Claire McCaskill Town Hall, Blue Springs MO

The event was dubbed, “a kitchen table talk”, which seemed odd since it was held in a library, but it was basically a town hall.  400-500 people showed up to talk to the Senator, only to find out that she was actually in another part of the state, and a staffer, (Kimberly Jolley?) was taking her place.

I don’t envy her for having to face 400+ very skeptical, very displeased tax payers with very few answers to their questions. We were told that the questions were being taken down, and that Senator would post answers on her website in the coming days. We’ll see.

I got there late, (of course), and found a place in the back to snap some pictures:






This woman, from the McCaskill group led the proceedings with a very ….charismatic prayer that went so long, that a few people in the crowd randomly shouted out, “Amen”! before she was finished. People weren’t there for a revival meeting.


I forgot what this woman asked, but she started by asking people to stay calm.




This woman is a refuge from the Canadian health care system. She moved to the US in 2005, and said it was the best thing she ever did.


This man said that Senator McCaskill didn’t need to bother reading any of the various health care bills floating through congress…


The only thing she needs to read, he exclaimed, is the Constitution.


The staffer was respectful, and poised, but didn’t have many answers to our questions.

I asked a question, myself. (Man, was I nervous!) I asked if Senator McCaskill would support tort reform in the Senate bill, and she said she didn’t know. I did get her to confirm that the Senator supported the public option. I then faced the audience and said, “I think we all know, because Obama has said so himself on several occasions that the public option would necessarily lead to a single payer, universal health care system”. I said that many Democrats had admitted this, including Jacob Hacker, the Berkeley professor who designed the plan. He said, ‘this isn’t a Trojan horse…it’s right in there!’ I went on, “Now, nevermind that the White House has been…*thinking feverishly for a more delicate term, and failing*…lying profusely about what he has said, the bottom line is, the American people do not support a universal health care plan” (Applause). I turned to her and asked, “Does Senator McCaskill support universal health care? She shook her head no.


This woman is a retired teacher, if I remember right.

One person, when it was his time to ask a question  asked the crowd if a bus had taken them down there, or if they were on anybody’s payroll. “NOOOOOO!”  they bellowed.


I almost brought some signs in, myself, but I thought it would be kind of weird in the library…



On my way out, the kiddo I was with was hungry for din-din.

Well, the experience was not terribly edifying, but at least I can now say that I am officially part of  “the mob”.

New NEN Video: The Mother Of All Political Lies

Naked Emperor News, the website that has done such amazing work throughout the ’08 campaign up to the present, putting a spotlight on the real Barack Obama  has finally gotten the attention of the White House.

Not deterred by the threat of being reported for spreading “fishy” information, our heroine, Pam Key has put out yet another damning video, this one showing clip after clip of Obama promising to televise health care negotiations on CSPAN, which I posted about, last week.

So without further ado, here is:

The mother of all political lies, and the townhall mayhem it caused

New GOP Ad Rebuts WH Misinformation Video

With as Linda Douglass would say, “cobbled together, out of context quotes” from the past. It’s really a retread of what you’ve already seen at Naked Emperor News, but still  good because the dishonesty of  Obama and the Dems can not be stressed enough:


A good round up of the latest  health care news from Pundit and Pundette: The Dope On Healthcare Reform.

By the way, it turns out that more Americans fear government run health care than the demonized insurance companies, so the Dems are barking up the wrong tree in their demonization efforts.

See also Michelle Malkin:

Um, who’s bought and payed for by the drug lobby?


Death panels? What death panels? Oh, those death panels

Where are The Buses?

seiu bus

About that breathless DNC ad accusing  ObamaCare opponents, who are showing up at town hall events all across the country, of  being “astroturfers”:

These mobs are bussed in by well funded, highly organized groups run by Republican operatives and funded by the special interests who are desperately trying to stop the agenda for change the President was elected to bring to Washington.

This has become an oft repeated meme. Scary right wing  mobs (?!), the story goes,  are being bused into these town halls to disrupt and shut down dialogue.

Of course nothing could be further from the truth. These are self motivated people, who are paying attention, on the web, cable news, or talk radio to what’s been happening to the country since Obama was elected, and  feel compelled to act. These are people who will tell you that they worry that their children or grandchildren will grow up to live in a  country less free, and less …exceptional, and they’ve been provoked out of their comfort zones to fight back against the leftist tide. They are going to these town halls to get answers to their questions, and things can get tense when people feel like they’re being lied to.

(PSSSST: Some of these people are even Democrats. Some even Obama voters).

So the question I have for the DNC, Obama, Reid, and Pelosi is: Where are the buses? If insurance companies are busing people to these events I’d like to know about it. Do any of the Dems making these claims have any evidence to prove their allegations?Like in the way of pictures?

Oh.  BTW, Americans For Prosperity’s “Hands off my health care” bus tour, and the Tea Party Express don’t count. Those are bus tours zig zagging across the country hosting rallies, which like minded conservatives find out about via the radio, web, or word of mouth. Nobody is paid to go to the rallies, and nobody is bused to them, (except of course the organizers).

Here’s what a bused in rent-a-mob looks like, just so we know what to look for. This pic is from a frat boy’s website:


Often college kids, or homeless people are recruited by lefty groups, (in this case, *quelle surprise!* The SEIU) and bused down to an event, not to engage in debate, but specifically to disrupt:

OK, no more drinking pictures (for this one at least). Back in early October the Republican Governers Association (of which Connecticut Governor John Rowland is head) held their annual convention and SEIU/CCAG were there to disrupt Rowland’s event. Here you can see (clockwise from upper left) the SEIU bus we went down on, some of our signs during the speech part of the event, CCAG Director Tom Swan yelling, and our group during the protest.

Here’s a more typical rent-a-mob. Note the pre-printed signs:


Shoot, if we tea partiers have all these “well funded” interest groups backing us, the least they could do is make us some snazzy signs like the cool ACORN/SEIU crowd gets. What are we? Chopped liver?

You want to talk astroturf? The truth is, conservatives are pikers at that. Our anger is real, not manufactured,  we drive ourselves to these events, thank you very much, and we get no compensation for our efforts .

Liberals on the other hand, are masters at astroturfing, and are as always, busy busy busy recruiting anyone willing to make an easy buck in the manufactured anger industry.


Pro Obama astroturfers are very active on Twitter, too.


Via Hot Air, Meet the mob:

Where’s the bus that brought them there?

Still more:

There are lies, and there are damn STUPID lies. The Dems are guilty of the latter.