Claim:ObamaCare *Opponents Duped Into Signing Pro-ObamaCare Petition At Denver OFA Rally

This is beyond the pale. Obama’s thugs are out of control. The OFA Bus tour, I blogged about on Thursday landed in Denver for a rally at a local high school, which the Obots in charge kept under tight control. Photojournalist, and Denver blogger, El Marco was there, and took some pictures. Get a load of the signs they passed out:

astroturf signs

Notice how the hard working Obot astroturfers created their own masterpieces to mimic the hand made signs the tea party crowd use. Their signs had unique and clever slogans such as “health care for all humanity” and “We need health care”. The one on top of the pile actually says, “Organizing for America rally”.

The few legit hand made pro Obama Care signs tended to look like this:

astroturf pothead

Here’s your real grassroots

El Marco says there were 400-500 Obamacare supporters. Sign carrying dissenters numbered around 40. The anti-ObamaCare protesters were hounded and bullied. These two women were treated like dangerous  right wing extremists, and forced to stand behind a fence, under constant guard:

antiobamacare protesters ejected

Here is an email forwarded to El Marco, which echoed what another person had told him about the duplicitous petition :

“I just returned from a rally for health care reform held at North High School in Denver. As Erin and I were entering the staging area we were approached by people carrying clipboards. We were told we could not enter without signing our name and address on the form. I asked why they needed this information and was told they must know who was entering the area.This was a tax payer supported high school property hosting public speakers and I was being denied entry unless the clipboard form was completed. I was very uncomfortable with this request and remained outside the chain link fence to listen to the speakers. The first speaker was my very own repesentative, Ed Permutter who thanked all who had signed the clipboard form and stated that all these signatures would go on to to Washington showing support of the Obama Health Care Plan. I could not believe what I heard. Never was it stated that this form was a support of the health care plan. I just wonder how many people were dooped into signing this when they do not support the bill or do not know enough about it to make a decision.People carrying signs supporting the bill were permitted entry with their signs, those opposing had to remain outside.

Whether you support this bill or not please ask yourself……do I live in a free country where all are welcome to a public forum without restriction? Can a petition obtained with deception go onto Washington in support of a bill that no one can understand? Do our elected officials respect the wants of the people or are they ramming their agenda down our throats?”

In some third world countries this is a common union scam tactic. Invite workers to a meeting, sign a book at the door and they are trapped into the union without ever being asked if they wanted to join. When enough workers are signed in their employer is shoved aside and the union sets up shop. Very sneaky.

I asked El Marco if he could verify this story, he replied:

I can tell you that I heard people being told that they were signing for security reasons. That’s what I was told when I signed in. The worker that signed me in didn’t look at what I wrote or they might have said “Pravda? That’s from Russia”, if they knew anything at all about geopolitics.
I had no idea from my conversations and constant jostling from green shirts that the information was to be added to any list to be sent to Washington, but it was stated clearly that no one was allowed in who did not fill in the clipboard form. It was only after I got home and was preparing this post that I received an email stating that Ed Perlmutter told the crowd that the list would be sent to Washington, and all the names would be included on a list of supporters of Obamacare. So the clear fact is that anyone who wanted to hear the Congressman at the local high school in Denver on Friday whether they agreed with the policy or not is now included on a list of supporters of the policy. It’s exactly what I have seen going on in third world countries.
I don’t have a transcript, and wasn’t listening to Perlmutter, so I have to rely on the email testimony of the Prager listener whose email I quoted. I do believe her to be a person who does not exaggerate nor lie, so I am pretty sure she is a reliable source.

I wouldn’t be surprised, as the Health Care Insurance Now people are a very shady, and dishonest bunch. Take a look at this unbelievable  post from their website, dated August 10th.

Bus #3 to Senator Specter Town Hall in Kittanning (Let’s Get It Done)

The battle for health care reform is heating up. Right wing opponents of the bill, backed by millions of dollars from insurance companies, are packing Congressional Town Hall meetings around the country to disrupt them and tell atrocious lies about the legislation
We have to fight back! We need you to come out to Senator Arlen Specter’s Town Hall in Kittanning on Thursday Aug 13th in Kittanning.

This is one of three buses running from the Pittsburgh area to the event. You must be at the bus by 10:30 am to hold your spot.

That these ACORN funded astroturfers would be promoting and signing people up to go on a 43+ mile bus trip to a town hall,  while accusing real grassroots folks who actually drive themselves, and make their own signs (imagine that!) of being “backed by millions of dollars from the insurance companies”,  is risible.

Go to El Marco’s blog for the entire story, and lots more pictures.


Meanwhile at another pro-ObamaCare rally in Raleigh, NC:

obot_bus_6Is that an SEIU shirt, I see?

The pro-healthcare crowd was several hundred strong, and for good reason – they arrived in at least three and possibly 4 full-sized tour buses (see pics below). One of the buses came in from Wilmington, which is a couple of hours away, and while I have no idea where the others came from, they sure as hell weren’t from around here.

*Correction: Title of post originally said Obamacare Supporters Duped. Yikes, no. Not what I meant to say.


A commenter at El Marco’s offered more evidence of the duplicitous nature of  of the OFA crowd:

What should also be mentioned is that the location was changed at the last minute from the Aurauria campus to this high school. It was only the determination of the anti obamacare activists who were on top of this fact that any of our counterdemonstrators showed up at all.

The late breaking news on the OFA website the night before was noticed by one of the freedom groups and he alerted as many people as he could. No doubt, many showed up to protest at the other location and never knew of the change.

Absolutely pathetic…

Video:Sacramento Tea Party August 28

The first stop on the Tea Party Express was a great success with over 5000 people. I always enjoy the signs:

Kimberly Dvorak, writing for The Examiner reports:

Kicking off the patriotic ceremony was a dramatic tribute to the veterans and those serving in the military –Americanism was in the air. Thousands of tea-party attendees stood at the steps of the California state capital, each with their own reasons for taking time from their day to listen and learn.

Key Note Speaker, Mark Meckler, national coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots explained that this event was not about any single event, but a culmination of issues that threaten California’s very existence.

He explained that third generation families of truckers, loggers and farmers are going out of business because of California’s strangling regulations. “I’m very concerned and wanted to bring everyone together. There is just too much government and they need to get out of the way.”

Neil Cavuto covered the tea party for Fox:

Much much more at the Tea Party Express website.


Love this CNN interview of the tea party express’s Mark Williams:

Nicely done, Mark.

Joker Poster Deemed Illegal Outside Of Jim Moran’s Town Hall

The cop tells him, that because he’s on school grounds, if he puts the sign back up after he’s been told to keep it down, he’ll be charged with trespassing, or “anything I want to charge you with”:

I don’t know if  the law that’s being unevenly applied here, is against “incitement”, or something else. The helpful Obot  suggested that the first amendment is applied differently on school grounds, than anywhere else.

My husband said the guy should have let himself get arrested, and had the case thrown out of court. I don’t know if that would have been worth the trouble.

This seems to me like an  infringement on free speech.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit


“Country lawyer”, BlackisWhite Imperial Consigliere has weighed in at his blog, Taxes, Stupidity and Death.

As to Officer Cheeks:  If you’re going to allow political signs that are just writing, and not ones with pictures and text, prepare to get sued.  The only possible reason to single this sign out for disparate treatment would be if it was obscene or pornographic, and even then, if you were dealing with someone who knows more about the law then you obviously do, Officer You-Can’t-Bring-That-Sign-Or-I’ll-Arrest-You-For-Trespassing, they might just let you arrest them and then sue you for violating their civil liberties.


Video: “This used to be America!” “It ain’t no more, okay?”

Allahpundit makes the good point that Claire McCaskill got away with imposing a no sign rule at her town hall because it was on public property, but questions why the officer was able to  distinguish between signs with images on them and signs that were text-only, the same point addressed by BlackisWhite.

Read comments for more legal analysis.