Video: Glenn Beck’s Expose Of Obama’s Communist Green Czar, Van Jones (UPDATED)

Hey, you moderates who voted for Obama…is this the sort of hope and change you had in mind? Commies in the White House, answerable only to Obama?:


Via Don Surber, according to the The LA Times:

The group that organized the advertising boycott of the Glenn Beck show?  Color of Change , co-founded by non other than Van Jones.

“Fox News host Glenn Beck used his popular show Monday to attack the background of Van Jones, a White House environmental adviser and co-founder of an African American political advocacy group that organized an advertising boycott of his program.”


Beck’s assault on Jones came as Color of Change announced that it had secured commitments from 36 companies who pledged not to advertise on Beck’s program, including Wal-Mart and Sprint.

A complete list of Obama’s 44 czars  can be found here.

Positions being planned:

  1. Income redistribution czar
  2. Land-use czar
  3. Mortgage czar, formally “consumer financial protection czar” (source)
  4. Radio-internet fairness czar
  5. Student loan czar, to oversee a program of mandatory service in return for college money (source)
  6. Voter list czar
  7. Zoning czar

The New York Times recently brought to our attention to the fact  that Obama has filled only 43 percent of the 543 policy making jobs in his first seven months.

Some speculate that the reason  for  this  is because he’d rather skip the vetting  processes and empower these Czars:

some with ethical clouds, all undermining the Senate’s constitutional role advice and consent.


I suspect most of the people reading this blog are. We should be. We need to be, so we can continue to be motivated enough to  fight this.

And we need to be armed with the knowledge of what we are up against.

Read: Obama: The Cloward-Piven Strategy & Alinsky Power Tactics

Obama’s whole campaign was built on platitudes. He’s still speaking in platitudes, as though his very presence will make magic happen. With broad platitudes, congressional power and a flurry of legislative initiatives, Barry is seeking to place his socialist footprint in practically every move he makes. And, you need to understand the tactics.

All politicians are temporary stewards of this nation. It is not their task however to remake the founding of this country. It is not their task to tear it apart and rebuild it in their image. Barry thinks otherwise. Almost daily, Barry is playing politics with policy.

He has all these dreams and visions of a utopia. And, even with soft GOP opposition, it won’t happen. But the president has too steep a learning curve facing him, and his performance so far makes it clear that he doesn’t take direction, suggestion or education well.

Read the whole thing, it’s long, but well worth your time.


Another must read from David Horowitz also deals with Cloward-Piven Strategy:

Obama’s Communist Advisor and His Billion-Dollar Army

I’m in NY where I’ll be headed to the Fox studios in a few hours to tape the “Glenn Beck Show.” The segment I’m doing will be aired Thursday as part of a week-long series called “The New Republic,” which is Glenn’s look at the radical agendas of the Obama Administration. Last night, with Pat Caddell as his guest, Glenn made the connection between the trillion-dollar defcits Obama is deliberately running up and the Cloward-Piven strategy devised by two Columbia radicals to bankrupt the welfare system in New York in order to create a crisis that would generate radical change.

Although the show failed to mention it, this was a strategy first identified in a book I wrote a couple of years ago with Richard Poe called The Shadow Party. That book described the coalition of Communist and anarchist radicals, Democratic Party honchos, and multi-billionaires that the malevolent George Soros put together before the 2004 presidential campaign. The Shadow Party is now the party in power and running the show.

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11 Responses to “Video: Glenn Beck’s Expose Of Obama’s Communist Green Czar, Van Jones (UPDATED)”

  1. JackStraw Says:

    >>Beck’s assault on Jones came as Color of Change announced that it had secured commitments from 36 companies who pledged not to advertise on Beck’s program, including Wal-Mart and Sprint.

    I think this is actually backwards. Beck has been hammering on Color of Change and the Obama Czar strategy for some time. I believe the boycott was in response to Beck’s hammering and not the other way around.

    In either case, it is shameful and degrading that this type of person has any access at all to the President of the United States. But nothing Obama does suprises me anymore.


  2. Sparky Says:

    And the sheople of this country continue down the road to slavery, happy is if they had no common sense. If jugears announced tomorrow that he intends to move the U.S. toward communism, there would still be millions of people worshiping him in this country. Very scary.


  3. Christinewjc Says:

    Thanks for posting that video. Linked to you at my blog this morning.

    So many people need to be informed and educated about what is going on! I’m excited about Glenn’s series this week.

    That Cloward-Piven essay is crucial to enable people to wake up from the Obama Kool-Aid stupor!


  4. Christinewjc Says:

    While listening to Glenn’s radio show, I just heard the doctored recording of the previous quote, “GE – we bring good things to life” to “GE – we bring evil to life.”

    That’s funny, and scary all at the same time…


  5. Mal Says:

    Smear smear smear and nothing more. It’s their democratic right to organise and to boycott, you dumbies. If it was a conservative administration and Olbermann were being boycotted you lot wouldn’t be able to hold in your glee!


  6. Blackiswhite, Imperial Consigliere Says:

    If it was a conservative administration and Olbermann were being boycotted you lot wouldn’t be able to hold in your glee!

    No one would bother to boycott Olberdouche. The only people who watch him are a handful window-licking leftists, and conservatives looking for a laugh or a reminder that some skulls are simply impervious to facts and reason.


  7. nicedeb Says:

    Nobody cares if these cretins want to organize a boycott. It ain’t working, anyway…Beck’s ratings are sky rocketing.

    It’s that the co-founding board member of the group, Colors Of Change, which is organizing the boycott, is a self avowed Communist, and currently working in the White House as an adviser to the President. That is not a smear. It is a fact. If you have information to rebut any of that, let’s hear it.


  8. Christinewjc Says:

    Have you noticed how often the Obots can’t seem to spell (or write a full sentence) correctly?


    “you lot wouldn’t be able”????

    No wonder Obots follow along in the ObamaBORG so easily.


  9. Breaking:Van Jones Resigns « Nice Deb Says:

    […] last thing the the hard left wants, is for the American people to know what all the fuss was all about. It’s much better for them to obfuscate, point and call […]


  10. mike swanson Says:

    Glenn Beck makes large claims that are basically false.
    Why because he basically is a control freak and an
    over reactive man angry man.
    You know a “conservative”.


  11. nicedeb Says:

    Yeah, sorry, dude. you’re only about 6 months late on this story…, Beck didn’t make any “claims’…he exposed the man by showing videos of him in action; something the msm failed to do.


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