles of leadership to show some on what’s been aptly described as “Watergate with toe tags”?

But just focusing on this one small piece of what a president is empowered to do, there are plenty of reasons why not making this an expectation would make stirring words we’ve been told appear hollow.

“Attorney General Eric Holder’s continued refusal to turn over ‘Fast and Furious’ documents to House investigators — even in the face of being held in contempt by Congress — is another symptom of the disease of lawlessness that has been rotting our republic ever since President Barack Obama took office,” NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action executive director Chris Cox wrote in an impassioned appeal, concluding “This is our country and it’s time to take it back.

“after a long heart&soul conversation with MittRomney today I concluded this goodman will properly represent we the people & I endorsed him,” Nugent tweeted to announce his support.

“The only thing fast and furious that ought to happen is a full-on murder investigation by the FBI of the government goons who hatched, authorized and now are covering up this brain-dead, criminal scheme, which ended up costing the life of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry,” he advocated in a more formal write-up.

Is it too much to expect that politically influential people who represent themselves as gun rights leaders use that influence to persuade Mitt Romney to do the right thing and show some leadership himself on this? It’s only small fry desperate to get an important story out who need to resort to incessantly banging pots and pans for media attention, political attention and “gun lobby” attention. Nugent and Cox would get the right people’s attention immediately.

If they won’t call for Romney to do this, if they truly believe it’s too much to expect, we’d be interested in hearing why, and how that comports with their rousing words about the need for Fast and Furious justice.

Romney did  hit Obama for his  ‘broken promises’ and lack of transparency on Fast and Furious, back in July.

In a lengthy press release posted on its website, the Romney campaign laid out a series of examples of Obama’s transparency “hypocrisy.”

“President Obama has run one of the least transparent administrations in American history,” Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul said in a statement accompanying the release. “Whether hiding lobbyists in coffee shops, cutting back-room deals on Obamacare, or concealing the records of ‘Fast and Furious,’ President Obama’s pledge to be transparent has turned out to be just another broken promise. With no rationale for reelection and no plan to help middle-class Americans, President Obama has resorted to running a campaign of distraction, distortion and dishonesty.”

The Romney campaign leads off its list of transparency failures with Fast and Furious. It points out how then-Senator Obama attacked President George W. Bush for using executive privilege in 2007, and how Obama is now asserting executive privilege to withhold Fast and Furious documents from Congress.

It’s a good start. If he meant every word of that, he should have no problem committing to a promise to revoke the executive privilege claim.


Best Speech of the Dem Convention: Cardinal Dolan’s Benediction (Video)

Steven Ertelt of Life News called it an admonition to Democrats on Abortion, and Religious Liberty.

In his closing benediction, Timothy Cardinal Dolan gave the kind of benediction that the Obama re-election campaign probably feared he would give when Dolan was initially rejected, and later approved, to give the closing prayer.

“Grant us the courage to defend life…waiting to be born, welcomed & protected,” he said, excoriating Democrats to support religious liberty as well in light of the controversial Obama HHS mandate that Catholics and pro-life advocates oppose. Dolan prays for “life, without which no other rights are secured.”

“God grants us the right to life so we can choose liberty and happiness,” he said, adding that unborn children should “be welcomed and protected.” He referred to the right to life, without which no other right has meaning, saying, “We praise You for the gift of life, grant us the courage to defend it.”

“Renew in all our people a profound respect for religious liberty, the first, most cherished freedom,” he said.

Read the full text of the prayer, here.

Twitchy has the twitter responses.

This came on the same night Caroline Kennedy professed her Catholic faith to the party faithful and then voiced her strong support for abortion rights and against any abortion restrictions, which completely stunned Bill O’Reilly.

Video via Gateway Pundit:

One wonders what people who lustily applauded people like Sandra Fluke and Caroline Kennedy were thinking while they were bowing their heads to Cardinal Dolan’s prayer.

Dolan’s benediction at the RNC actually hit the same bullet points, (respect for all human life,  and preserving the blessings of liberty- especially the freedom of religion), but he was received more warmly there, with louder applause before and after he finished his speech.

And he was introduced by the Speaker of the House, and fellow Catholic, John Boehner: